Thursday, May 06, 2010

Good video


Robin said...

I predict that we may see in our future another civil war

Anonymous said...

At the very least, we need another Mexican/American War. I'd volunteer to help encourage self-deportation of illegal aliens at gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

A Civil war? Very likely as millions of hispanic kids are brainwashed that we "Stole" our land from Mexico and the demanding of Entitlements attitude is prevalent.

In Fact, the great state of AZ. is going to STOP "La Raza" studies in their public schools by law, next week. And those ESL Teachers there that can barley speak English (how can they teach something they don't know) are also going to be fired. Unlike here where we want them in ESL for 10 years at $3,000 extra p/yr. to us taxpayers.

America, Only place in the World where Criminals can block doors/sidewalks/streets, screaming and yelling, throwing things, defying authority and march in the streets to demand Amnesty from their crimes.

People of America demand Border security and Pres. B. Hussein Obama has said or done nothing to satisfy the will of the people. Instead he slams AZ. for securing their Homeland and dumb idiot Janet Napilatano (appointed by the one) also does nothing to secure our border.

When any government continually ignores the will of the majority of its citizens, Wars get started that way. Then Hussein Obama can declare Martial law and really control all of us, as his Alinsky studys have taught him.

Not allowed to wear an American Flag shirt in CA. at School, is another obvious example of millions of people here now that really want us to become that place the Cowards ran away from - Mexico.

In WAR, the invading enemy always removes the occupants flag.

Anonymous said...

"In WAR, the invading enemy always removes the occupants flag."

Ouch, I thought the video was bad enough. You had to say that? That comment really gets me feeling all warn and fuzzy inside.