Sunday, March 29, 2009

Save the planet by giving up your freedom

The "green" nonsense has gotten out of control. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the secrets to saving the planet just happen to be the same thing that liberal facists have always wanted: higher taxes and absolute government control of our lives.

When Oregon's Global Warming Commision has an action plan called "Land-use planning to reduce VMT" that can be translated into "government telling you where to live."

Higher-density, mixed-use developments are much easier to serve with transit and reduce the distances between residences and destinations, making bicycle and pedestrian trips much more feasible.

Government will save the planet by making sure you can't have a backyard and you can bike to work.

But if cramming the population into sardine cans isn't enough they establish "Pricing policies to reduce VMT" which means that the government will make it too expensive for you to drive.

These liberal facists want "modified rate designs to reflect others to install advanced two-way daily and seasonal peak demand" electric rates to force you to sit in the dark. The two-way system allows the government to have control of your electric box.

I spent a few minutes reading the A Framework for Addressing Rapid Climate Change and I'm convinced that unless we push back hard our God-given liberty will be lost.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this "Green" nonsense has jumped the shark for sure. There are now "Green" real estate agents and "Green Certified" restroom hand soaps. I am not kidding. I was so happy to know that I was saving the earth just by washing my hands.

DAVE01 said...

Long live Al the snake oil salesman Gore. What a bunch of bullshit this global warming is. I have been freezing my ass for many months. Of course, scientific consensus beats scientific fact in the new messiah administration. The messiah will destroy us yet. He wants us to be a third world hellhole like his home country of Kenya. That is why third worlders should never be president of the only first world country. Bye Bye USA, hello third world hellhole.

daniel's dictionary said...

It's F-A-S-C-I-S-T-S, moron.

Anonymous said...

I have been freezing my ass for many months ...

That's because it's winter, idiot.

Scottiebill said...

Don't forget all the "global warming" going on in eastern North Dakota today. According to the weather reports on the news last night, They are supposed to get up to 14 inches more snow today and tomorrow that will add that much more water to the flooding there. And all the while all this is going on, Chairman Obama has ignored them completely. Had President Bush been still in office and had not gone there, the MSM would have been all over him like ugly on an ape.

But Obama has more important things to do, like going to basketball games, betting on the tournaments, and appearing on Jay Leno's show. Now he his off to Europe to the G-20 conference. But he can't be bothered with the people along the Red River in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Scottiebill said...

One other thing: Has the FEMA gang been to the Red River yet? I doubt it, first because there has been nothing in the any of the fishwrappers that I've seen; and, second, because Janet Napoleon is one of the Chairman's lowly minions and he apparently hasn't told her to go ahead.

And before any of you libs out there say anything about my misspelling her name, I deliberately did that because she obviously sees herself as some sort of empress over her little fiefdom in the Cabinet. Sort of like Czarina Pelosi and the House of Representatives.

Anonymous said...

Seen the green certified stickers on restaurant doors?