Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Go team!

I was having a hard time coming up with how I want game 2 of the Suns VS Lakers to go tonight.

I wanted to root for Phoenix because they are from Arizona... but after the whole "Los Suns" nonsense I can't do that.

So I wanted to root for Los Angeles... but now LA wants to boycott Arizona so I can't do that.

So now I've realized that I don't care who wins, I am just hoping that Arizona cuts off power to California and the stadium goes black in the 4th quarter. (ideally this would result in Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant colliding in the dark)


Kaelri said...

"You didn't want to take Kansas City over Arizona?"

"No, sir."

"Kansas City's got three players out of Notre Dame."

"Yes, sir."

"You always go with the team who's got the most players out of Notre Dame."

"That's a heck of a system, sir."

"What's your system?"

"I compare the team's record to the record of its opponent."

"That's a little simplistic, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

Poor Miglavs, your world just keeps smaller and smaller, doesn't it?

DAVE01 said...

I hope LA stands up to their convictions and turn off the power from Arizona. LA needs to turn off the damn lights. They need to stop doing business with Arizona utilities as they said they were going to do. Liberals should learn not to shoot of their mouths, they speak before their brain starts functioning. Typical liberal, all mouth and not brains.

Rick Hickey said...

We need this full-page ad in the Arizona newspapers...

Notice to all ILLEGAL Immigrants!

FREE (one-way) BUS Ticket to L.A.

Why? For many years the leadership of California has told us that you will do those "Jobs americans won't do" and that you are "Good for the economy".

Ca. must have too many of those rich, lazy americans as they have a high un-employment rate because obviously they will not work.

California needs you to help their economy and we will help you to help them.

We will drop you off in front of LA City Hall and they will welcome you with hugs and gifts, unlike here in Arizona.

You will love the Mayor of LA as he will soon be the King of your Aztlan and is a member of MEChA.

Do NOT worry as no one will report you to the Police, ever, no matter what or whom you do.

And L.A. will give you FREE Housing, FREE Food, FREE Health Care and a good paying lifetime job in Government Social Services. This will include membership in a Democrat supporting Union, FREE ACLU Lawyers and Voting "Rights".

Your Children will be taught in CA. Schools that the White Racists stole that land from your Grand-parents, they can't anymore in AZ.

California schools prefer the Mexican Flag, not that oppressive stars and stripes of the U.S.A.

Ps, Please do not abuse this and go to Oregon as they will also give you all that free stuff and allow you to "Vote in local races" with NO ID required but, your Children will not learn English for 7-10 years in Oregon Schools.

Pss, Bring lots of batteries, flashlights and a gas grill, as the electricity may be shut off.

"UN-documented workers"


BOYCOTT Arizona by leaving here.

FREE Bus Ticket for all the un-documented, even your American kids and FREE lunch included.

Call today 1-800-si-si-puede
Tickets/Lunch - Limited to the 1st 500,000 callers, so CALL NOW!

(I would love to hear the response from the LA Mayor on this one)

Anonymous said...

What we need is an ad in every newspaper saying NO RACISTS, BIGOTS AND XENOPHOBES WELCOME IN OUR STATE. We can then offer free one way tickets to any country of their choosing. Afterall, why would they want to stay in the U.S. when they hate our diverse population so much and they can't get any candidate elected that believes in their hateful views against people of color.

Anonymous said...

I propose we all chip in and buy the Miglavians an island. It would be invitation only (white Republicans, realistically) and anyone arriving without an invitation would be shot on sight. Depending on elevation, it might be under water within 50 years thanks to climate change, but until then, they could call it:


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20,

Sounds good to me. Since you project so much, maybe you should be given the first ticket.

After all, why would you as a leftist want to stay in a country where there is diversity of thought?

Happy one-way trip!

Anonymous said...

I propose we all chip in and ship all leftists (anonymous trolls definitely included) to an island. It would be "open" to everyone (but run by brown Communists, realistically) and anyone leaving without permission would be shot on sight. Depending on elevation, it might be under water within 50 years thanks to climate change, but until then they could call it: