Monday, May 24, 2010

Public Service Announcement

GANG Information Night

For Spanish Speaking Parents
Featuring Detective Victor Castro
From the Hillsboro Police Department
Wednesday, June 2nd , 2010
Five Oaks Middle School
1600 NW 173rd Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

This presentation will be offered in Spanish only and is intended for an adult audience (18 and over).

Childcare will be provided for those under 18. All Beaverton School District Spanish-speaking parents are invited to attend!

Ask yourself: why Spanish only?


Robin said...

if this was whites only there would be protests and fire burning in the streets.

people complaining about being racist and being exclusionary.

And they wonder why such large numbers are in favor of the Arizona law.

Anonymous said...

How many Latinos were in the gang you ran with, Miglavs, back in the day?

DAVE01 said...

Robin, only whites can be racist. Since hispanics are white, they are exhibiting their racism. Mexicans are very racist. You might want to look at their constitution. They have parts for mexicans and foreigners.

Anyone can be racist. However, whites have the most wealth (for now) on this planet and all others are very jealous and want to play the victim to get some of their wealth. I spent three years in the 82d Airborne in the US army in the late eighties under black squad and platoon sergeants. They were racist and I didn't whine about it. I just proved I was smarter and a better worker than them.

These days minorities are showed how to be a victim, not what they can do and achieve.