Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I would feel safe cutting this from the budget

Program # 40038A - Health Promotion Coordination & Capacity Building
Priority: Basic Needs

This Program Offer covers the work currently being carried out by the Community Capacitation Center (CCC). The CCC assists constituents both internally and externally to develop their capacity to promote health in an empowering way across all levels of the socio-ecological model, models empowering health promotion in particular communities, and coordinates this work on a Departmental level.

"Basic Needs" must now include: food, water, shelter and a government worker to empower you regarding your health care. Someone tell Maslow.

We also model what it means to address the social determinants of health by actively promoting health in specific communities, including (but not limited to) the disability community, the Latino immigrant community, and the Maple-Mallory neighborhood in NE Portland. The CCC is currently the only Health Department program with the capacity to respond to particular health promotion needs as they arise, for example, the challenges to health presented by the immigration raids carried out in the summer of 2007.

Program Total: $393,746

The fact that this is "the only program" that can respond to the needs of illegal aliens after an ICE raid only makes me want to eliminate it that much more. Keep in mind that they don't actually provide any real health care, they just "promote" health.



Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, "the Latino immigrant community" means "illegal aliens." All of them. Latino = illegal. Of course, there is nothing bigoted about this. It's strictly a rule of law thing. ;-)

Bobkatt said...

Using the word "empowerment" twice in the same sentence is enough for me to cut it.
P.S. what the hell is the "social-ecological model"?

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OregonGuy said...

The bucks we spend taking care of "victims" groups is amazing.

What is wrong about the idea of treating Oregonians as Oregonians?

There has crept into the language of the bureaucrat, the notion of "stakeholder." If you self-identify as a member of a victims' group, you become a stakeholder.

Ordinary "Oregonians" need not apply.

innominatus said...

Any budget item that sounds like it was written by Monty Python probably doesn't need to be in the actual budget.

Anonymous said...


At a 9% Oregon Payroll Tax avg. that equals over 150 one hundred and fifty, Oregon workers at an annual salary avg. of $30k p/yr.

JUST to pay for this ONE program!

California has been destroyed by Illegal immigration costs resulting in every Private sector Job created since 2004 Vanishing, yet they added over 120,000 Government jobs in the same period as a result of the huge growth of "needy" yet somehow "good for the economy" immigrants.

Obviously the Wanna Be Socialist OR. Democrat Party WANTS to follow California's lead.

YOUR Government making sure YOU can't live without them folks.

George Orwells' "1984" was only supposed to be Fictional, Democrats thought it was Prophecy instead.

DAVE01 said...

Daniel I think you might be wrong. Maybe they are going to research into liberalism. It is a mental illness after all and desperately needs a cure.