Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pay more for illegal aliens

2007 Legislative Session
Approximately 17,100 clients receive CAWEM coverage. The CAWEM program
provides limited medical assistance to people who are ineligible for OHP Plus or OHP
Standard coverage solely because they do not meet the Medicaid citizenship or
immigration status requirements.

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Now CAWEM is the program for illegal aliens who are to stupid to lie on their Oregon Health Plan application. Either that or they were going into labor as they ran across the border and went straight to the hospital to have their anchor baby and needed the health care coverage after the fact.

And don't worry, the child who was born 2 days after the border crossing will be eligible for OHP without the parent even having to lie.

Even scarier: the Oregon healthy kids plan which will give Cadillac coverage to "all kids" regardless of immigration status.


Anonymous said...

we send health care dollars all over the world free of charge. what about that! those people still hate us, so spend the money here on our own poor. Create jobs here at home, we are becomming a third world country and very soon you will be out of work.

Rick Hickey said...

And Baby is now an American able to get every tax payer hand out the Gov't can come up with.
Heritage extensive report shows that will cost US $22,000 a/year in services, after taxes paid, for a total of over $100 Billion/yr. WE are paying out for this "Cheap" labor.
We have also "imported" over 11 Million Drop outs which are NOT "goood for the economy".

So what is OUR Legislature doing about all this illegal and unecessary expense to hard working Oregonians? NOTHING!

So...OFIR will put FOUR Ballot measures for the Voters to approve in 2008 AND remind the Public when these boneheads are running for re-hire that they did NOTHING to make Oregon safer or to save YOU Million$ of wasted dollars.

April 30th-last day for a Hearing.

Anonymous said...

I’m personally tired of paying the way for illegal criminals. These drunk driving rapists drug dealers who are also child molesters and thieves have not place in the USA or Oregon. But then their criminal activities are probably considered the jobs citizens won’t do.

Anonymous said...

These drunk driving rapists drug dealers who are also child molesters and thieves have not place in the USA or Oregon.

This sounds like you are describing the Republican Party.

Bobkatt said...

These drunk driving rapists drug dealers who are also child molesters and thieves have not place in the USA or Oregon.
Or the Kennedy clan.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the state and local governments bending over backwards to serve the illegal invaders. I pay quite a bit for my health coverage through my employer, and I still have a astronomical deductible to meet. Illegals just need to furnish a bad address or just up and move to avoid paying their bills, as they are untraceable via social security numbers.

I was at a county health clinic last week and there was no less than 2 cars in the parking lot (out of 10 cars) that had California plates. One of them, a van with at least 3 hispanic kids inside, had a Mexico flag hanging from the rear-view mirror. And this is who my tax money is going to?

Anonymous said...

Funny that people whose ancestors were on this continent for centuries are called "invaders", while those of us whose ancestors mostly came to this continent in the last 100 - 400 years are seen as the "natives."

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, the people who were kicked off their land 60 years ago are seen as terrible people for not liking the idea.

The mindset of the modern conservative seems to be: Property rights only applies to MY KIND. It doesn't apply to those who originally had the property I now "own".

Anonymous said...

The folks who got pushed off their land 60 yrs ago were told by their bretheren to leave while they pushed Israel into the sea.

Oops it didn't happen did it.

Jack Van Nostrand

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what Isreal is, one big group of "illegal aliens" funded, backed and propped-up by the American Right-wing. If they spy on the U.S. and give the secrets to the Russians, that is OK. We will have every right-wing nut out in force to get them released. The parallel universe of the conservative right, it will make you sick.