Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Money to burn

City of Portland Street Renaming Process
Has this street renaming process ever been used?
No. Portland City Code Chapter 17.93 has never been used to rename a city street. The
Portland City Council has the legal right to waive many provisions of the City Code, and it has renamed two streets without using this process.

Does the City of Portland have any pending street renaming requests?
Yes. The City of Portland has received one completed application to rename a street after César E. Chavez (1927-1993), a Latino civil rights and labor leader. (who opposed illegal immigration)

How much will this process cost the City?
The City has budgeted $150,000 to cover the entire cost of renaming a city street, including new street signs, public notices, and independent consultant staff to facilitate the application process and make recommendations to City Council regarding any changes to the current process.

Couldn't that 150K better be used to hire another diversity manager or two?


Scottiebill said...

The renaming of city streets is not the best way to spend the city's money. Surely Portland could find other uses for that $150,000.00, such as delineating more bike paths and a cuple of hundred feet of light rail trackvarious and sundry other essential(?) things. Never mind that they could spent the money on the frivolous things like more police officers, more fire fighters, improving some of the streets, etc.

This thing has the fingerprints of Randy Leonard and Tram Scam Sam all over it.

If the city does in fact go ahead with this stupidity, they should also have to pay the costs of any and all businesses of changing their signs, letterheads, phone book and newspaper ads, etc.

Oops, You're Still Racist. said...

You're right, it's only about the money... It just happens to be a coincidence that the proposed street name is to honor a hispanic cultural icon.

Robin said...

and there is the hidden expense of changing maps, updating gps systems, plus getting EMS to get used to the new street names.

Business have to change their yellow page ads, stationary and business cards, etc.

Bobkatt said...

For $150,000 they could buy another "Super Toilet" that sometimes works and have $10,000 left over for kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

A(n) historic cultural icon? A brown-skinned rabble rouser messing in the business of farming is more realistic. If you're too young to remember, do the research.
The folks who did the work Americans refused to do, took those jobs with eyes open. They knew it, he didn't. They just wanted to work. He wanted to exact his pound of flesh on top of the paltry wages they received.