Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am not your amigo

I got a fundraising letter today from the Amigos of El Gordo (formerly known as Friends of Gordon Smith). I took the opportunity to let these Amigos know that when you support amnesty (he did vote for S.2611 see DeportGordonSmith) you lose your support from the public.

I opined that perhaps he could get his new illegal amigos to throw him a few pesos...


BEAR said...

We are sooooo tired of the anti-American el gordo smith. Just sent another "no money, no votes" e-mail to that rino. RNC is next.....sheesh.

BEAR said...

OOPS!, don't forget that equivocating swine, vance day. (done)

Anonymous said...

What Demo can beat the #1 Rino and why would they want try?

Bobkatt said...

This is the only comprehensive immigration reform we need.
Read Jerry Doyle's Ten Commandments for legal immigration.

Anonymous said...

stay angry and vote for who???
we could try to sway performance by reasonable arguments.

no illegal aliens said...

Ooh, I love this line in the letter (by the way, I received one of those "panhandling" letters from el Gordo Smith):

"The liberal extremist group Moveon.org is actively working to smear me with propaganda and they've promised not to let up..."

As much as I desire to say it, el Gordo, but the conservatives will be against you for your stance on accepting illegal aliens. That's no propaganda. That's the facts.

I'm feeling like entering a negative dollar amount so el Gordo owes me money!

eddie said...

Seems odd... with his outspoken antipathy for the Administration's plans in Iraq, and his indigenous native American name: Dances with Democrats, you'd think MoveOn.org would be sending him donations.

BEAR said...

Hey, anon 8:22, de fazio and earl bloominower have bowed out, probably to make way for billy bradberries. Regardless of smith's panty-wearing pandering, they would still prefer a hardcore lefty over a rino.

Hey, eddy, "dances with democrats" L.O.L.!

Anonymous said...

Wyden or Smith won't even get any more money from there Open Border, Slave Labor supporters...

Why to Say "No Deal" to the Dems on Trade and Immigration
by Portland Central America Solidarity Committee — last modified Wednesday, May 23, 2007 10:01 AM
Democratic congressional leaders have, over the past few weeks, announced so-called "deals" with the White House on immigration and trade. While these may be deals for big business, the proposals will deal a sharp blow to workers, immigrants and the environment. ** Protest for immigrant rights everyday this week, 5pm at Senator Gordon Smith's office (121 SW Salmon, Portland)**

an american patriot said...

This is the Senate's work, the little ceasars are creating a tower of bable. Look at these jokers, they don't have a clue about what the American people want, and don't repect the American people.

The stench coming from the Senate Chamber is horriffic.

There is no honor or propriety in the Senate Chamber, also known as the chamber of SHAME.


The polls are out, the American People are outraged!

But they keep droning on. With no thought of the people of the United states, but all due attention to the corpra-Cats, in an earlier age they were called plutocrats,

This is about money, corporate money, and political contributions.

Both parties have their hand's in the corporate pocket.

And of course the head of all this is the Commander-in-Chimp's work.

Who is driving this travisty. The President and his lackies in the United States Senate.

These drunken on power elites that are shutting the American people out and refusing to take testimoney from experts and concerned citizens.

The Senate refuses to make a record, other than all their little charts. Its outrageous the Senate would force this down America's throat without even holding committee hearings.

What will we say in thirty years, that they didn't have a hearing on this historic legislation.

These Senators are nothing but a bunch of monkeys...But there are some straight shooters and they need to be encouraged, so, if you like what one of them is doing let them know you support their efforts...

To the rest of the jokers and their leader in the Senate Teddy "Chapaquitik" say, "NO, NOT JUST NO, BUT HELL NO."

This is a putsch of corporate lackies, driven by the money of these swine.

The American people will not be denied.

Keep saying,"HELL NO, you SOB's.

BEAR said...

I like that last comment....."SOB's." Save Our Borders!