Monday, May 07, 2007

But you must habla the language

Oregon Health Plan Phone Bank Worker/Bilingual: English-Spanish
$1,963 - $2,771 MONTHLY

These employment opportunities are with Children, Adults and Families, which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS). There are two full-time openings within the Oregon Health Plan located in Salem Parkway Building. These positions are union represented.

This is your chance to talk, live, to real illegal ailens who are draining our precious public resources. What an exciting opportunity.

DHS is about people. We help Oregonians be independent, healthy, and safe. We protect children who are abused or neglected. We provide treatment services to people whose lives are damaged by alcohol and drugs. We serve seniors, people with disabilities, and people with mental illness. We help low-income people along the road to self-sufficiency with health coverage, job preparation, childcare and other supports. We provide leadership in public health services.

And on and on. (I finally had to cut it off) But I am really worried about those people whose "lives are damaged by alcohol and drugs." Or maybe they meant to put "people who have damaged their own lives with alcohol and drugs..."

Or maybe they didn't, see below post.


BEAR said...

Push "1" for bureaucratese, "2" for klingon (Multnomah County only), "3" for illegal alien lingo, "4" for Oprah updates, "5" if you're a French Socialist/anarchist/commie fleeing the Conservative triumph in France and looking for alec baldwin's house to hide in, "6" for Air America archive tapes, "7" for cindy sheehan autographed pictures of che, "8" for latest global warming nonsense, "9" for American flag(s) to burn, and "0" for your complimentary square of toilet paper from ms crowe. Have a nice day!

curious said...

Why do you refuse to acknowledge that even if there weren't ANY "illegal aliens" in the entire state of Oregon, there would STILL be a need for bilingual employees in some public sector jobs? Or do you disagree with that?

Anonymous said...

Bear has illustrated the ubsurdity of the lefts' fetish for diversity only for diversity's sake. As a result we have a balkenized polity and country, which by definition weakens America's union.

All Americans should keep in mind the highest calling is "to make of many, one". Regrettably, many on the left see no purpose in promoting unity among the American people because they fundmentally believe America is flawed, and believe only a radical change can quote, "save America".

The radical left is wrong.

Anonymous said...

You should have seen this Mexican tonight at Washington Mutual. He was evidently trying to get a bank account open. He looked like he just got off of work at the nursery, and he evidently had no ID to open an account with.

The girl behind the desk was like "Do you have a Mexican drivers license, do you have a Mexican voter ID, do you have a passport"? He answered no each time. I imagine they gave him one anyway per corporate policy.

Rick Hickey said...

I just read in the Statesman Journal(5/7) how the Hospital in Madras, Mtn. View, is putting all the Nurses thru mandatory Spanish Classes. Even though the population is only 5.2% Hispanic in that County, 1 in 3 Patients speak only Spanish & over 12% of Births last year were same.

Forced to learn the language of tens of millions that have fled(yes it was their choice) their language/culture or you lose your job? Thats just OKie dokie then? We have something to learn from this language/culture??

Soon they will hire only "immigrants" because they already know all the words & accept less pay & benefits.

Like I say at Rallies-YOUR JOB IS NEXT. All of US, unless you ACTIVATE.
YOU are expendable (Even you open border supporters).

Anonymous said...

Corporate America is laying waste to tens of thousands of American jobs, and Rick Hickey is upset because the hospital in Madras is requiring nurses to learn some Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Please warn all the retail clerks that you encounter that within five years they must be fluent in Spanish if they wish to remain employed.

All grocery checkers must be Bilingual.

Please explain that reality to them today so they might join the English Only effort before its to late, if it isn't already.

Take a look at who is driving the bread, beer and furniture delivery trucks today.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who might be interested in a serious discussion of immigration in the U.S. and immigration policy, as opposed to the constant digression to ethnocentric vitriol that passes for conversation here, might I suggest a forthcoming publication Cambridge University Press:

"Debating Immigration" (2007, $19.99, paperback).

In my catalog, it received a positive blurb from Bill Frist (R) and former congresswoman Pat Schroeder (D).

Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

This should tell all of you liberal stool samples out there, who constantly call the folks on this Blog "Racist" for insinuating that all illegal immigrants are Latino, that although the immigrants here in Oregon are not ALL latino, enough of them are that the hospital in Madras has deemed it a large enough problem that they now require Spanish speakers.

Other public and private organizations employ full time interpreters, and also require that employees speak spanish.

I can tell you that most rural law enforcement agencies, and a few urban ones, are requiring that new hires either know spanish, or learn it within 6 months of hire.

Show me a news story where a hospital is requiring employees to take lanuage classes in Manderin Chinese, or German, or Swalihi, or any other of the umpteen-zillion languages on the planet. Nope, the only immigrants that pose a large enough drain on the healthcare and welfare systems are spanish speakers who refuse to learn the language.

So the next time one of you liberal feel-good types calls someone a "Racist" for opposing Illegal Immigration, just wait until the day your employer (assuming you even HAVE a job) tells you that unless you learn Spanish fluently within the next 6 months, you wiil be fired.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, is your beef simply that this is a government job seeking bilingual employees? If it were a private sector job, would you have the same complaint?

Anonymous said...

Not to Daniel, Oregon does have more than a few people who need this service WHO ARE NOT ILLEGALS!

Jim in KFalls said...

Curious, Anon117, and Anon1244:

Why do people need "Bi-Lingual" government service workers?

If I can speak English and Japaneese should my government provide service workers that speak japaneese as well? How about any other language?

Regarding Private Sector employment - if the Private Business wants to use their funds to employ a multi-lingual employee, then let them - but if it is a public entity utilizing public dollars, then the employee should be speaking the language recognized by the federal government.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the xenophobes who post on here have ever traveled outside the U.S. If you go to Europe, you can get by pretty darn well with English, even in countries that have other main languages.

Why is it so offensive to you to have other languages spoken? Are you afraid they're saying nasty things about you?

R Huse said...

Wow - Gee - I can go to a foreign country and they speak English. I guess that makes me a xenophobe for wanting people here to speak English.

Look, I've been to more than a few foreign countries. There is a big difference. When I go there I am not asking for free services. I am virtually cut off from any sort of government services and if you don't believe me I can show you my passport. It says on the visa stamp "NO ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT SERVICES". Ill fax it to you if you like. This is one area where the Europeans have it right.

Got it? Other countries encourage learning English because they want American business. Americans speak Spanish to hand out free stuff from those who pay the bills to those who leach off the proceeds.

Some people resent that. Im one of them.

The only way that makes me a xenophobe is because someone is just dying to use a word that starts with an X.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, the European Union (EU) has about 25 recognized languages, of which three are considered primary (English, German and French). It doesn't hurt their community none to have lingual diversity, in fact I would argue it helps it.

Anonymous said...

Crazy topic.

1. How do we know this hospital in Madras is REQUIRING current nurses to learn some Spanish or risk losing their jobs? Seems to me that they might offer the classes at their expense and see if anyone volunteers. They may even incentivize it with a pay differential if you become fluent enough. If not, they can still open new jobs up, through attrition, with a bilingual preference and pay differential. Where is this threat of termination coming from if you don't learn the lingo?

2. There will always be a need for bilingual and multi-lingual people. Too many people are here who are legally here and don't speak English. Old folks who get visas come to mind. They kids are living and working over here, many of which are married to citizens, so they end up petitioning for their folks and other family members to come here. Some old dude from Cambodia or Laos is not likely to learn English at the ripe age of 65, for example. So there has to be somebody to deal with people like this should the need arise. (Translation services would be best suited for this, not government employees.) And even though there is a need here, that should not extend to any notion that we should accomodate millions upon millions of illegals here. Such assertion is ridiculous.

3. Anon 12:19 - the Mexican should try Bank of America. I hear they are pretty "liberal" with accomodating illegals.

4. Anon 5:37 - tell me how many English-speaking people are in non-English primary language European countries illegally? Yeah, uh-huh, I thought so. Shut up already. The Euros speak English for business and communicative reasons. English has become the language of the world, just ask the French. ;)

Anonymous said...

Once again, serious, honest questions posed to Daniel Miglavs go unanswered.

Scottiebill said...

It is only a matter of time, probably until the next legislative session, until the legislature forms The Oregon State Bureau of Interpretation, whereby the State will supply interpreters for the illegals coming here so that they will be able to understand all the hows, whens, wheres, whats, etc. so they can get all the free services the state has to offer, including where all the DMVs are located along with directions, where to get food stamps and voters registrations, where and when all the protests are going to be held, where to get all the anti-American signs and posters, etc. All the things that a normal illegal alien needs to know.