Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting rid of the "worst" of the ones who got caught

Federal agents to target illegal immigrants in jails and prisons
Federal officials plan to step up efforts to deport illegal immigrants who have been jailed for committing crimes in Oregon and Washington.

"Aliens that are criminals will be arrested and convicted, and if they're subject to removal, we're going to get to them before they get back on the street," Neil Clark, field office director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement's detention and removal operations in Seattle, told The Oregonian newspaper.

"I'm going to accomplish as much as I can," he said. "If I can do the complete workload, I will. If I can't, then I'm going to get to the worst criminals first."

And do the rest of them get "probationary status" aka amnesty?

Make sure that you keep up with the phone calls/emails/faxes. When the amnesty was proposed our legislators saw actual spontaneous outrage from their consituents and were put back on their heels. Now the illegal aliens supporters have organized Spanish only phone lines to ask for amnesty.

Make sure that you have been heard.


Anonymous said...

As a pig is to bacon, I'm commited to removing the criminals.

Lets go!

Phil Jones said...

I'm sick of reading about crime victims of illegal aliens.


Every day, it seems, we hear about another rape or killing done by a criminal illegal alien. Let's round them up and ship them out; after they've served their prison sentence of course.

PUBLIUS said...

I guess the question is, will they really step up efforts? Or could this just a ploy to encourage the amnesty? Yea, were stepping up deportation efforts, well get all the violent criminals....

Anonymous said...

Classless Mexicans boo and taunt Miss USA. Go to hell people.

BEAR said...

Ask your senator or representative if they are going to fulfill their PROMISES to enforce our laws in the same lying manner as they have for the last 21 YEARS (when they promised that our laws would be enforced, and our borders secured)!

Prove to us that your words have meaning. Prove to us that you can be believed. Prove to us that your lies of the last 21 years can be undone. Prove to us that you aren't liars, by enforcing current laws (which you enacted and pledged to uphold), BEFORE you perpetrate another atrocity on our sovereignty. Otherwise, you anti-American, open-borders, anti-rule-of-law bozos can kiss my bippy......sheesh!