Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another "hardworking" invader

Teen shooting suspect makes faces in court

A 17-year-old accused of shooting a classmate in the face at a popular outlet mall on the Oregon coast made his first court appearance on Tuesday and there are now clues as to what may have sparked the crime.

Hector Canales-Robles made faces and danced in his chair while in court.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put an "immigration hold" on Canales-Robles following his arrest.

Golly gee, what does it mean that he has an "immigration hold"? I sure hope that this "hardworking immigrant" got to at least watch his compatriots march in the May Day parade.

This crime was preventable because the perpetrator should not have been in this country. Obviously we will always have dirtbags. But let's make sure that dirtbags from other countries can't come here illegaly to commit their crimes.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect Poster Boy for the Illegal Alien Lovers.

To think we taxpayers have been dumping over $12,000. a year to send this piece of garbage to school.

We have enough of our own garbage, we don't more crap like him from Mexico.

People are pissed and rightfully so!

The end is near.

the hand of rightious justice said...

The tide is hitting the beach. You open borders' people, the picture you see on this post is your open borders poster child.

Get to know his face, memorize it, that angry snearing face, because the political tide has swung in Oregon.

Your politics are suicidal, but the people of Oregon are not suicidal, neither are the people of the United States.

Come on, make my day.

Defend this criminal illegal alien.

And I will show you, for what you are, a fool and an America hater.

Politically, I will destroy you and your "useful idiots"

Your time is done.

Border enforcement will come...come hell or high water.

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Daniel Miglavs. You've found your own Willie Horton to milk for the next few weeks. Few things are as pathetic as the racist who is either too stupid to recognize it or, if he does recognize it, too cowardly and mealy-mouthed to admit it. Which are you?

TC said...

You racist hateful pigs, yes I'm talking to you Socialist/Communist "Open Border" proponents who hate America so much you're willing to aide in destroying the American culture and rule of law. I for one am not surprised to look around at the Illegal Alien “Rallies” signs provided by Socialists/Communist organizations. This is just another of the causes adopted by those who ultimately want the destruction of America as a free capitalist nation to be replaced with a Socialist tyrannical “Utopia.” Your vision of utopia is America as a third world county…no thanks! The same way the Socialists/Communists have adopted the human caused Global Warming mantra as a means of expanding the role of the Government in controlling people’s lives and undermining the American economy, you’ve adopted the so called “Immigrant rights” bullshit to chip away at the very foundations of America. Neither has to do with the purported cause, as they are just the means to your end…a Socialist America.

I Trust Facts said...

Daniel - I must admit, your tenacity is admirable. It seems that you will not tire of trying to convince people that the disenchanted misanthropes and disturbed people who commit violent crimes and happen to be illegal aliens represent the total population of illegal aliens. Do Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris represent the population of suburban white men, a category in which I believe you fall?

Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for the rest of us who prefer the truth over scapegoating, the facts don't bear out your hypothesis, as indicated by a wealth of recent research, included a recent study reported here:

Claiming that violent illegal alien offenders represent the population of illegals is as true as saying that your ethnically-charged campaign against illegal aliens represents the whole of the conservative movement.

I urge you to keep on with your campaign, however, as I hope it will further splinter the Republican party heading into the '08 election. I can assure you that the Republican nominee will not want to touch your style of public "discourse" with a 100-foot pole. Perhaps that is why only 25 people showed up to your "rally" in Eugene two weekends ago.

I for one, cannot think of one way in which your campaign contributes to a sober and reasoned discussion that might move this country towards a workable and humane solution for all.

I question the extent to which you are really interested in considering unbiased evidence whatsoever. Let's hope our policy makers are more adherent to it...

I Trust Fact said...

TC - Nice rant. Unfortunately, making up what people stand for and then attacking it is nothing more than knocking over a straw man.

Your rant implies that your are a proponent of free capitalism. Insofar as capitalism entails the free exchange of goods and services in a marketplace unencumbered by government or other outside intervention, then why do you seem to resist the integration of the American and Mexican markets? Isn't that what global capitalism seeks, one open global marketplace?

I'm not saying that I am a proponent of this. All I'm saying is that if you want to defend capitalism, then you must be willing to accept the realities of unfettered capitalism, which has no interest in distinguishing between workers based on national origin or legal status. Mexican workers simply provide labor at lower costs than U.S. born labor, and rational capitalism will always go with the cheaper form of labor. Do you not see that mandating strict border enforcement and preventing the American capitalist market from accessing cheap Mexican labor is the type of government intervention that free-marketeers so often bemoan? Do you not see the contradiction here? If you do, the I would suggest that your beef is not with socialists, but rather with Wall Street.

This contradiction is summarized much more eloquently by Douglas Massey in his testimony before congress:

Anonymous said...

Lincoln County Vector Control missed him.

Hope they have his Illegal home address.

bobby said...

TC, you obviously hail from a political movement that has completely forfeited its right to the moral high ground with regard to "the rule of law." Clean up your own house, first. It's white.

Regarding these "socialist/communist" groups who make appearances in these marches and rallies that have you worked into a lather. These are, politically speaking, similar to the far-right anti-immigrant movement in two respects: One, they're horribly confused -- and probably have no idea anyway what classical socialism as envisioned by Marx/Engels intended to accomplish, or how. Two, they're a tiny minority of extremists who, ultimately, will find themselves in the losers' camp at the end of the day.

A final point: You've also basically aligned yourself with a political party that controls the White House, Wall Street, the Supreme Court, is leading the "opposition" party in Congress around by the tail (you'd better thank God's green earth every day that the "liberal" from San Francisco who runs the House is determined to keep impeachment "off the table") and you guys also dominate the media ... certainly broadcast media, anyway, while the "liberal" print media has proved itself to be compliant, gullible and subservient. With the exception of losing the majority in Congress last fall, you guys have never had it so good in terms of access to power.

Tell us .. how's that working out?

Anonymous said...

Trust Fact, the Straw Man argument is Weapon # 1 for right-wingers on this blog. Bear is the current reigning champion.

Anonymous said...

I take you guys at your word.

(This is for those that take the open borders, amnesty[pathway to citizenship]side of the debate and call "racist" at the drop of a hat{apologies for those that don't call "racist"}and generally support these protest marches.)

Tell me and other readers what general political viewpoints describe what you believe?

After all, I don't want to put words in your mouths.

i trust facts said...

Anon - Why must one profess his/her political beliefs for you? Why can't you just respond to those of us who are putting forth reasoned arguments based on empirical evidence?

The illegal immigration issue is not a political issue. It's a national security and economic issue that is highly politicized. For some, like Daniel, it is also a cultural issue. Not for me. If there's one consistent thing about the short history of this country, it is cultural change. I expect that. I welcome that. What defines the United States is our Constitution and the inalienable rights and freedoms it promises to all its people. That is what I care about, above all.

Here's how I wish the immigration issue would be resolved. Let's let the authoritative voices who have thoroughly analyzed the evidence weigh in on the pertinent issues without interference from the pundits and political opportunists in the media with a ratings agenda (both on the left and the right). As a nation, we could evaluate these pressing questions. What are the fiscal impacts of immigration on the country? Would drastic reductions in immigration stifle economic growth and significantly raise consumer costs and threaten our standard of living? If so, are we okay with paying more at the store for less immigration? These are not easy questions, and are DEBATABLE. Economists like Borjas, based on his research, would argue that immigration is a fiscal liability, while others like David Card, argue, again, based on research, that there is no evidence of a fiscal liability from immigration, and that our country's robust economic growth over the past 40 years would have been impossible without immigration.

To me, based on what I have read, we clearly need low-skilled immigration to keep the economy afloat, and we need to increase the quotas for low-skilled labor from Mexico. The current quotas are way too low, and out of whack with the economic realities of the country. That way, these workers would be above the boards, paying taxes, etc, rather than undocumented.

My proposed solution, on the economic front, then is to have the economists callibrate what labor demand is, and what it will be in the future and set immigration quotas based on that. This way, we could figure out how many of the current undocumented workers are actually needed. Then we could prioritize who from this group should be given the opportunity to gain authorized status (based on number of continuous years spent in the U.S., based on work record, etc). Call it amnesty if you want, this is the way I think it should be resolved. Those who have committed crimes (other than those who have crossed illegally) and those who have not been working, ought to be sent back to Mexico (or whatever country they originated in). We can't deport 12 million, nor should we if we need a segment of that population to do the country's dirty work. But we could probably make a dent in the criminal or unproductive portion of that population. This is a more efficient use of resources.

All deportations should be done in a humane way, and without tones of national, ethnic or racial superiorty.

My sense, however, is that the nativists don't genuinely want to have this discussion. Their point of departure is that all illegal immigration is uneeded, and that undocumented immigrants (read Mexicans) are culturally degrading the country. I don't agree. Most Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) are poor (publicly subsidized education in Mexico ends in the 8th grade), not culturally inferior. Poverty tends to bring social problems. But the reality (as a wealth of research shows) is that the descendants of poor immigrants (their children and grandchildren) tend overwhelmingly to move out of poverty, so the insinuation that we are importing poverty from Mexico is a non-starter.

I won't comment on the ethnocentric rhetoric that is pervasive on this speaks for itself.

For all of you who bemoan Daniel's postings, please consider this. The world of electronic information is a highly competitive sphere. There is a wealth of much more reasoned and authoritative information about immigration issues elsewhere. In this competitive arena, and severely short-handed in empirical knowledge, Daniel has simply been forced to find his niche as the underbelly of the immigration debate, where all of the scapegoating and ethnocentric invective gets tossed around to the delight of a few. Your time would probably be better spent at other sites.

Bobkatt said...

To all the anons that gravitate to this blog: do you really think that your diatribes on racism, xenophobia and hypocrisy really have any effect on those of us that believe in securing our border? I just wonder who you are trying to impress.
"you obviously hail from a political movement that has completely forfeited its right to the moral high ground with regard to "the rule of law." Clean up your own house, first. It's white."
Again with the racism. No examples, no information, just "you're a racist".
"You've also basically aligned yourself with a political party that controls the White House, Wall Street, the Supreme Court,..." I suggest that most of us strongly disagree with the White House and I would like to see Bush and Chaney impeached now for the lies they have told and for the selling out of this country and for not making the border security his first priority after 9/11 and for the theft of our personal liberties.
"...and you guys also dominate the media ..." What a joke. The only MSM that pushes this issue is Lou Dobbs. The rest do their best to only show the "just hard working and trying to feed their family" aspect. As far as having access to power, what would that be? We only have a couple of legislators willing to stand up and point out that this is a critical problem. The only real support comes from those who's lives have been directly affected by this invasion via stolen identity, assault, job loss and decreased wages and the never ending increase on taxes to support the added 20-30 million invaders.
It saddens me that some of you can only see the issue as racism because those that will be hurt the most are the minorities that are least able to compete with this competition. You will never grasp the result of all this will be overpopulation, environmental degradation and the over taxing of our social services system that will only lead to the complete breakdown of our way of life. Which is exactly the goal of the Globalist elite which seems to dominate both parties and international businesses that insist on moving us closer to one-world government, a direction that I hope we can agree is not the way to go.

anon 1141 am said...

To i trust facts 103pm:

Of course, you don't have to reveal your political beliefs.

But when you refuse to discuss your beliefs, the other person can reasonably distrust your motives and your arguments.

All people have biases and prejudices, points of view based on life experiences, if you like. People who support these marches have many different motives. Motive is important to discern intent.

Intent is important, particularly when one side is trashing the other side for its purported motive or intent.

See, you state "The illegal immigration issue is not a political issue."

It is a political issue...politics will decide this issue. Which you admit by saying " highly politicized."

Any issue that can be decided by the democratic process is political. This issue will be decided by the democratic process in our Congress.

By definition it is political.

Definition of the word POLITICAL:

Per The American Heritage Dictionary, second college edition.

Political: Of, pertaining to affairs of government or the state.

Clearly, controlling or defending the border of the United states or deciding who shall be admitted or made a citizen is an affair of state, per the United States Constitution.

Why do I point out the fallacy of your statement?

Because it is so obvious, and for you to make such an obviously wrong statement on its face makes suspect all your arguments.

You seem to want to remove a political issue beyound reach of the sovereignty of the people.

The people are supreme and act through their elected represenitives in Congress.

Technocrats do not control this issue. We, the people do.

I must say it is hard to pin you down, but my guess is you are from the corporate side.

In defense of Bear, supporting capitalism, does not mean necessarily "unfettered capitalism".

The Greeks spoke of the golden mean, balance, restraint.

I would argue unrestrained capitalism has not been practiced since the late 19th century in America.

I like capitalism, capitalism is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can end badly.

Capitalism is not the be all, end all of what makes America the greatest nation on earth.

It must be balanced by other considerations.

My arguments are shaped by the arguments on the other side.

That is why it is important to know the other side's political background.

You say "only the facts", but I say, "sorry, but we're not going to limit the 'facts', only to the facts you want to consider."

Daniel's blog is a valuble site for discussion in a "no holds barred" fashion.

I wouldn't trust "I trust facts" farther than I can throw you.

Anybody who is so dishonest to say "the immigration issue is not political" is trying to hide the ball.

And people who hide the ball are not to be trusted with the facts.

Daniel said...

RE: illegal aliens and the FACT that they are disproportionately criminals: (you know, other than the crimes of violating our borders, working illegaly, SSN fraud, perjury on their I-9 form... those crimes that don't seem to matter)

One in 10 Deschutes inmates illegal aliens
Is 10% of deschutes county illegal aliens?

Here is the story.

Anonymous said...

"... illegal aliens and the FACT that they are disproportionately criminals."

How could you possibly know this unless the majority of undocumented workers in the United States actually WERE in jail for something other than the crimes you list? What did you do, poll them?

Daniel said...

Perhaps the simplicity of this makes it too hard for you to understand:

The illegal alien population in the Deschutes county jail is 10%.
I would assume that the general illegal alien population of Dechutes county is less than 10% (is someone going to contend that one in ten people who live in that county are illegal aliens?)

Therefore they are overrepresented in the jail system meaning that THEY COMMIT MORE CRIMES THAN CITIZENS DO!

Anonymous said...

You're using 26 individuals in a 228-bed jail in one of the least-populated counties in Oregon as the data set for a thesis about a population numbering in the millions?

Nice try, Professor Miglavs.

i trust fact said...

Yes, Daniel, don't go trying to publish your "study" in an academic journal. Did you even read the paper by Rumbaut?

Anon something-or-other: so, because I see illegal immigration as something that transcends politics this discredits my entire argument? What I meant is that it is a global issue. Europe is having the same debate. Australia is having the same debate. Canada, to a lesser extent, is having the same debate. Moreover, it transcends traditional political alignments in this country, such that you find hard-right conservatives and union bosses together on one side of the issue and wall street corporate types (of which I am definitely not a member) and socialists together on the other side.

I guess you chose to ignore the gist of my posts which was (a) to point out the blatant contradiction the comes with championing capitalism at the same time that you want to zip lock the borders. and (b) to throw out a possible solution.

As for capitalism's halcyon days being in the 19th century, I don't know enough about 19th century capitalism to comment. What I do know is that income inequality is wider now than it has been in this country since the 1920s, and closely resembles the income distribution that existed right before the great depression. In my view this is the result of fiscal policies that have sought to create a less regulated market, and in my view, this is a far more pressing problem than illegal immigration. We ignore it at our peril, and nobody seems to be talking about it.

I never suggested that immigration policy should be shaped by technocrats. In fact, I said it should be the result of a sober national debate over hard evidence.

It's great that you "like" capitalism, but let's not be ignorant to the fact that capitalism has created this "illegal" immigration problem by moving the country into an economic reality that is out of line with our current immigration policies and quotas. There are simply more shitty jobs at the bottom of the occupational structure than native-born Americans are willing to take. Obsess about the illegality of the individual migrants all you want. This is a structural issue above all and if you don't accept that than there's not much point in continuing the conversation.

Bobkatt - if it illegal immigration is the agenda of the global elite, then can somebody please tell me WHY IN THE HELL DONT YOU SMEAR THEM RATHER THAN THE IMMIGRANTS? You see, this seems to suggest that some sort of prejudice might be at work.

You all talk tough, and then your action consists of trying to intimidate impoverished immigrants by posting pictures of them on a website and belittling their cultural differences as inferior??? Give me a fucking break! Why, if you're so pissed at the globalist elite, don't you confront real power, THEM. I would suggest corporate board meetings and the headquarters of large construction and food processing firms.

But I know why you don't do this. God forbid, by protesting corporate America, someone might think your a socialist, or even worse, that you actually support Michael Moore. The contradictions march on...

P.s. > i can't respond to any subsequent posts. This blogging shit is a huge time suck, and I have to get some work done.

Rick Hickey said...

Daniel, Thank you publishing the fact that the guy that thinks it is funny to shoot someone in the face is again, another slimeball that should not be here, and the victum would not be in the Hospital, running up a huge bill and possibly disfigured for life, IF Oregon didn't draw them here.

Wonder why the MSM keeps leaving out the fact that this guy, as so many others, is not supposed to be here?
What are they hiding or protecting?
Actually they will write a story about how his Family misses him while in jail and it is not his fault and B.S.-B.S....
meanwhile forgetting all about the guy who was shot in the face.

All this for cheap fruit & veggies?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that any who doubt Daniel take a trip to Woodburn tonight.

Daniel is trying to save your sorry lives you nitwits as he knows of what is to come.

Anonymous said...

WTF wut are does rood comments just cuz u guys are white or born in the us u aint gotta call no one garbage. "What a perfect Poster Boy for the Illegal Alien Lovers"who said dat u make me mad
i know that this is not true i know him more that u guys and i dont belive he did this i just know it you aint gotta be talking if u dont know so "shut up"

well yeah cousin i love u with all my hard u are gonna get out u didn't do nothing.......

Anonymous said...

Hm interesting. While looking at this site for research I came across this article. With all opinions of illegal immigrants aside, how dare you talk about someone you don't even know. I actually knew Hector, I worked with him. So I would say I have a better idea of what kind of person he is than the rest of you. And regardless of his crime, is it necessary to call him a piece of crap or "hardworking?"
FOR YOUR INFORMATION Hector WAS one of the hardest working people I have EVER met.
So you should probably change your statement. I'm sure he worked harder than ANY of you.