Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day labor protest Part 2

This is video that I took today during our illegal alien day labor protest in Cornelius. I show the counter-protestors and us stopping a person from hiring an illegal alien.

Many more videos to come.


Allen said...

Well done Daniel!

You are having tooooo much fun.

Keep it up.

Daniel said...

It was fun. You should have seen Rick with the bullhorn!

Big Mike Lewis said...

I was going to stop by but had to go to an appointment. By the time I got my kids dressed and ready to go, it was too late.

Maybe next time. Great job Daniel! I like the video clips best. To hear the ignorant words from the mouths of socialists/communists was great.

Rick Hickey said...

Minuteman Ted, Thank you for letting me use that Bullhorn, what fun.
Also Thank you to the Guy with the Democrat Button for comng two weeks in a row, reminding ALL that this affects everybody.

Next? Minuteman Founder-Jim Gilchrist-April 20th & 21st, Finally here in Oregon, don't miss this event.

grateful said...

Daniel, thank-you for posting the informative video. You are documenting an important political moment in this country: the last, raspy gasp of the racist Republican right.

My favorite line was: "The tolerance crowd is encouraging people to get raped." Really? Really? Did they say those words? Was someone carrying a sign saying that? Or is the implication that all "illegal aliens" (who in this case, by wild coincidence, all happen to be Latino) are predisposed toward sexual violence? More so, in both numbers and proportions, than white males? (And, to be even more ridiculous, the suggestion that supporters of civil rights for "illegal aliens" also advocate raping women?)

Hmmm ... that would sort of smack of bigotry, wouldn't it? Maybe just a little?

I don't expect you to understand. Actually, I expect you to not understand. You are the worst kind of racist. A racist too stupid to recognize his racism ... one of the most pathetic and embarrassing displays of political backwardness possible.

And now, we have it on video.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel -- thanks for another fine outing... discounting the rain. Having attended today's protest, I’m puzzled by the condescending prior posts..? Either these people only claim to have been there, or they're not in position of as many facts as they proclaim.

Lonesome, with my OFIR (Oregonians For Immigration Reform) sign, I'd attempt to respectfully engage with any/all opponents. #1 they haven't the courtesy to respond in kind #2 their knowledge on the issue of illegal immigration is shallow to nonexistent. #3 incapable of making a valid point they resort to ugly slurs, name-calling and belligerent chants. Thus: end of discussion.

The Illegal Enabler’s are not solid (if) citizens, but a fringe element supporting an extreme minority view that we dissolve our borders. Several appear to be lacking the appropriate medication (sitting in a T-shirt on the curb with their feet in the rain-filled gutter reflex-chanting to themselves); and their messages are contrary to our laws, if 85% of our Citizenry. They appear linked to social service organizations catering to Illegal’s; married to; or having a vested interest in continuing un-checked illegal immigration.

Their Opposition (us) are solid citizens, representing that 85% of US Citizens opposed to our current ignoring of illegal aliens. They are working Americans (apparently with jobs not yet taken by illegal’s) giving of their precious time to draw attention to illegal acts that various communities have chosen to ignore. They are rational, law abiding, personable and varied; showing a far greater diversity in their reason for being there than those they're drawing attention to.

All-in-all, it was another worthwhile Saturday morning! Out-numbered last week, we were in the majority today. And, we represent that majority; as evident by the thumbs-up, waves, and "happy honks" of passers by. Thanks again to Daniel for his insightful interpretations and explanations -- you could always tell when he was making progress, the opposition would chant to drown him out - while the rest of them listened and nodded in agreement! And thanks to the rest of you dudes - just tell me where and when!

Daniel said...

Yes someone really did say those words. Watch it again, the exact line is "I hope you die and get raped."

I'll just go ahead and call that the last, raspy call of the racist left. (btw, I was called an "f***ing fag numberous times today, I'll have to play the "tolerance" videos of them with their homosexual chant later)

Anonymous said...

Nice try "grateful". You got proven wrong, but you're too blind to see or admit it.

BEAR said...

The lefties can always be counted on to burn our flag and our soldiers in effigy, and to carry signs with the words "death to America." Why would they fail to celebrate the illegal alien lawbreakers flooding across our borders? It's who they are, and what they do.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

For those who doubt OFIR.

Here is what you need to do.

Visit Radio Shack, purchase a Police Radio Scanner and then keep a log of the crimes reported and the names and descriptions of those persons involved.

Then make your own decision based on your own observations and not on what you have been told by others.

It matters not where you are in Oregon or when you listen as you will find the ratios are common across the state and any time of the day.

grateful said...

I listened again to the tape. I did indeed hear someone say those words. A woman. One woman. Not a "crowd," which is the word Daniel used to describe the source of the unnecessary insult.

In Daniel's world, one person = "the tolerance crowd." Not only is he wrong politically, his math skills leave something (accuracy, to be specific) to be desired.

Concerned Citizen said...

I'm assuming by the rhetoric that Grateful has absolutely NO CLUE about what goes on at these protests.

I would suggest to Grateful that they attend at least one of these protests, watch from a distance, and then evaluate which of the two parties are the informed, calm and collected bunch, and who are the ill-informed, name calling bunch who don't rely on logical public discourse, but rather resort to hatred, foul language, and obscene gestures. Then you can decide which of the two opposing sides treats other viewpoints in an insanely un-fair manner.

I was there, watching from a distance, and quite frankly I was apalled at the actions of some of the members of the crowd on the side of the Illegal Alien bunch.

Daniel said...

They attempt to cover our signs, call us names, flip us off, grab their crotches at us, wish us bodily harm and insult us in every creative way imaginable.

But other than that they seem like very nice people.

Anonymous said...

Let it never be said that Daniel doesn't bring out the worst in people.