Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day labor protest Part 3

The socialist song: Unemployment and inflation are not caused by immigration, bullshit, get of it, the enemy is profit.

It's a regular Socialist Idol competition out there.


BEAR said...

Leave it to the commies (oops, excuse me, the socialists) to provide the entertainment. This "choir" wants those who employ them to refrain from profit? And they say THAT will cure unemployment??? LOL! Apparently, they haven't seen the latest stats from Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Albania...the list just goes on. No wonder the mehican government wants these morons out of mehico! Message to mehico....we're with ya, amigos, we don't want them, either!

Bobkatt said...

April 23rd, 24th, and 25th is the national truck boycott. Is anyone planning to go to Salem and join in surrounding the capital with trucks, cars and motorcycles in protest to the 100's of Mexican trucks invading our country? More info at Save America Fund.

Anonymous said...

For those who doubt OFIR.

Here is what you need to do.

Visit Radio Shack, purchase a Police Radio Scanner and then keep a log of the crimes reported and the names and descriptions of those persons involved.

Then make your own decision based on your own observations and not on what you have been told by others.

It matters not where you are in Oregon or when you listen as you will find the ratios are common across the state and any time of the day.

Anonymous said...

That has to have been the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in my life. Do these people really take themselves seriously, or do they know that they are full of it?

The open borders side is getting down right desperate if you want my opinion. I am starting to think that people have had enough of this crap and it is going to come to a head soon. Not soon enough if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Those who have chosen to deny the Illegal Alien problem have allowed the concern to fester to such a point innocent people will soon suffer and even more blood will likely be spilled.

Many of the working class Gringos that were content with being able to buy new homes, cars and SUVs by using sub-prime loans, will now start losing those easily gained rewards and immediately blame the Illegal Aliens for their financial problems.

Look for them to take their anger out on any Hispanic they can, Illegal or not. Then we will have a real Race problem and its going to be pretty.

And who can we blame? The Media and Liberals that denied reality and kept the truth under wraps.

It will be at your feet you miserable bastards who claim to be friends all Immigrants!

Rick Hickey said...

Bobkatt, we are contacting Teamster rep for verification, we have been talking with Him about the Foreign Trucking issue and he is obviously on our side.

And with FREE-only to illegals-College-YOUR white collar Job is next.

Boy, So one Union is on board with protecting their American Workers, that happens when reality hits home.

As today when a couple who live in the House next to the FREE only to illegals-Vision, Dental & Medicial clinic (Any Americans have free dental & vision? didn't think so). They told us that people speaking Spanish, driving expensive SUV's, come to garcia's all day long and have actually seen Americans in beater cars, turned away.
They are being evicted for removal of the house because not free to us medical isn't enough, now their will also be a free except to the people that actually pay for it, Hospital built there next.

Anonymous said...

I happen to support amnesty and don't think the enemy is profit, the enemy is racist f-ks like you who harass hardworking people for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

8`) LOOKS like two extremist sides going at each other. But really, YOUR one man rally is quite funny. I guess at least the socialists can muster a few, you and the facists need to do a little better job at PR.