Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another family ripped apart

Four arrested in drug raid; four kids in state custody
Four Bend residents have been arrested – and at least three face likely deportation as illegal immigrants – following a traffic stop near Terrebonne and a drug raid at a northeast Bend apartment, authorities said Tuesday. Four small children at the raid location were placed in protective custody.

Later Monday afternoon, a search warrant was served at Lopez's home, at 2784 NE Mesa Ct., Apt. 2, Gautney said. Bend Police and Oregon State Police assisted in the raid.

At the time, three adults were present – Armando Quintero-Lopez, 29; Maria Guadalupe Sarmienta-Macjas, 25; and Irma Luisjuan-de la Cruz, 39 – as well as four young children, 2 months to six years old.

In that search, detectives found about 25 grams of cocaine, "in a location that was readily accessible to the children," Gautney said in a news release. Also seized were digital scales and suspected drug records.

We can't allow a little matter like drug dealing to continue to tear families apart. As long as Mr. Lopez is willing to pay back taxes on his drug sales and learn English then he should be able to stay at home with his kids. I'm calling on Bill Sizemore and his giant heart to advocate for this family. This is just tragic.


Anonymous said...

Bill Sizemore has done more to get government off your back than anyone in Oregon history. He also believes in the constitutional rights of all citizens regardless of age. You must be a Lars croney and think that a 14 year old citizen of Oregon should be deported.

DAVE01 said...

These are such lovely people. They are such responsible parents that I think we need more of them. They show great entrepreneurial spirit while raising young children.

Anon 8:07. Where did you get information about a 14 yr old kid who you called a citizen? I did not see the original article. Do you have a link to it? I bet if you checked out the information about the 14th amendment, it wasn't meant for every border jumper and thief who entered my country. Then again, don't let facts stand in your way.

The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves.

Are you telling me the new border jumpers are slaves? Where in the hell has my slave snuck off to. If they weren't slaves, they can't be citizens under the 14th amendment. Problem solved, we can now send them to their home countries with their families muy pronto.

Anonymous said...

But But How can these "Poor" immigrants afford Cocaine?

Oh I get it, they are Drug Dealers from a foreign nation, again.

Daddie and Mommie broke many many laws and kids should be deported and taught a lesson.

A. Don't deal in drugs.

B. Don't sneak into a foreign country without their permission.

I wonder if these well to do "immigrants" were on...Food Stamps, OHP, Farmworker Housing or no-doc home loan, Kids in $13,000/yr. ESL, tanf, wic, registerd to and did vote for Amnesty Obama, & stolen a job via stolen S.S.#?

Build that 700 mile double layer Wall, Bush signed that into law in '07 & DEPORT them all now!

Governor candidates Democrat-Kitzhaber & Bradbury think we need these "immigrants" to do those jobs that lazy, weak Americans supposedly won't do and YOU are not insulted?

Anonymous said...

The Gal was RELEASED due to a "Medical condition"!!!

Who's paying for that? WE are dumb Democrats. and who's going to find her for expensive too us court date?

All 4 kids under 2 yr.s old, deport the anchor babies and all parents now.

Who is the enabling, criminal Employer here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Arizona law is a really really bad idea, NOT!

As if these dirt bags should be allowed to stay here Democrats?

Democrats want them to stay as they Vote for more Big Brother and free stuff and the party of no law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys so focused and interested in crimes committed by individuals, but totally uninterested in corporate crime?

Anonymous said...

Corporate crime? Employers hiring illegals and not paying taxes while we pay for their health care and education and housing, we ARE pissed about coroporate crime.

Far lefty democrat run media never publishes who the criminal employer was, hmmm.

Anonymous said...

That's all you got? That's all you can think of? Are you shitting me?

Miglavia Watch said...

Not true, 9:37, they're not always enraged about crimes committed by individuals. Skin color plays a factor. So does political affiliation. Take Bill Sizemore, for example: He did more to fuck Oregon taxpayers over than anyone I can think of by shifting the property tax burden from businesses to us. And he's a convicted felon. But since he's got the GOP talking points down, pledges allegience to God, Mom and Apple pie, he blames the unions for his troubles and gets a pass from these idiots.

Welcome to Miglavia, by the way!

Miglavia Watch said...

Oh, also: He's white! A big plus in the Miglavian playbook.

Anonymous said...

1038 what are you a union member? Sizemore did not screw Oregonians...THE UNIONS HAVE AND STILL ARE.

Miglavia Watch said...

1) No, I'm not a union member, I am self-employed.

2) So Sizemore, convicted felon, gets a pass in Miglavia?

See how it works, 9:37? ;-)

MAX Redline said...

Bill Sizemore has done more to get government off your back than anyone in Oregon history.

Unlike, say, Don McIntire?

Daniel said...

Am I or am I not the president and grand dictator of Miglavia?

I just ripped on Sizemore but everyone says that he gets a pass in my own little kingdom.

Please explain this to me.

Miglavia Watch said...

You ripped on him not because he's a convicted felon, but because he's not as right-wing as you are [which I'm going to need a double Scotch to get my head around] on immigration.

Please explain that to us, President Rule-of-Law Miglavs.

Anonymous said...


Bill Sizemore to date has not personally been charged or convicted of any crime. To continue to claim otherwise is libel.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, Bill Sizemore is a knight in shining Miglavian armor with a halo over his head, but in the real world, the anti-tax groups he controlled were found guilty of "a pattern of criminal activity" (racketeering) and he was subsequently found personally liable, and he was also jailed for contempt of court. (Yes, he claimed "victory" on appeal, but don't they all?) He and his wife have also been indicted (that would be "charged," Anon Idiot 1:56) for income tax evasion.

To claim otherwise is a bullshit Miglavian lie/fantasy, although we now know, thanks to Daniel, that Sizemore's real crime is that he's soft on illegal immigration.

Welcome to Miglavia.

psychobob said...

What, does repeating "Miglavia" represent a logical, rational argument in this new postmodern world?

If so, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav, Miglavia, Miglav.

I win.

Anonymous said...

It's a play on words, idiot, an insult that plays with language in a humorous way to make a point. Lars does it all the time: He couldn't bring himself to say the words "The Oregonian" if you paid him a hundred dollars. Instead, it's the "fishwrap" or "fishwrapper." So some people here use "Miglavia" when referring to the bizarro world of Daniel Miglavs' blog/political view, and no, you don't get extra credit points for repeating it multiple times in a single post.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, Miglavians do not have a sense of humor about themselves.

Welcome to Miglavia.

Bobkatt said...

Some people, read one idiot.