Thursday, March 19, 2009

Señor Ronaldo Wyden

At a town hall meeting held in Salem on Saturday, February 21, 2009 Senator Ron Wyden stated that he supported the E-Verify program.

On Tuesday, March 10, in the U.S. Senate, Wyden voted to table Senator Jeff Session’s amendment 604 that would have extended E-Verify for five years. Maybe in Washington DC that is not considered lying, but to regular folks there is no better term to describe what Wyden did.

Let Senator Señor Ronaldo Wyden know what you think!


Mike said...

The only downside to getting Wyden out of the Senate is that Merkley would become our senior Senator.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. A group of racist anti-immigrant nobodies are threating to put Senator Wyden out of office. Need I remind you that you clowns have absolutely no power in this state. Wyden could care less about you. Keep spinning your little hamster wheels.

Anonymous said...

Wyden is a lying dick. Fuck him.

11:10, you fucking moron. No one threatened to put anyone out of office. How about you address the point of Wyden saying one thing and shortly thereafter doing another, huh? Come on, you stupid fuck, let's hear it.

Fucking asshole.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Wyden voted against you stupid racists. Take everify and stick it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Miglavia, where making someone's name sound Spanish is the deepest of all insults...but of course we're not racists. How dare you accuse us of that!


You are one articulate sunuvabitch. Please keep the posts coming. I also can't help but wonder whether you're not actually Daniel Miglavs working late into the night, drunk on Old Crow, scouring state web pages for more signs of creeping socialism, looking for more Spanish-themed elementary school events to expose, and secretly yearning for your previous life as a street thug.

Rick Hickey said...

Tired of paying taxes to fund Illegal aliens?

Want to deny the state at least $100 in taxes if Married or $50 for singles, legally via a P.A.C.?

Donate to the OFIR PAC as we build our Ad fund to make sure every Oregonian knows who Ron Wyden really works for, obviously not American or legal immigrant workers.

With high unemployment and when every Oregonian finds out the truth about Wyden, he will not be re-elected next fall and we'll have a U.S. Senator working for the U.S. for once., Visa & Mastercard OK

Remember Deport Gordon Smith?
Is he still a Senator?

Anonymous said...

My,my. Rick Hickey slumming for donations. Rick your little piss ant anti-immigrant klan is a waste of bandwidth.

Hey, how is your buddy Bruce the barber Benkle doing? Have you visited him lately?

DAVE01 said...

I agree with you mike. Merkley has already proven he fits in with the next of vipers in DC. He runs right along with Pelosi and Reid.

He numbnuts anon 11:10 pm, where is El Gordo Smith these days? We helped to retire his treasonous ass.
Where are you facts that says OFIR is racist? We are anti-IIIILLLLLEEEEEGGGGGAAAAALLLLL you grade school dropout.

Anon 2:08 how is your buddy Neil Goldschmidt doing? I hope he is roasting in HELL. Is he dead yet?
Where is his driver Bernie Giusto, the former Multnomah County Sheriff? Adios asshole.

Anonymous said...

"...where making someone's name sound Spanish is the deepest of all insults."

Once again, Miglavs the bigot gets caught with his pants around his ankles. No shame whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

What's Mrs. Miglavs think of that tactic, Daniel? Does she she share your sense of humor on that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 said :
"... where making someone's name sound Spanish is the deepest of all insults...but of course we're not racists. How dare you accuse us of that!"

Making someone's name sound Spanish is racist?? Is "Spanish" a race? Let's see, Spanish people come from Spain, and ... Spaniards are white people. So you're saying it's racist against white people? I don't think it is. Any more than making someone's name sound German, or French, or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 1135,

Spare me the bullshit.

When you're tuning your radio and come across a spanish-language radio station do you imagine an audience of fair-skinned immigrants from Spain?


When one thinks of Spanish-speakers in the United States, unless one is completely uninformed, one immediately thinks of Mexicans. Mexicans make up more than one third of all immigrants in the U.S. and over 60% of all undocumented immigrants. Mexicans and Mexico are overwhelmingly the object of Daniel's ire.

There are very very few immigrants from Spain living in the U.S.

Most Mexicans, especially those who migrate to the US, are phenotypically distinct from people of European-descent because the Spanish who conquered Mexico mixed with the indidgenous population.

Why don't you just go and whack off instead of subjecting us all to your mental masteurbation.

Here's what Miglavs is up to, when he, oh so cleverly, spanishizes Wyden's name. He's clearly upset with Wyden's position on a policy related to illegal immigration. Moreover, he is clearly no fan of "Mexican culture", worries that it will tarnish the far superior "American culture", and so attempts to characterize Wyden as a Mexican sympathizer by making his name sound Spanish. In Daniel's childish pea-brain, this constitutes an utter insult. Clearly a case of a racist/ethnocentrist/xenophobe at work. Pathetic.

And by the way, your statement that Spaniards are "white" is becoming less-true by the day. This is the case in almost all of Europe, because these countries receive large numbers of immigrants from Asia and Africa.

Also, Americans aren't "white" either. They're black, brown, yellow, red and so on. And this is increasingly the case as well. By mid-century, the modal American will have brown skin.

It seems that this fact give xenophobes like Miglavs great angst. I'm of German descent, white as the driven snow, and it doesn't bother me a bit.

Bobkatt said...

anon 1:52- "me thinks thou doth protest too much". You might like to think that all cultures are equal but the fact is that millions of people do not flee a greater culture for a lesser one. Since you claim to have the ability to read other people's minds and motives, I will suggest that you are suffering from extreme self hatred and "white as driven snow" Germanic guilt.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:52, you are so completely, disgustingly racist, but ... I don't think you'll ever be able to see yourself objectively.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs, in my opinion, would have more integrity if he simply came out and said, "I hate Mexicans" rather than prancing around the question like a sissy and pretending it's about "rule of law," which is total bullshit.

Anonymous said...


I don't feel the faintest twinge of white guilt.

I also do not think that all cultures are created equal. I realize that some are more conducive to equality and economic progress than others, and that the U.S. is (one of) the most free society in the world. But I don't think it's fair or ethical to assume superiority over another group of people because you were lucky enough to be born into a privileged society when they were not.

And I don't claim to read Daniel's warped mind. I just speculate based on his posts. I could be wrong. If I am, then he is a very misleading communicator.

Bobkatt said...

anon 8:29- Yeah right if you say so.
My question to you is why are you so obsessed with Daniel and his little blog? It's not as though he shapes the direction of American thought or even Portland. At the most on any given post you have you and five or six other posters. You seem to make up almost all of the dissenters. Why do you waste your time here when there are some blogs that actually effect public opinion such as the Daily Kos or the Huffington post. Instead you come here and repeat the same lame B.S. and personal attacks. Better yet why don't you start your own blog and then you can show the world how much you have to say?

Dat Themocrat said...

I am just glad Wyden said FU in a vote to the racists at the Town Hall meeting. Now you all are moaning and complaining. Take it this way, Wyden wasn't elected by you and he certainly doesn't need to answer to you. I see the very small minority anti-immigrant bigot lobby as more of an benign boil on the ass of Oregon and nothing more. Nothing we can't cure ourselves of just by ignoring you all. So I guess I agree with Bobratt, why bother coming here. Unless it is to just huck feces at the bigots in the peanut gallery. That is just fun. So carry on, by all means.

Anonymous said...


I read this blog because lars larson quotes it (at least he did while I lived in Portland; I no longer do). I simply disagree with Miglavs.

I don't care how many people read this blog.

I don't start my own blog because I don't have time.

Do you actually have a point to make with respect to the substance of my posts?