Sunday, April 08, 2007

Day labor protest Part 4

"The few, the shameful."

Trucks that had intended to pick up at the illegal alien day labor site would slow down, stare incredulously at us with our signs and then notice me running towards their vehicle with a camera and then most of them would continue driving down the street without stopping to hire an illegal alien.

Unfortunately a few did. Here is there shame:

That's Luna Landservice 503-357-7023 or 503-849-8754.

These shameful two weren't interested in even taking the Labor Ready card I offered. (at Labor Ready you can hire a day laborer who has had a drug screen, has liability insurance, filled out paperwork including an I-9 eligibility form and W-4 for taxes)

The man in the hooded sweatshirt also isn't interested in having a worker who is drug free, insured, pays taxes and is a legal citizen. The guy in the hat is dutifuly fulfilling his role of standing in front of the license plate. (which I also have a picture of)

But despite these few shameful lawbreakers the day was a success. The illegal aliens have figure out that this is not a place to come to get a job on a Saturday. (unless they "job" is to volunteer to carry a counterprotest sign that indicates they are "radical women.")

"The many, the proud"

The "most creative protestor of the day" award

Faced with "free speech propents" for oppsition who would attempt to stand very close to him and cover his sign, this OFIR member brought himself an extra long stick and rose above the crowd! Classic.

Stay tuned for more videos/pics/narrative.


Anonymous said...

...from Part 3 "Comments":

A "One man rally?" Where were you hiding? The Enabler's (along with their dwindling number of sign-toting illegal companions) were out-numbered again. And it's a damn shame the average worker not only has to fight for their workplace rights, but spend their weekends opposing those who’d illegally funnel economic opportunists into our nation to further undercut our wage base.

And if the "Enemy" were "Profit" - the enemy are those pulling up to exploit "Undocumented" (aka illegal) alien labors - not those protesting this activity. Every movement starts with those fed up and pissed-off to the point of taking action -- some were signatories to our Declaration of Independence.

The "Fringe element" I witnessed were the poorly prepared, late arriving, belligerent if clueless Far-left activist's from Portland. Discounting the unmarked Cornelius police cruiser monitoring the activity, the real audience were thousands of passing motorists, the vast majority showing their sincere approval of those taking a stand against the illegal activity they witness on a DAILY basis.

And if only one person stood in protest of this illegal activity - that one person represents 85% of the US Citizens. And if the street were filled with drum beating Portland Anarchists, Socialists and Radical Woman… they’d still represent only 15%. Go figure~

Daniel said...

I've always said that one person could do this type of protest and be successful. But we outnumbered the counterprotestors, we outnumbered the illegal aliens and we have the public on our side.

Video of the total number of folks present will be in a later post.

BEAR said...

Congrats on another victory against anarchy, socialism, and anti-Americanism, Mr. Daniel, Minutemen, OFIR (and the rest of you who could be there). The absence of the phony cornelius police chief (rosenfool) speaks volumes re the anti-Americanism of our current slate of politicians (are you lurking, el gordo smith?). All actual Americans should be outraged that our so-called law enforcement officials CHOOSE to ignore lawbreakers among us, refusing to stand up for right, instead announcing to the world (not to mention their employers) their decision to embrace corruption. To refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming will of the American people in favor of lawlessness is as anti-American as it gets. Shame on all of you anti-American lefty swine....sheesh.

Rick Hickey said...

Makes me wonder if all these Guys are Rapists or Child Molesters or..., why?
Illegal Aliens can get a for sure job with a for sure paycheck, why are these guys hanging out here to maybe get a job and maybe get paid?

And why would anybody want to bring these guys to their House?

Remember the aspiring Actress in N.Y., brutally beaten to DEATH?
A Illegal Alien Day Laborer, working on the Apt. below Her was in a "Bad Mood" that day, he said.

They REALLY must be hiding something.

Salem & Sherwood have places open on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I like the DMV rally idea!

Good for Rick!

just curious said...

Rick, by "all these guys," do you mean:

A) All illegal immigrants, everywhere?


B) Just the illegal immigrants who were in Cornelius on Saturday?

Anonymous said...


The day labor site at Centro Cultural was shut down after the last round of protests because the people who run Centro did not want to be associated with the controversy.

It was only after Gov. Kulongoski's office called and prodded them to reopen the program that Centro did reopen the program with expanded hours.

Maybe you should protest Kulongoski.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny boy! I know what lawn service's to call for my future trimmings. Silly me I don't want people who are already in America to starve to death. Silly Silly Me!!

Anonymous said...

You know defintely shouldn't have broken the law? Citizen in Nazi Germany! I mean the Gov't said it was ok, right?



Anonymous said...

It's a shame you don't have anything better to do you should spend time with your families while you still can life is too short. You're all ignorant idiots and will all burn in HELL !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daniel you and your KKK group will not be successful we will defeat all of you.

Anonymous said...

KKK out of Cornelius Oregon we don't want you here