Thursday, March 26, 2009

Provoke an appeaser? No...

North Korea preparing to launch a missile that could hit United States soil... who would have thought that tin pot dicators would get tough the minute we got an appeaser in the White House?


Anonymous said...

because the Bush doctrine certainly moved the world toward everlasting and stable peace, right?

It's like Obama says: we've been trying it (the economy, foreign relations, etc.) your way for the past eight years, and it hasn't seemed to work out all that well.

If you've got some new ideas and can articulate how these different approaches are going to yield results other than those that have materialized during the Bush era (deterioration of the Middle East, further isolation of North Korea, Pakistan on the verge of falling into the hands of extremists, increasingly negative sentiment towards the United States across the globe) I'd love to hear them, Miglavs.


Kaelri said...

Daniel's right, of course. There's no way our adversaries in east Asia would be challenging our new president like this if he was a cowboy like George Bush.

Oh, wait.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:20 am.
I guess you forgot that Billy Clinton allowed them to have nuclear weapons. His appeasement did such a wonderful job.
I love how you state it was Bush's fault that the middle east is deteriorating. Can you explain to me when in the last several thousand years they have had such a wonderful and stable environment? Who gives a shit what the planet thinks about us. If we drilled our own oil, we would not have to be involved in the middle east. Again you can think Billy Clinton. He put off limits a nice sized area of Utah to reduce our own coal supply.

Don't forget, Billy Clinton allowed Al Queada to train and plan 9-11 because he was too busy with Monica. Don't forget the first world trade center bombing. Don't forget the USS Cole. Don't forget the bombings at our embassies in Kenya. That was fucking Al Queada and Billy Clinton.

One last question, when has the world been in everlasting and stable peace?

You are full of shit.

I hope the Japanese shoot the N Korea missile down as they said they would a few weeks ago. If they don't, I hope we do. Oh that's right, the messiah does not want to fund unproven technologies. I guess we should not have funded the nuclear bomb in WWII, it was unproven at the time. The hell with the several million Americans lives that would have been lost and probably tens of millions of Japanese that would have also died. Unproven technologies should never be funded. That is too funny and ignorant. You can't fund something because it is unproven, so how does mankind invent anything?

You are an idiot.

Scottiebill said...

Dave, Don't forget that it was BJ Bill who sold the biggest part of Long Beach harbor, including the old Long Beach Naval Shipyard to the Chinese.

And Anon 9:20, I hate to break it to you in such an abrupt manner, but Bush is no longer President. Isn't it about time to quit blaming everything on him and remember that the Obama gang of idiots passed the Trillion dollar "stimulus" bill that will keep multiplying exponentially over the next decade, thereby bankrupting the country.
Bush did not do that. The Obama gang did.

Anonymous said...

Hussein Obama IS George Orwell's "1984" twenty years later.

Huessein O. says - no more using words like Global War on Terrorism, and no more Enemy Combantants, closes Gitmo while his Goons consider releasing them in America.

And N. Korea and Iran are NOT playing footsie now, in fact they are even more Defiant, you Wussie Weak Pathetic Liberal idiot.

As I WARNED all of you, there is NO balance in DC and the Democrats are acting like Fascists and doing whatever they want with OUR money and OUR freedom and OUR Capitolism that made US the envy of the World.

Thanks to Hussein O. and the D's, Goodbye America we loved.

Anonymous said...

About the little dictator with the pot belly. I just remember in 2001 Madaline Albright saying...he tricked us.

slimey little bastard and all....tricked the last dem adminstration...I am sure Hillary will buy his crap too, after all, she has bought all of Bill's for years.

Steve said...

I need to correct some of the revisionist history stated above.

North Korea didn't go nuclear on Bill Clinton's watch, as Dave01 falsely claimed. They went nuclear on Bush's watch. That's not my's historical fact.

And Daniel, don't you find it just a little disingenuos to claim that North Korea is acting bad only now that we have an "appeaser", when they spent the entire eight years of the Bush Administration being bad, too?

In fact Daniel, can you name ANYTHING the Bush Administration did to fix the North Korean situation? Anything?!? Or are you prepared to admit that the situation is still bad, precisely because previous administrations ignored the problem of North Korea?

Obama is now a little more than 60 days into his Administration. Unlike you pseudo-conservatives, I'm not yet ready to excorciate Obama for not having fixed all of the world's problems in the last 60 days.

Man, it's going to be a long eight years for you guys!

Anonymous said...

History fact;

Under Clinton's years as Pres. N. Korea locked up their Nukes and agreed to stop moving forward with development, THEN we all found out that they LIED to Clinton and were still working on Nukes and THEY cut off the U.N. locks and went public.

Also under Clinton, Saddam Hussein signed 17 U.N. agreements, while shooting at OUR planes in the no-fly zone and Clinton did nothing.
Bush said enough BS and made Saddam pay for the lies. And Osama Bin Laden was on video in a camp and Clinton said NO to bombing him - TWICE.

Stupid fucking Liberals, trusting these people will get even more of us Killed!

Remember 9-11-01 (which was 8 years after the 1st WTC attack) as they are planning a worse attack here right now dummy.

Actually after they attack again and another Revolution starts here because of that and so many millions here sick of the Illegal Alien Invasion destroying our Nation, the Liberals WILL be gone because only the strong survive.

So this could be a good thing and we will get back the America we all love.

Liberals, keep kissing the Ass of the Illegal's and Terrorists as your day will come.

Anonymous said...

Blow it out your ass, 5:38. Before Clinton was "appeasing" Saddam Hussein, your Ronald fucking dumb-ass Reagan was doing the same goddamned thing, sending Iraq the very weapons that Saddam used to kill tens of thousands of civilians. Reagan's DOD was shipping those weapons even after the entire fucking world knew what he was doing with them. Did you protest then? Did you say anything? Did you accuse him of being an "appeaser"? I doubt it. So fuck off. I suspect your "day will come" too, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, but I'm guessing that you'll be too fucking stupid to realize it.

Bobkatt said...

Hey guys why not ratchet down the inflammatory rhetoric? Read the Legacy of Ashes about the history of the CIA and you will get an idea of how complicated the whole world situation is and how little the president really has control over, even if we are the "Super Power".
Every post on here has a modicum of truth to it. But that only goes to show that every president since I don't know how long has had to deal with the world as it is, not as they would like it to be.
One thing I think that Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush senior had in common was a love for America. The rest, not so much.

DAVE01 said...

You are right scottiebill.
I keep forgetting the fact that he allowed them to buy the Long Beach harbor. I wonder how many secrets BJ Clinton allowed them to have and how many he allowed them to steal for his campaign donations. What a nice guy he is.

Steve, they may have gone nuclear under Bush, but they spent time, money and resources under BJ Clinton to develop the nuclear power. I takes many years or decades to develop that stuff. That is not my opinion, it's just fact. Like Al Queada attacked us on Bush's watch, they planned it on Clinton's watch. It's not my opinion, it's just fact. Maybe you think they can do it in a year or two.

Don't worry, the messiah will just hold hands with them and everything will be all right as BJ Clinton and Halfbright did.

Anonymous said...

Reagan sold weapons to Saddam because IRAN was going to take over Iraq, Stupid Liberal Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

It's all George Washington's fault, the sonofabitch.

Anonymous said...

Bush had 8 years (6 of them with a GOP majority) and did NOTHING.

As far as Clinton goes - Bush also did NOTHING in those 8 years to fix whatever it was that Clinton may have done wrong.

There is no evidence in two months of office that Obama is an "appeaser" to tyrants. The language coming out of the White House regarding N. Korea's rocket test doesn't reflect appeasement either. Obama and Clinton sound pretty tough about it if you ask me.