Saturday, May 01, 2010

Three Amigo's on May 1st

First Amigo: I know, let's use a day that celebrates socialism to convince Americans that we deserve amnesty!

Second Amigo: That's a great idea Amigo, can we show disrespect to the American flag while we march?

First Amigo: Absolutely, we don't consider the United States to be our country.

Third Amigo: I'm going to chant in Spanish, nothing says "let me live here" like speaking a foreign language!

Second Amigo: And really, since we will be joined by the downtown anarchists I can't see how this could possibly go wrong!

First Union Boss: Get in together amigos, you take orders from us. Put away those Mexican flags, you can't carry the sign you made that says how you really feel and stop with the "you stole this land from us" (at least until we get amnesty).

Second Union Boss: Hey, if illegal aliens have such good work ethic can someone please explain to me again why we would want them? We hate productive workers!


ZZMike said...

I've been following the news from Los Angeles. Estimates for the crowd there range from "about 50,000" (from the police) to "over a million" (from the organizers).

Anonymous said...

Different than the teabaggers, at least these people have a message. Finally.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:28, what is their message? Steal everything they can (education, medication and incarceration), rape their young girls, murder Americans and drink some tequila and butcher their families on the roads and the Americans get to foot the tab. Nice message! I can't wait until we have more of these wonderful people here.