Monday, March 23, 2009

Brave new world

Studying on the edge
You don't need superhuman powers to skim textbooks from cover to cover, camp out in the library long after regular hours or work on final papers in marathon-length stints - but you might need drugs.

The trend of using the amphetamine-based drugs to enhance study sessions with increased energy and focus has been reported steadily over the past few years, and during final exams, the illegal sale and use of the medications tend to skyrocket.

"When I lived in the dorms, I heard more about Adderall than any other drug," she said. "It's bigger than weed."

This is a very well done article from a college newspaper. I hope that the medical marijuana folks notice that when a drug that is perceived to have a legitimate use through prescription, it increases the abuse of it as well

Who here thinks that Adderall would be used illegaly in these numbers if it had the stigma of meth? Students who see their classmates using drugs as a crutch ask "why not me" and simply get the pills from their dormmate.

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Bobkatt said...

Daniel, I don't quite get your logic on this one. Kids use and abuse drugs in college and don't often think about the consequences, yeah that's new. Marijuana does have legitimate uses as does any drug. This is basically a no-news article. Maybe you could have another beer and get back with exactly what the point is. Or maybe I'll have a couple and reread this post.