Sunday, May 09, 2010

One wants rule of law, other endorsed by amnesty

Immigration issue continues to swirl around Dudley and Alley in Oregon GOP race

Allen Alley and Chris Dudley, the two leading candidates in the race for the Republican nomination for Oregon governor, are still making news when it comes to issue of illegal immigration.

Alley has been endorsed by Oregonians For Immigration Reform, a group seeking tough measures to bar illegal immigrants from working in Oregon. Jim Ludwick, the group's president, said he doesn't think an Arizona-type law would fly politically in Oregon in any event.

He's more focused on pushing lawmakers to require Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system for new hires, a position endorsed by Alley.

Jeff Stone of the Oregon Association of Nurseries said his group believes that tougher employer requirements should be made at the federal level, along with a broad overhaul of immigration law.

"For us, it's always been about fixing the entire system," Stone said.

Stone's group hasn't made a primary endorsement, but it is part of Ag-PAC, which has endorsed Dudley. The ex-Trail Blazer has also been endorsed by the Oregon Farm Bureau and the Oregon Restaurant Association, two groups also at loggerheads with Oregonians For Immigration Reform.

Allen Alley has been endorsed by OFIR. Chris Dudley has been endorsed by the the AG group and the restaurant association. I wonder which one is more likely to get illegal aliens to self deport from Oregon?

Which issue contributes to Oregon's culture, Oregon's budget, Oregon's schools, Oregon's jails and Oregon's quality of life like the issue of illegal aliens?

Vote Allen Alley.


Anonymous said...

Oregon really really needs at least 100,000 Jobs now, to cut our unemployment numbers down to 7%. The current drain on our system is unsustainable and will put us into Bankruptcy soon, no matter how many times the Democrats keep raising taxes.

Name any company or 2 or 3 that will do this?

Namy any person that can solve this desperate situation?

Kitzhaber? NO Bradbury? NO Dudley? No. They all want the 300,000 plus illegals here to keep their job.

Only ALLEN ALLEY would via exec. order make all Employers, even Gov't, use E-Verify and at least 100,000 jobs would be opened up to Americans.

AND B.O.L.I. is Exempt from our Sactuary law (ors 181.050) and could help with this. IF a Republican gov. made them do it.

Otherwise you all tell me how we are going to drastically lower the unemployment numbers here. Hello?

Bob said...

The only people that believe "that tougher employer requirements should be made at the federal level, along with a broad overhaul of immigration law" are the illegal enablers and employers that have based their businesses on the slave labor market that illegals foster. They actually prefer the situation the way it is now. They get the low wages, we pay the medical, educational, and social costs.
The rest of us realize that simply enforcing the current laws we now have would solve the problem. If you couldn't get a job here and could not take advantage of government services, couldn't get a loan or a bank account unless you were a legal citizen there would not be the millions of people sneaking into our country.

Anonymous said...

Bob, great point.

BUT, I was hoping for the Democrat/Liberals/open borders types always in here calling us rude names and asking why we don't question the employers to answer the question about reducing the unemployment numbers via reducing employer corruption.

Their silence is proof that this IS a simple and cheap solution to our huge and horrific economic problems and obviously they do not want this good thing for us to happen and must prefer hundreds of thousands of Oregonians to continue to SUFFER. OR...Democrats want us to end up like Greece, where 42% work for Big Brother or are on welfare BUT Democrats still don't understand when we do end up like Greece no one will BAIL us out as their will be no one left to do it.

Problem with government "Redistributing" wealth is eventually you run out of those people to steal from, including America! the Politicians and political leaders that defend illegals and obviously HATE Americans/whites/blacks/asians/legal hispanics, what is your immediate and simple solution to balance our books and allow us to take care of our Families?

La Raza? MALDEF? ACLU? Pelosi? Reid? B. Hussein Obama? Your solution is...Hello?...We need HELP NOW!....As Leaders, this IS your job...Hello?...crickets chirping.

Thank God November is coming!
(1st removal of a traitor senator was in Utah this week, more too come soon :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, who would want an endorsement by a group--one that aspouses hatred--like that? Not a good move for Alley to be bragging about that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate criminal illegal alies. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:59,

How do you know they "aspouse" hatred? Do they make that claim on their website?

For all we know, you're the one who espouses hatred. You don't seem to have much tolerance for those with whom you disagree.

Maybe you're an intolerant bigot as well.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:59 PM
Where is the hatred espoused?

You are the only one espousing hatred. We simply want the laws enforced to protect the future for our children. How long have you hated children?