Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Don't be fooled

Please don't get caught up in the "once we enforce the border everything is ok" nonsense. Banks enforce their borders. Wal-Mart enforces it's borders. Banks get robbed and people still shoplift.

If the message was: once you get the money/merchandise off the bank/store property it's yours to keep then we would have a lot more stealing.

The key is reducing the incentive (think signs that indicate there is less than $50 in the cash register) and punishment after the fact.

Our border should be "secured" but it is impossible to design a foolproof safe let alone miles and miles of border if what is on the other side of the barrier is a strong enough pull for criminals.

The term we are looking for is "interior enforcement." The simple method of requiring names to match the SSN for a bussiness to claim the employee as a tax break is the biggest no-brainer in the world. Requiring the same for any social services, drivers licenses, banking, etc is the next step.

We can't arrest all burglars in one day just like we can't deport all illegal aliens in one day. But we can arrest and deport them when we find them. We can put up a big sign that says "only $50 in the safe" to reduce the incentive for them to come here and break our laws.

Or we could go the Clinton/Reno method...


Rick Hickey said...

This Bill actually cuts the fence in 1/2, that was signed by Bush last year, so they are already going back on their word in record time.
All illegals immediately get probation,(even the 650,000 fugitives & 30,000 Gang members) this is way before any possibility of any new enforcement, so they do get Amnesty.
And why in the Hell should we(or Gordon Smith) trust Ted Kennedy who was a big part of the 1965 Immigration flood gates propped wide open Bill and in 1986 said that Amnesty would never happen again or be needed.

They all plan that we will forget this one as most other Bills, let them know this time we will NOT forget and Nov. 2008 is really close.

POSSIBILITY of meeting smith in portland for fundraiser/boat ride soon, OFIR e-mailers will get details soon...

Rick Hickey said...

NOT to actually give him money of course but to protest and let him be very clear in our feelings on this Bill.
Just to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Senate Hotlines that were set up by the pro-open borders group Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

1-800-882-2005. (Spanish number) 1-800-417-7666. (English number)

They disconnected the english number if you call it says: Adios

Anonymous said...

The Spanish number still works...

Anonymous said...

Spinning wheels, round and round. The nagging never ceases from the "know-nothings" does it?

Anonymous said...

please keep up the pressure on all the law makers who promote a voliation of the laws of our country. If this were China we wouldn't be sending the them back
across the border. We could find that better solution!

Chris said...

Just heard on the local news this morning that agents are investigating people who took body parts off a dead whale that washed up on the beach in Newport. Taking parts of dead sea mammals is a class-A misdemeanor.

Illeagal immigration is a misdemeanor -- yet no agents are pursuing them.

Can you say: "Total B.S.?"

Nice to see the gummint more worried about dead whale parts than threats to our nation's sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

I just heard White House spokesman Tony Snow peddle complete garbage. This guy was lying through his teeth. He knows it too. This kinda crap just makes me want to puke on Bush and his mouthpiece.

I've never seen a leader of my Party lie so brazenly to America.

President Bush is dispicable.

PUBLIUS said...

Daniel, here is a quote I think you might enjoy:

"The American Indians found out what happens when you don't control

Elizabeth said...

Would like to share this with all of your readers Daniel. I encourage people to link to this site and read more.


The New Media, which is a fusion of Talk Radio and Internet Websites, is leading the charge against the Senate Scamnesty Bill S. 1348 as millions of Americans abandon print media and biased TV news that has abandoned their readers and viewers!

This week, Senator Trent Lott tried to explain away the tens of thousands of calls Senate offices are receiving, which are over 20 to 1 against Scamnesty Bill S. 1348. He told the Christian Science Monitor that "A lot of the talk is misinformation (from) Talk radio and the blogs"

The pro Amnesty Senators fail to acknowledge that their support for S. 1348 is in defiance of the will of the vast majority of their constituents who support Enforcement of our existing immigration laws, as opposed to their appeasement of Big Business and illegal aliens. These facts are represented in numerous online and scientific polls and in the call ratios against S. 1348.

The old media is squandering what little credibility they still have by excluding pro enforcement voices and siding with pro Amnesty voices in this debate. Most TV news shows and newspapers engaging in this unethical behavior are at odds with the views of over 3 out of 4 Americans that oppose Amnesty and favor enforcement of our existing laws.

"There is almost a complete blackout in the liberal corporate print media for those of us representing the majority view in this debate," says William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. "Most of the major leaders in our movement are NOT being quoted by the Associated Press and newspapers, meanwhile, those that support Amnesty and S. 1348 are in print everyday across the nation. It is no wonder that newspapers in America only enjoy support levels in the single digits and that newspaper circulations are diving to historic lows! I've been interviewed by over 30 talk radio show hosts and bloggers in the last two weeks and only one newspaper. Our opposition is making statements in the papers each day. Other leaders on our side are experiencing the same blackout."

CBS, ABC, and NBC nightly news casts are almost completely devoid of any balanced and accurate information about America's illegal immigration crisis. When stories do run, they are usually so biased that most viewers realize they are watching propaganda instead of news.

While TV viewers can get some accurate information from Lou Dobbs and occasionally Glen Beck and Sean Hannity, on immigration issues but most Americans are turning to talk radio and the Internet for the truth, while major news services and newspapers play their fiddles.

"Americans have to turn to the Internet and Talk Radio to have any idea of what is really happening in the country today," says Gheen. "They have to go out and hunt for their news, instead of relying on traditional channels to serve it up because the amount of censorship and bias in the corporate media would make the Soviets blush!"

Internet based organizations such as ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, FAIR, MCDC, American Patrol, and many other organizations and Bloggers collect and distribute articles, videos, and podcasts, often blocked by the Associated press from wide distribution. Many of these organizations have e-mail support lists that reach allied media and citizen activists.

"The old media censorship, bias, and blackouts on illegal immigration issues have created an information black market for us," says William Gheen. "Their failure to provide the public with accurate and balanced information about this crisis has created a lot of growth for what we do."

William Gheen is available for Talk Radio, Blogger, and Podcast Interviews on this subject. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is the largest archive of information about America's illegal immigration crisis in existence. ALIPAC supporters comprise those of every race and political party. New web traffic records have been set for the last three months with over 140,000 pages of www.alipac.us being viewed each day as lawmakers, citizen activists, journalists, and talk show hosts seek information that they are not getting through traditional channels.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Bush is trashing the people who have been his most loyal base of support.

You know, the law and order Republicans.

Bush talks about loyalty, what bullcrap.

Bush is a complete lying phony.

Anonymous said...

I just heard White House spokesman Tony Snow peddle complete garbage. This guy was lying through his teeth.

That's his job. This is news?