Monday, March 23, 2009

Then don't build it

100 Day Plan Update - Transportation from The Office on Vimeo.

They are going to "review" the performance of the bridge to say "greenhouse gas emissions are too high, so we need to adjust how people travel across the bridge. Or, there's too many cars coming across to downtown Portland."

These are the people who want to run your life.


OregonGuy said...

On board were the Twelve:
The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist,
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends.
Though Gods they were -
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new
Hail Atlantis!

Anonymous said...

These are the people who want to run your life ...

This message was brought to you by Daniel Miglavs, who has no objections to spending billions in tax dollars to prevent you from smoking a joint in your backyard.

Anonymous said...

"These are the people who want to run your life."

"Want" to run your life? They do run your life. We chose them to represent us. If you don't like what they are doing, you can always move to Idaho or some other ceasepool state.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:43am.
What's a ceasepool state? What's wrong with Idaho? Are you one of the bigots who are constantly calling other people names?

Don't worry Daniel, I don't go downtown Portland very much.
I have been downtown only two or three times in the last two years.
It is a cesspool and I don't want my disposable income supporting a fucked up government. They would probably use my money to support the criminal aliens instead of American citizens.

dhughes609 said...

Designate all the new bike facilities for dual purpose. Bike Corals should include sleeping and begging zones. Bike paths should be designed to allow shopping carts and painted passing zones would facilitate the intermingling of the new commuters. Existing sidewalks (grandfathered) could then exclude the Homeless and bicycles in order to return them to Outdoor Dining and pedestrian use..

Anonymous said...

you are making way to much sense there, portland would rather get rid of our cars and than we could use that area for out door dining. if there were only enough locals to sustain that . cause there won't be very many others coming into town to eat!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:01

When was the last time anyone was arrested for smoking a joint in their back yard?

Cite just ONE instance where someone was arrested for the sole offense of smoking a joint.

Betchya can't find not even ONE incident where anyone was arrested for smoking a joint. Not one.

Secondly, name any tax funded bill or legislation or law that was written for the purpose of preventing people from smoking a joint in their back yard.

ack up your accusation or stfu.

Anonymous said...

Why not just re-name Portland "Damsteram" and be done with it.

That would draw all the dyslexic pot-heads in the world which would be great if their parents have money.

Anonymous said...

My comment about smoking weed in the backyard was obviously completely lost on you, 4:19. It's like you've been ... well, smoking weed.

The POINT is that the government spends billions of dollars in this country on its decades-old "war on drugs," which even a columnist in the right-wing Wall Street Journal a while back argued is a complete waste and a total failure. Part of that "war" includes fighting pot -- those who grow it, sell it and transport it ... a fucking weed that is no more harmful than the tobacco in a cigarette. Honestly, I don't use it myself, but if someone else wants to, why should I give a shit? Why is that my business?

This taxpayer-funded "war" is, ultimately, the kind of "social engineering" writ large that Daniel decries again and again and again ... and yet his idiot posts over the years indicate PLAINLY that he supports the "war on drugs." Loves it, even. Gets off on it. So not only is he an idiot, he is a hypocritical idiot, with his snide little comment about about "people who want to run your life." What else is the "war on drugs" but an insanely expensive attempt by the government run the lives of its citizens? More evidence, as if we needed more, that Daniel doesn't think before he speaks. He just opens his mouth and stupidity flows out like sewage.

Put the kool-aid away. Think!

Robin said...

"monitor if the green house gasses are too high..."
so that means what? if someone farts that they will close the bridge and reroute traffic?

Anonymous said...

dont forget that what we exhale is a green house gas , so that means no carpool lanes ! or are they going to make us wear scrubers on our mouths and buts to rid the world of those bad greenhouse gasses !
there was a saying , build it and they will come , change that to build it and watch them leave !I say put about 20 lanes accross that bridge !

TC said...

Gee, is it any wonder Portland has been called Havana on the Willamette. Sam Adams, bringing Soviet style tyranny and less freedom to Portland. These people really believe they are the smartest folks in the room and that we (the "Stupid" public) just don't understand what's good for us and they're here to tell us how to live where to work, dictate our mode of trasportation.

Anonymous said...

"Soviet-style tyranny" involved show trials, Gulag time and executions for millions of people. To compare ANY politician ANYWHERE in the U.S. with "Soviet-style tyranny" descends to depths of stupidity that exist only in Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

TC, where, exactly, do you want to travel in your car that you're unable to -- either because the government won't build a road to it or otherwise "let" you?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm very naive, because the sheer idiocy of the discussions that transpire here at never cease to amaze me. Does Lars Larson still quote this piece of shit at the opening of his equally worthless radio show?

Bobkatt said...

Anon 5:12- Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep trying and eventually you'll come up with something worthwhile to add.

richpix said...

Sounds like a great plan to me. What some of you seem to perceive of as running your life will likely be things that will make your life easier as it will be aimed at reducing traffic congestion. Why is that a bad thing?

Have any of you ever been to the Netherlands? Witnessed their transportation network first hand? I have. It's wonderful. In one of the most crowded countries on the planet it's incredibly easy to get around without ever using an automobile. Trains, trams, buses. Separate lanes for bicycles and mopeds. Ease of getting around as a pedestrian. There are lots of roads, too, and they're always clogged with cars and it's usually quicker to get around some other way.

Oh, and contrary to some of the ignorance being displayed here, pot isn't legal in Holland. It's just tolerated under certain conditions.

Anonymous said...


I was there a few years ago. What a wonderful city, and amazingly functional. I found the dutch to be very pleasant and laid back people as well. The only part of the city that one might find seedy is the red light district, which not ironically, was full of Americans. I also encountered few dutch people in the "coffee shops" which is, of course where one goes to smoke some pot. Again, full of Americans.

My wife and I rented some bicycles and rode them out to a new suburb that they had recently developed called Ijburg. It has really cool architecture and a sandy beach to boot. The architecture reminded me of Portland. The last thing I thought I'd be doing in Amsterdam was sitting on the beach.

I can't wait to go back, but there are so many other places to go. This summer, Morrocco!

Anyway, my sense is that Miglavians don't get out of the country that much, if at all.

ZZMike said...

It is as she says: too many cars coming into Portland.

Cities in Medieval Europe had a simple solution: build a wall around the city.

anonymous (0746): "... dont forget that what we exhale is a green house gas..."

I knew they'd eventually figure out a way to tax our breathing.

richpix: "... it's incredibly easy to get around without ever using an automobile. Trains, trams, buses."

And the trains run on time.

One of the problems with central planning (an essential tenet of socialism) is that prety soon the recommendations become mandatory.