Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get back to your own country Calderon


Bobkatt said...

I doubt if I could have said it better.
North American Union-NO.

Anonymous said...

Excellent and well spoken speech.

Daniel, can you get a screen shot of the Democrats in Congress cheering for the Pres. of that country everbody is running away from - Mexico pres. Calderon.

I want too see if Merkley & Wyden cheered for Calderon and the Reconquista of America they has pushed for and with Hussein Obama and the Democrats suporting illegal Mexicans and hating American workers, they will succeed.

Even some of you libs that post here can't be happy with your Pres. saying "our countires know no borders", or are you?

Mexico IS invading this country!

Mexico now has a full supporter and member of La Raza (reconquista's) in the US Supreme Court - Sotomayor and in the White House - Munoz, thanks to OBAMA!

Mexico will rule this nation via the sheer numbers of invading illegals and anchor babies taught La Raza studies. Thier population has exceeded the asians and blacks and will surpass the whites in only 20 years, per the US census.

You idiots that keep making excuses (Democrats) for allowing this to continue will soon be whining about the new Man, the Latino Man, who runs everything, because YOU sat there and watched it happen, YOU deserve it dumnbassess.

Vote out the Democrats, they have proven over and over that they HATE AMERICANS!