Sunday, April 15, 2007

"La migra" is notably missing

English-Spanish Glossary of Commonly Used Terms
Oregon Public Health Division, DHS

This glossary was developed as part of the division’s community outreach information pilot efforts in coordination with the PHD’s Spanish Translation Accuracy Team, comprised of a cross-section of bilingual staff representing all major public health offices, the Office of Multicultural Health and the Migrant Health Coordinator. The team chosen represents various Hispanic origins and backgrounds.

childcare center
guardería de niñ

enroll (v.)

CAWEM (Citizen Alien Waived Emergency Medical)
EEMCE (Excepción de Emergencia Médica para Extranjeros Ciudadanos)

Department of Human Services
Departamento de Servicios Humanos

Oregon Health Plan
Plan de Salud de Oregon

NOTE: This one was tricky...

Programa de Nutrición Suplementaria para Mujeres, Infantes, y Niños

And many more helpful terms have been translated and put into book form with your tax dollars. Sleep easy knowing that state workers will be able to properly communicate to an illegal alien how to enroll (inscribirse) in the Oregon Health Plan (Plan de Salud de Oregon).


R Huse said...

Each day the bell rings louder and louder "Why the hell am I working, only a fool works harder and harder so others can work less"

This is the one case where I so wish we could be like Europe. If nothing else they really have it down how to say "screw you" to non citizens looking for a free ride.

I just looked at my passport, RIGHT ON THE DAMN ENTRY STAMP it says - "no access to government services".

Anonymous said...

Our economy is coming down like a house of cards (which it is) and our world as we know it today will change very soon.

The tail can only wag the dog for a limited time.

The Mortgage lending problem is the fuse that triggers the bang.

One thing is certain, that as the governments lose their tax money as a result of the crash, bull shit programs like these will be the last cut from the fat.

I'm ready as that is the only way we taxpayers can regain control.

How about you?

Anonymous said...

Citizen alien waived medical care???? Is it possible to be a citizen AND an alien at the same time????

Daniel said...

That's another one of those funny acronyms that are meant to make us "feel good." What they really mean to say is: "illegal alien leeches who don't belong here are using taxpayer dollars to have anchor babies" medical program.

Anonymous said...

You notice that the word "Free" is there, but missing are the words "payment" or "insurance".

The words I would like to see included are "Get Out" and "Go Home".

no illegal aliens said...

Like the money wasted by ODOT to replace the thousands of incorrectly translated "No Trespassing" signs.

Anonymous said...

Because of this country being laid to waste as a result of illegal immigration, and the invader's language taking over and pushing out the native language, I'm sure you'll support Paiute-only legislation here in Oregon.