Monday, March 16, 2009

Single parenting: like child abuse but with a government subsidy

This is from a BlueOregon post and there is no source link but I'm taking these numbers at face value:

While TANF is primarily a program for children in single-parent households, there is a small program for children in two-parent households (TANF-UN) where the parents are unemployed or seriously underemployed. In February 2009 there were 2,539 families with children being helped in the two-parent program, compared to 20,966 single-parent households in the regular TANF program.

I'm always dismayed that the stigma of single motherhood has gone by the wayside. Now it is something to be celebrated and considered "brave" or a badge of honor. There are 8 times as many single parents needing this welfare over the two parent households.

Men: if you get her pregnant you need to marry her. Take care of your obligations.

Women: stop having sex with men that you aren't married to or intend to marry.

Government: stop rewarding single parents.

Anything else and you are condemning kids to a rough childhood.


the rest of us said...

Daniel Miglavs: Take your holier-than-holy indignation and pompous self-righteousness and shove it up your fucking ass.

hairyfrog said...

I always thought that marriage should be about two people committing themselves to EACH OTHER – optimally because they love each other. If two people get married without that basis of commitment, it's a recipe for disaster. Marriage begins to seem like a cage, then torture. Through frustration or out-and-out contempt for each other, some kind of abuse is likely to kick in – whether it be "harmless" jokes about a wife's overeating problems (often coming from a FAT slob of a husband) that wear down her sense of self-worth even more and cause her to overeat even more; or slapping the children about. I know (personally) a man who began by ridiculing his wife in front of others and is now in prison for the rest of his life, convicted of raping his 8-year-old granddaughter.
So, Daniel, how’s THAT for "condemning kids to a rough childhood"?
I assume from the subtitle to your column ("Your guide to evicting orphans and widows for fun and profit") that you're writing all this rubbish as sarcasm, and - as such - I can heartily appreciate it. You brilliantly parody the hard-hearted pseudoChristian rabid rantings of the loony right. But the danger of sarcasm is that not many people recognize it and will consider that you really mean what you say. And some of that loony right will take that as a pat on the back for their misanthropic views.

Anonymous said...

I married a single mother who was (prior to dating me) sucking off of the public teaat for about four years. Now, don't geet me wrong, she certainly needed the help, and I'm all for single mothers getting the public assistance to properly care for their children. HOWEVER, should she have not had sex with a man she had no intention of marrying, think of how much public money would have been saved. Now, think of how many single mothers there are out there eating up your tax dollars. Again, not the childs fault, and I'm all for helping out, but can you imagine how much money could be saved if people were a little more responsible regarding this issue?

Men, marry the girl you get pregnant. Step up to the plate and provide that child with a mother and a father to guide them through life.

Women, stop having sex with men that you know will dump you like a hot potato as soon as they find out you are pregnant.

Common sense goes a LONG way.

innominatus said...

Another aspect of this that bugs me is that when a single parent is nearing the end of welfare eligibility, DHS will begin to pay for childcare so the single parent can work. This allows them to boast of the numbers of people they've "gotten off the welfare rolls" while still making welfare-like payments. I'm not sure which is worse for the kid - spending the day with a stay-at-home welfare mom, or going off to daycare to be raised by strangers while mom works. Pretty much a lose/lose scenario.

Anonymous said...

the rest of us said.....
if you don't like the blog rest of us then leave and don't worry your poor old pathetic self with Daniel!
BY BY now ya all don't come back ya hear

Anonymous said...

the rest of us said...

Well now, that was an intelligent post, LOL

Anonymous said...

Single mother = stupid slut.