Thursday, March 05, 2009

I've said this before Mr. Bruin...

It seems I will have to copy and paste this every legislative session.

No I would not trade a reduction in the state income tax for the addition of a sales tax. Here is why:

The money gets taxed when I earn it and then it gets taxed when I spend it. If only they could figure out how to tax it while it's in my checking account the circle would be complete.

There would have to be a brand new "State of Oregon building for the Implementation and Collection of the Sales Tax" created. It would be filled with PERS recipients with job titles like "Sales Tax Cultural Competency Coordinator" and "Sales Tax diversity Manager." This grows government. Now if the proposal is "revenue neutral" meaning that the state would collect the same that they do under the current plan we will simply get less service because they will be spending more on state payroll.

It would be like switching from one 40-hour a week job to two 20-hour a week jobs at the same salary. You are worse off because you now have increased commute time and generally made things more complicated.

Next I would like to point out that the proposal to lower the income tax but add a sales tax operates from a position of weakness. It says that government isn't too big. It pretends that the government has multiple revenue streams when there is really only one source of money: US!

If we have identified a tax that is too high, like the income tax, then let's float a proposal to lower it. Why would a conservative pair that up with a proposal to raise another tax? To make sure that public art doesn't take a hit? To keep the needle exchange programs running on weekends? To make sure that we can hire more Art Therapists?

Government doesn't need more money and it doesn't need the same amount it is getting now, it needs LESS. If you need any evidence of this just look at my "50 cuts" posts.


Anonymous said...

Don't give them any ideas about going after our checking accounts. They have enough hair brain ideas anyway!!

Robin said...

I can't believe that anyone would still propose a sales tax after the voters repeatedly said NO!

oh right, I forgot.

our opinion does not count as they have proven many times over.

in addition this proves just out of touch they are with the people of Oregon.

We the people ( a phrase also that they forgot) have our own financial problems e.g. out of work and businesses closing and CAN"T AFFORD HIGHER TAXES!

Get it!

I did not think so.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't accept that either, but I would accept a constitutionally-limited sales tax if the property tax was completely and permanently eliminated.

Anonymous said...

When I see you call for freezing the U.S. military budget and pulling all American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY, then I will know that you are serious about slashing spending. Until then, have fun with your crocodile tears about a seamstress who is paid $1,465 - $1,999 per month. Until then, I will know that you are not, not really, serious.

BEAKEER said...


Anonymous said...

The money in your checking account is already taxed. You are taxed on the interest as income. If you don't get interest on that account, you are still losing out to inflation, sometimes driven by government policy.

As for the sales tax, I'd be happy to do it if they got rid of either the income tax or property tax. Obviously, they won't do the latter because not everyone owns. Get rid of the income tax altogether and I'll do it. Why? Because I ain't buyin' anything anyway, so I can create my own tax cut. But they won't do that. As you point out, they want to increase revenues, not do anything to decrease them.

2:56, you are pretty ridiculous. Even Obama is not pulling troops out of Iraq right now and he will leave up to 50,000 after the "official" pullout. Meanwhile, he is ADDING troops in Afghanistan. At any rate, I remember people like you in Portland. You represent the people who protested Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, proving once again that people like you are farther to the Left than Obama and possibly even Nancy Pelosi.

You need to consider moving to Cuba or some other socialist utopia. lol