Thursday, March 05, 2009

And many more


Allen said...

Please note how its pointed to the LEFT.

Anonymous said...

Please note that some sick fuck made a birthday cake shaped like a GUN. Also note that Daniel Miglavs seems to be impressed by that, and thinks it's cool.

Anonymous said...

according to the clark county web site lars added a shop to his house maybe since you worship him so much you and your family could move up there with him?

Anonymous said...

I have my phd in social demography. A few years back, I was listening to Lars and he was peddling statistics on immigration in order to make the case that immigrants are prone to violent criminality and the statistics he was using didn't seem right to me. So, using Census data, I ran the figures myself, checked them against other published sources and informed Lars that he was incorrect, and that the responsibile thing to do would be to correct himself on the air.

Of course, he did not. That's the way Lars rolls. There are only a handful of professions that I can think of that are more disreputable than one that involves knowingly misinforming the public.

Lars and his ilk, on the left and right, have done a great disservice to political discourse in this country, by setting the example for young people that political engagement involves, primarily, shouting and attacking the character of those who have different political views. I'm not sure what either accomplishes.

Beakeer said...


Anonymous said...

Its a cake you moronic libtards. Get over it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you comment 2:06. I had the same sort of experience with Lars a few years back. Of course, we're complete opposites politically, but people are entitled to their opinions, and I know he and I will obviously disagree on issues, but there was one instance where he made a claim about Iraq that was just flat-ass false, demonstrably and objectively false. It was not a difference of opinion. It was a statement that was simply not true. Whether he was lying intentionally, or whether he simply made a mistake, I don't know. But I brought it to his attention by way of email. He did not correct himself. I listened to him for the rest of the broadcast to see if he would, and he did not.

These Miglavians piss and moan about "propaganda" in "the media," and yet they've got their noses buried deep in the ass of the biggest, loudest propagandist in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Would all your Mexican lovers please take a road trip from Portland to Mexico City and return, then tell us of your trip should you survive.

Oh yes, an armored car might help.

Anonymous said...

dumb. It just really shows how stupid the far right is with their phallic symbols. I guess they have such little penises that they need these phallic symbols to make them feel like me. Soon President Obama will ban them all and you bozos will only have cakes to celebrate the 2nd amendment.

Anonymous said...

What a great time to be a Democrat in America!

We may be witnessing the total demise of the Republican party as we know it. Listening to conservatives drone on about the virtues of unregulated, free-market capitalism, while the federal government tries its damndest to rescue the national economy from a crisis wrought by unregulated, free-market capitalism, is like watching a villain go completely insane before your very eyes.

Furthermore, by adopting Rush Limbaugh as their leader, the party has staked their political future with one withering demographic: old white men. Another brilliant move.

I can't believe this is really happening. It's great, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 929,

What, exactly, was the point of your post?

Anonymous said...

Would all your Mexican lovers please take a road trip ...

The truth slips out in all sorts of interesting ways. Mexican lovers? Okay, I'll roll with it. And what does that make you? Let me guess ... a Mexican hater? But wouldn't that mean ... oh, wait. I know, I know. Mexico's a country and not an ethnicity, so you can't possibly be a bigot. Right. Got it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would rather be a Mexican Lover than a Racist Xenophobe like Oregonians for anti-immigrant reform and their stooges.

BEAR said...

Happy Birthday, Lars!

Anonymous said...

And Many More.....

while we're on the subject of the Lies of Lars Larson and the Lying Liars who retell them...

Perhaps one of Lar's most destructive and costly lies (and also my personal fave) occurred when Lars reported that the entire Woodburn School District would be closed for a day so that all the students, from Elementary up to High School could be bused to Portland to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Two Woodburn elementary schools bussed students up to Portland that day to celebrate - to see some music, dancers, folklore - and the district was vilified on the Lars Larson Show for sending ALL their students to "what is really a food and drinking festival that's primarily aimed at adults."

It was later proven that the children did not attend any function where alcohol was served and that they toured two cultural exhibits and went to a folkloric dance and spoken word performance, and participated in a traditional paper crafting activity.

Larson reported that 800 Woodburn high school students went to the Portland event, when in fact, NOT ONE went. Less than a hundred elementary students went to the cultural event in Portland. He claimed the ENTIRE district went, including 800 Woodburn High School students. Lars claimed the WSD gave him those numbers but that was proven to be false after no record of a conversation by any school district employee was found with Lars or anyone representing Lars.

Whether the event had merit as "educational" deserves to be discussed. That's a valid discussion, but what was the point? The teachers obviously felt it was. The principals obviously agreed. So they went - it was a moot point. Thousands of kids go to the Tulip Farms and the Harvest Festivals at local "tourist farms" too.

The Woodburn School District was desperately in need of a bond it is proposing at the time. It's schools are aged and overcrowded - some have run out of room to place any more modular classrooms on their grounds. On that Monday and Tuesday, it was being broadcast all over Oregon that the WSD was wasting money. The district office got calls from as far away as Baker City, wanting to know why they sent their kids to a Mexican fiesta.

Superintendent Walt Blomberg was flooded with e-mails and phone calls, placing the district office in damage control mode for a full week when they didn't deserve to be in this position. The manpower that had to be diverted to fielding phone calls and media inquiries amounted to thousands of dollars.

A simple call to the Woodburn school district or high school would have verified that this event did NOT occur.

Whether or not the Cinco de Mayo celebration is of educational value is a valid discussion, but attacking and mocking the school district was wrong.

Amidst all the uproar, there was no mention of the PLETHORA of other schools represented at the event including Portland Public Schools, Beaverton School District, Gresham-Barlow and Amity to name just a few.

Exit interviews after the failed school bond election identified many voters who cited the false incident as a factor in their decision to vote against the bond.

Woodburn School District was left with thousands of dollars in wasted man hours spent dealing with the fallout and damage control and the failure of a desperately needed school bond because of Lar's lies, to which he never apologized.

Because of Lar's history of lying, I have no faith in his claim that he is 50 years old, or that it's even his birthday. He probalby just wanted a free cake in the shape of a gun so he lied to get it.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:02 PM
The federal government caused most of this crisis.
Now, you want them to fix it? People like you make me have daily headaches.
For the sake of mankind, please do not breed.

After Obama and the democrats finish destroying our country, the Republicans and other Americans will rebuild it.

Stevie said...

I like listening to Lars' show because - even though I disagree with him 90% of the time - I usually find his show entertaining.

Nonetheless, I need to pile on here and agree that Lars does, unfortunately, often take certain "liberties" with the facts.

Lars is a smart guy, but no one can be an expert on everything. Unfortunately though, Lars has an opinion on everything, and he sometimes doesn't let his lack of factual knowledge on specific subjects interfere with the sharing of his opinion. As such, over the years, there have been SEVERAL occasions where I've heard Lars state things that are just flat-out incorrect. And like another poster said, I'm not just referring to legitimate differences of opinion here. I'm talking about Lars just full-on propagating things that simply ain't true.

I too have emailed him on several occasions to "remind" him that something he said simply isn't true, and I have always cited a source in case Lars wants proof. But I have NEVER heard him correct himself on the radio as a result of one of these emails. I have also called his show a couple times for the same reason. And the funniest thing always happens: Lars ALWAYS trys to find some way to offer a twisted, tortured explanation as to why he's right anyway. He'll either change the premise of his claim, or in some other way move the goal post...anything to avoid admitting that he was simply flat-out wrong. It's as if the guy has some kind of ego problem that doesn't allow him to acknowledge that yes...even The Great Lars Larson can be wrong sometimes!

In Lars' defense, this is a trait common to talk radio in general. Both right-wing and left-wing talk radio hosts tend to take great liberties with the facts. (Even though my political beliefs are left-leaning, I don't listen to left-wing talk radio because it just pisses me off. And it pisses me off because left-wing radio hosts are JUST as guilty at slanting the facts as their right-wing counterparts. And since I have higher standards for "my guys", it makes me mad that they don't meet those standards. Left-wing radio hosts tend to be as willing to lie, twist and distort as just about every right-wing radio host is. Including Lars.

Unfortunately, listeners to talk radio mostly tend to be uncritical. They tend to believe everything that's said, because it's "their guy" saying it. Most people don't have the ability to be objective, and to call their own guy out when he/she starts making shit up out of thin air. This is evident listening to callers, as they swallow every line of bullshit Larson throws out there hook, line and sinker.

You know, Larson says he won't run for public office because he doesn't want to. He claims he can do more good on the radio. But I don't buy that for one second. Like most talk radio hosts, Lars is a power junkie with a large ego, and if he could obtain the political power that comes with being an elected official, you can be damn sure he'd go for it. But Larson is at least smart enough to know he'd have his ass handed to him if he tried to run for public office. And that would put the lie to the claim that he represents a silent majority of the citizens. 'Cause in fact, Lars really only represents a relatively small percentage of right-wing kool-aid drinkers. And at some level, he knows it. Which is why you'll never see him run for public office. His ego couldn't take the hit of an election loss that wouldn't even be close.

Stevie said...

I forgot to add a little story here...

For those of you who think that Lars is only unpopular with the "left", think again.

I completed my MBA at a college associated with a church, and as such, most of the people in my MBA cohort were conservative. In fact, many were not simply "conservative", but actually leaned fairly far to the right.

One day in class, Lars Larson somehow came up as a topic of discussion. I expected my fellow students to start talking about how great they thought Lars was. But to my (pleasant) surprise, Lars was actually quite unpopular even with my conservative classmates! Even more shocking, they didn't like him for many of the same reasons as me.

They saw Lars as a "know it all" and egotistical, and many of them cited instances when they too caught Lars shooting his mouth off about things he knows nothing about. They mentioned the way he constantly interrupts callers before they can finish their point, and how Lars tends to hang up on callers when those callers are about to make him look bad.

So, all is not lost my fellow liberal friends! Even many conservatives in Oregon know that Lars is often full of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Nice cake, 'specially since it pisses left fanatics off, hehe.

Death In Chains said...

Lars is an unnecessary asshole who needs to move himself to a home studio, to leave the Portland market, and to broadcast across America. I say that so we can get Jeff Kropf back on a 50Kw blowtorch, and get someone with some actual sense who won't call everyone who does not agree with every single point that he does, a RINO.

I am hoping when Atkinson becomes the next governor of Oregon, that he goes to KXL and fuckin' teabags Lars. Lars is an asshole who needs to be taught a lesson.

Anonymous said...

What is larson, 5 feet 4 inches tall?

The guy's got a raging napolean complex stemming from his acute case of small-cocks, for which he overcompensates on the air, and by packing heat.

His combative on-air demeanor is laughable and pathetic, but I can see why it appeals to others, like Miglavs, who somehow feel their cherished manhood threatened by nearly every mundane detail of life.

These types also tend to be closet homos.

It's great stuff, though.

Stevie said...

Hey Death in Chains, I couldn't agree with you more!

While Jeff Kropf is a Republican, and I still disagree with most of what he advocates, at least Jeff is a gentlemen when it comes to disagreeing. He treats his callers fairly...even those who disagree with him. Jeff doesn't try to demagogue those with whom he disagrees.

I suspect this is because Jeff is an elected official, and as such, he understands that boorish behavior such as that often seen with Lars doesn't go over very well in the real world. If Jeff treated his political opponants like Lars does, Jeff would be Oregon's own version of Blagoiovich.

I love it when Jeff subs for Lars. The show is MUCH better.

Are you listening KXL?!?

Anonymous said...

You know the lie that love is when he says “here in Oregon” or sometimes he’ll let fly “back home in Oregon” and when all he talks about is Oregon issues. Then at the end of the day he drive across the bridge home in WASHINGTON! What I find really funny some idiots think that this is a not a concern at all but what they fail to realize is he no longer has a dog in our fight anymore. He has gone so far to cover that up he still drives a truck with Oregon plates the truck is owned by the radio station. When I called to ask if other on air personalities has that same privilege they said no comment on the matter, so I emailed (CC lars on that one) some of them to ask that same question and let me tell the response I got was not happy one. A couple were not happy at all and Lars was really mad that I even asked that question at all. From what I gathered he didn’t want that info getting out at all! What a class act so much so that KGW has him on every Sat night (for rating only no for substance).

Stevie said...

Lars once started dogging a guest of British citizenship because that guest has involved himself in certain U.S. political matters. Lars said that because this guy had no right to vote in the U.S., he also had to right to involve himself in U.S. political matters.

I called Lars up and asked him how that was any different then him being a Washington resident, and involving himself in Oregon politics...even though Lars has no right to vote in Oregon.

Lars danced around that question and eventually claimed, "That's different."

Of course, it's not different at all. In fact, it's the exact same thing. But then, intellectual inconsistency of this type is something I've come to expect from Lars.