Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Day video roundup

How very peaceful of them


Anonymous said...

At least they weren't spitting on and calling legislators racial epithets.

Anonymous said...


Question: When did that happen?

Answer: Never. It was a lie. Nothing more then agitprop from liars.

Got video? There were 10,000 camera's there and as far as I know, Andrew Britbart still has his $100,000.

Nice try at your own agitprop. Failed attempt however.

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Illegal Aliens and your corrupt supporters like SEIU!

Thank you for reminding us that we ARE being invaded. Millions of Americans who are not tuned into the politics usely, have been woken up by your no borders, yet another Amnesty now rallies.

And of course, thank you Arizona!

Next? No "La Raza" studies in AZ. and they will start counting and adding up the $1 BILLION/Yr. + AZ. has to waste on educating illegal aliens. AZ. DOJ already wastes over $1.4 BIL/Yr. on incarcerating illegals.

Several states are now considering similar laws!!!

And the Democrats may be stupid enough to pass an Amnesty Bill and therefore lose control in November. Won't be enough time for all of these "new americans" to register to vote by then.

This has been a great week!

Bobkatt said...

Actually these videos looked rather peaceful.
Quote of the day-"you think I want to get deported Motherfucker."

Anonymous said...

I love that one sign.. "if you work here, why don't you have the right to live here"

Well, considering that you don't have the right to work here... I think I kind of answers the question.

what's really funny is that the only thing that the Arizona law does is give police the power to enforce the federal law.

hopefully Arizona will win in the court challenges, if nothing else, it brings the issue of the legal immigration back to the forefront.

One other point, the media is trying to push it like most people are not in favor of the Arizona law, however when you read comments from readers in the newspapers that actually allows readers to make comments, the "majority" of the comments are in favor of the law. Very rarely, do I see a comment against.

The message is simple... be legal, be welcome.