Friday, April 27, 2007

The comissar does not approve

"Regardless of its message, a sign on a rooftop in a residential area is prohibited," said Art Pearce with the City of Portland.
The city said it plans to send code enforcement officers out to take a look this week.
Anyone else think that "code enforcement officers" might not be dispatched if the sign said "F*** the war"?
How did America become the country where the local government has the power to disallow signs on your own property?
live sex acts = free speech
signs = violation of "city code"


Scott said...

Somehow I "feel" if it read F*** Bush or No War For Oil they would have found a way to leave it up as protected free speech.(I know he took it down on his own.)

raquel lock said...



Rick said...

Daniel I believe you read LGF, but I don't know if you saw this story, here

Scared the living crap outta me that somebody could actually think like that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it has to do with precedent, and not really with what the sign says. Too many signs tend to get a bit unsightly, in my opinion, and I'm glad there is a mechanism for keeping it somewhat under control (within reason of course).

Daniel, you should recognize that one's property (how many people really "own" their house, as opposed to being in a state of making payments on it thanks to FEDERALLY INSURED loans?) does not exist in a vacuum. Property alterations that tend to be deemed unsightly by the general consumer can lower the property value of other properties in the area. Should one have the "freedom" to lower others' property value in the eyes of the market?

Anonymous said...

moreover, I don't really see the parallel you are trying to draw between live sex acts (which occur in a specific place where people who desire that type of entertainment choose to go) and singage on one's house????

is this a parallel you wish to draw, or rather a somewhat lame attempt at cleverness, or maybe eve some manifestation of a repressed sex obsession?

Anonymous said...

oh, and also, writing F*** just gives the word more taboo than is necessary. We're all adults. I think it's okay to say "Fuck", especially when you're depicting something someone else has said or wrote. Good lord. It's just a word.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I "feel" if it read F*** Bush or No War For Oil they would have found a way to leave it up as protected free speech.

Because being a CONservative is all about feelings and emotion, not about the facts. Kind of like Bush and Rice and Cheney and Rumsfeld felt that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons, even though those who checked such things out said he had disarmed.

Robin said...

technically I guess if you could think about it when we decorate our houses for the holidays, were all in violation of the sign code?

no illegal aliens said...

The city pounded the little guys with his "FUCK THE TRAM" sign but the city allowed IKEA to keep their 100-foot monster in the faces of the airplanes at PDX.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to protesting outside of a business and harassing its customers and giving death threats to the owners? That's ok, but a sign on your own roof isn't.

anon the hell is that related to anything being said here? It must be your liberal emotion reaction to being wrong. In fact, I have a good friend who was in the army who actually SAW big barrels of chemicals used for weapons in Iraq. Again, you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:39,

The point is that most people who call themselves CONservatives go by emotion and what they're told by people like Lars and Rush. They don't bother to actually look for objective sources.

It's funny, righties KEEP claiming that there were, in fact, WMD in Iraq, yet the Bush administration has yet to produce any evidence. Dontcha think they might have a stake in getting the story out?

Somehow I feel that if if the sign had read "Fuck Bush" or "Fuck the War" that you righties would be wanting the homeowner sent to Gitmo.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note...

How'd the "rally" in Eugene go last weekend?

Anonymous said...

If not a roof banner than how about some deck decorations such as two inflatable ladies in the 69 position?

Or perhaps a trio in a French Connection

Nothing like a Diverse Embrace to showcase Portland's sickness!!!

Anonymous said...

as far as i can tell, about 25 people showed up a the big minuteman rally in eugene. wow! gilchrist (aka, guy-with-a-major-napolean-complex) must have been impressed! such power!

Anonymous said...

The irony here, which completely undercuts Daniel's suggestion that he's a rock-ribbed free speech supporter, is that if the sign said "Fuck the Troops" or "Fuck the United States," he would probably accuse the person of committing treason -- which would illustrate two things: He is not the supporter of free speech that he's making himself out to be, and he also has no idea what treason is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:21 PM,

I suspect Daniel is playing tongue in cheek with his complaints.

NWC said...

Daniel, new Conservative Forum for the Northwest... Just started... Check it out

Anonymous said...

Here's a sign for ya:


Anonymous said...

daniel / rick - where are the pics of the big rally in Eugene last week?

Anonymous said...

btw Daniel,

it's spelled commissar

Anonymous said...


I read the rules of your new discussion forum. Having read a few of the most active COBRA blogs I'm having a hard time imagining them abiding by them.

I've also listened to "conservative" talk radio (I put it in quotation marks because I think very few of them are actually conservative, just as I think very few right-wing bloggers are actually conservative), and most of them would also have a difficult time abiding by your rules.

NWC said...


You gave me an idea for the forum, thanks.

I invented the mullet said...

Anonymous @7:11

"Because being a CONservative is all about feelings and emotion, not about the facts. Kind of like Bush and Rice and Cheney..."

Talk about projection!
(and you're not anonymous at the 7-11, you stand out like a sore thumb!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mullet person, you think it's "projection" that the Bush administration said that Iraq had WMD and we knew where they were, yet 4 years later they haven't been found?

You think it's "projection" that administration officials were saying we'd be in and out of Iraq in a short amount of time?

You think it's "projection" that an unprecedented number of retired generals are coming out and saying that the conduct of the war was grossly incompetent?


NWC said...

Wow, ignorance!

He's saying that by making the comment that Conservative ideals are based on "feeling" and "emotion" is a bit ironic. In fact, it's the touchy-feely, can't we all just get along, peace love and flower power mindset of the liberals that is based on "feeling" and "emotion."

Read jackass, before you respond!

Anonymous said...

NWC, you'll notice that my posts are based on facts. Most of the conservatives' posts are based on conjecture or feelings or desires.

I cited examples. So far, you haven't.

Tim Lyman said...

This issue has already been decided.

Some of you may remember the turkey farmer between Chehalis and Centralia who had the billboard with the disgruntled looking Uncle Sam. He used to post political commentary. One day he posted something the local politicos didn't like, so they ordered him to take it down. He took his case all the way to the U.S. supreme court and won.

You can post any political speech you want on your own property, as large as you want. Of course, that doesn't mean the local liberal facists won't try to bankrupt you by spending public money to infringe on your rights.

RE: if it said F*** Bush...
Right after the 2000 election someone spray painted several stop signs in my area with "Bush" so the signs read "STOP Bush." The signs stayed that way for over a year. They were finaly changed less than a week after someone sprayed anti liberal graffiti on a couple of stop signs.

NWC said...

anonymous said "NWC, you'll notice that my posts are based on facts."

Dumb ass, you're posting anonymously, how the hell am I going to know what is and is not your post. Post with a name... then make that argument!