Thursday, May 13, 2010

All candidates want to work for government

It's that magical time of year when people who run for public office come down from their high horses to lie to us.

Listening to them on the radio makes me wonder if any of them have principles. Even Sizemore answers questions with "it's complicated."

So along the lines of Lars' question: "is everything that government does absolutely essential?" I have a couple of my own inquiries.

1. Is Oregon's budget...
a) too big
b) too small
c) just right

2. With regards to government employees do we have...
a) too many
b) too few
c) just the right amount

3. Public schools need....
a) less money
b) more money
c) have just the right amount


Robin said...

I think it is very interesting what some people that are running for re-election are saying in there ads.

like commissioner Faye Stewart for example, ( remember him and the gas tax in Eugene)

"re-elect me and I will work hard to fix the problems..."

what comes to mind is that you (and others running for re-election) had a chance to fix the problems and didn't or you were part of the problem, so what makes you think that another term will be any different?

they are counting on the peoples poor memories to get re-elected and I think that we should not let it happen again and show them that we are fed up with their tax and spend policy.

remember it was Faye Stewart, Bobby green and Bill Dwyer that enacted the gas tax even after the voters said no.

DAVE01 said...

Robin, Americans have a 6 month memory. It may have increased recently to a twelve month memory. The reason I believe it may have increased is we see longtime incumbents being tossed into the unemployment line.

By the way, I vote A on all of the questions.

Anonymous said...

Remember that it was Republicans that said "These budget increases are un-sustainable" during both our '07 & '09 Legislative sessions. R's couldn'tstop it with D's in majority.

Big Brother here ramped up spending over 40% in the last 4 years, without a similar increase in poulation & workers to justify it.

Democrats prove over and over that they want all of us dependent on them from cradle to grave and they HATE American workers and capitalism.

I have some "Hope" that oregonians want real "Change" this time. Or soon the majority depending on big brother to survive will only vote for even more big brother and then we will no longer be the best nation on earth. We'll be just like all the other places that millions have fled from for cenutries to come here. Where will we go for independence then?

Bobkatt said...

Let's not forget that it's not only economic freedom that is being attacked, but civil liberties are being crushed as we speak. Senators Lieberman and McCain are attempting to nullify the rights of American citizens to a fair trial by introducing a bill that would make it possible to subject a citizen to a military trial by labeling them as "enemy combatants". These anti-Americans must be reigned in.