Monday, April 02, 2007

No trabajo for you today Part 4

A couple of fun mentionables from our illegal alien day labor protest. (I don't have time this morning to do a full bash of The Oregonian reporters, that will come this afternoon)

Did you realize that being a day laborer comes with an excellent benefits package? Yes, both medical and dental coverage is offered... at taxpayer expense of course!
This van, as well as two medical facilities are located just across the street from the day labor site. This program is funded through the Washington County Commission on Children and Families. A County building was leased to VGMHC at a cost of $1 per year, allowing their grant funds to be used for remodeling rather than land purchase and construction.

The other great thing is that, as part of their "we'll do whatever it takes to fill the pews including shower loving affection on criminals" program the local Catholic church decided to erect a border that could be crossed by illegal aliens... but not us.
Way to go guys, hypocrisy and disgusting irony are cleary worth it to keep those Spanish language sermons going. Open arms to criminals but closed off to citizens who have a different opinion.


Anonymous said...

I have seen Catholic Charity volunteers helping Spanish Speakers at DMV and every day a line of them hauling off plenty of boodle from the Free Door at St. Vincent DePaul locations.

Anonymous said...

This blog is in violation of English-only policies.

Not only has a Spanish word been used in headlines, but entire Latin phrases have been used in comments and not been expunged.

Thus, I am calling for a boycott of this blog until all non-English words are removed. We must make our society free of non-English languages.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:47
Good idea! Lets vote on it!

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know that our potential (though illegal) citizens are being taken care of. Heck, we'll even bring the van to your place of employment.
What about the Joe or Jane Citizen that pays for all this yet is without healthcare? I can look out my window at work now but I don't see a medical van waiting to serve my medical and dental needs. In fact, the last time my wife had a medical emergency we couldn't pay - what was our recourse you ask: six months of working out a payment plan and then they took us to court and won a judgement! Now we live with garnished wages. Now I certainly believe a person should pay their obligations but is there a little bit of a double standard here?
How come after all these years of paying taxes and doing the right things (legal) I am left with a garnishment?
I say DE-legalize me!
Then I could get subsidies galore! Can't feed yourself - have some foodstamps!
No healthcare - step into my van! No housing - do we have a place for you and yours!
Want to raise a family - free pre and post natal care!
Can't speak English - free education to (never) get you up to speed! (and if that is to difficult, we will print everything in Spanish or provide an interpreter as well.)

If we had only had that van outside our window...

Scottiebill said...

While I am not Roman Catholic (raised Presbyterian, but now am a failed Lutheran, and pretty much agnostic), it is not hard to understand the actions of this Catholic Church. Especially in light of the Church's record with the molesting priests. After all, if a church will shield their criminal priests from prosecution, they will shield their illegal alien parishioners from being called to task by someone who wants their sorry buts out of the country. Keep after them, Daniel.

Scottiebill said...

Sorry about the misspelling of "butts". It should have read "sorry asses".

bear's anti-argument said...

The only hypocrisy I see on this blog is that of Daniel’s profession to “Christian” morals based on his hateful language. Human filth indeed.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. It is obvious that the vast majority of these people come from countries that are Romon Catholic. The catholic church supports these people so they can put money in the collection plate. If these illegals were muslim or buddist they would not be helping these people. The catholic church needs this money from the donations to pay off all the sexual abuse lawsuits against them that they have tried to cover up and sweep under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

If dan (human filth) can take pictures and post there phone numbers, thay do the same. all the phone number that were posted here, were called and your number and address was given out to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06,

You are an idiot, those numbers are posted on the side of their vehicles, they are businesses you moron and they are breaking the law what they need is to have their business license taken away from them and pay fines or go spend some time in jail next to the very individuals they choose to employ.

I for one am glad that the names and numbers are posted so that they are not hired by anyone who has a sense of morals (you however do not have any).

Oh yeah, at least Daniel has the balls to say who he is, I noticed that you do not.


Sabino Sardineta said...

you are correct deb, my name is Sabino Sardineta and can reached at 503.359.0446 ext. 26

concerned said...


Is legality the highest sense of morality? Or is it helping your fellow man?

I've studied the four testiments of the gospel, and the only reference I have heard Christ himself make (not Paul or any of his other supposed mouthpieces) is to pay taxes, giving "... to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's. (Matt 22:21)" However, Christ preaches a whole sermon on doing right by your fellow man, specifically Matthiew 5:42 where Christ says "Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you." Therefore, if you use the example of Christ's life as your moral compass, it would be impossible for you to object to helping those in need. Christ helped those in need regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, or legality, mainly exemplified in his assistence of the Gentiles. In fact, he specifically pointed this out when he spoke to the prostitute by the well.

In short, Deb, your definition of morality is vague and potentially contradictory to what you claim. You cannot claim both "conservative" values and Christian values as your moral compass, for they contradict eachother.

BEAR said...

concerned, you are not helping anyone by exploiting them, or allowing others to exploit them. Creating parasitic, lawbreaking illegals by encouraging them to become dependent upon an "under-the-radar" system, with access to socialist inspired, taxpayer-paid "charity," helps nobody. You are simply offering a handout, when a hand-up is far more likely to end the cycle of poverty. This country has spent trillions to fight the so-called war on poverty, and every category of measurement is worse now than when the programs started. The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over, and expecting the result to change.....a lefty habit. Send these illegals home, with instructions to fix their own messes, and to refrain from bringing their third-world messes here to dump on our doormats.....sheesh.

an equal and opposite reaction said...

In reponse to the racist filth spewed on this blog, I am going to write a check to the Washington County Commission on Children and Families and ask that the money be spent on the medical program that is being attacked today by Daniel Miglavs. I encourage others who support human rights and dignity to do the same.

Anonymous said...

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over, and expecting the result to change.....a lefty habit.

Example: George W. Bush's policy in Iraq. Oh, wait .. he's a Republican. Interesting.

no illegal aliens said...

Hey, another drug bust in Vancouver. has this nice little story, "Fugitive Alert: Men wanted for drug deals." says, "Officials said Laureana Valencia-Rojas and Jesus Perez-Gonzales - also known as Chewy - are the last two among more than a dozen people associated with the major drug bust, which occurred last October."

Then goes on to say, "Police said the pair were involved in a West Coast drug operation that brought large quantities of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine from Mexico in shipments that arrived every three weeks."

More of the same trash imported from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has problems, but church property is private property. If the reason you wanted access was to protest, then they had a right to exclude you, much like they would exclude abortion-rights activists. However, if you wanted to go to Mass, then you should have been allowed. We are all God's children. That said, the Church needs to respect the law in a democratic society and seek legal redress if they don't like it. The Archbishop of L.A. has taken some poorly thought out positions on illegal immigration into this country, so I understand where you are coming from. Certainly, there is some room for you to understand where the Church is coming from. Thanks.