Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day labor protest Part 1

Again we had Oregonians for Immigration Reform and the Oregon chapter of the Minutemen protesting an illegal alien day labor site in Cornelius. (this is where you kook liberals and Bush Republicans whine "how do you know that they are illegal?")

Hmmm... what do you suppose those signs mean? (this is from a previous protest in the same spot)

So this was the second week in a row that we did this particular site and so a (hold on, I'm laughing to myself) more (now it's more of a snicker) organized response showed up.

By "organized" I mean pathetic. This lone woman was the only person to stick up for the illegal workers for the first while.

More intelligent discourse from the other side. I'm "number 1" it would seem.

But the important thing that I want to really stress is this:

This is the first picture I took when we arrived at 7am. Notice the presence of illegal alien day laborers...

This is picture 32 part way through the day. There were three laborers still hanging out. (NOTE: They are hiding their faces because they are doing nothing wrong, not because they are illegal aliens... they literally run behind that column when I approach)

And 45 pictures in we have, as indicated by Rick, just one illegal alien day laborer left. Where did the other ones go? Not to work. (picture of the few pick-ups will be in the next post) They realized that there were no jobs to be had here. They could pick up a protest sign (and how many guys aren't anxious to pick up a sign that says "radical woman" on it) or leave.

This is how you shut these places down. Ok, I just watched some of the video clips I took and they are GREAT. I'm going to upload them and they will be the next post. Stay tuned. It may not be until later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sabina....I could just as easily post YOUR address here...and your license plate #.....and anything else I can dig up in the public record.

Is that how you would like this to go??

Daniel said...

(first comment was deleted)

Law enforcement has been contacted RE: harrassment.

Anonymous said...

That first post from the Executive Director of Central Cultural REALLY lends credibility and professionalism to that "Community" organization.

Thier website list of "amigos" should be boycotted, and picketed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lib whackos!

Bloggers know who has visited their site.

All in the numbers, screw heads.

BEAR said...

Hey, lefty, anti-American, no-borders crowd, the illegals are just here to "work," eh? Apparently they are here to threaten those of us Americans who don't agree with their invasion agenda, and their lawlessness. Is that how you libs spell assimilation and the American dream?......thought so.

BEAR said...

BTW, Rick H., have you lost weight? Lookin' GOOD! Did anyone ask the illegals if they liked nancy pelosi in a hijab? Oh, well, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask the illegals if they liked nancy pelosi in a hijab

Apparently Republicans liked Condi Rice in one, so maybe...