Monday, May 10, 2010

Critical: (adj) urgently needed; absolutely necessary

Cultural Competency & Diversity Program Manager
Job Title: Operations & Policy Analyst 3 (Diversity Program Manager -Job Rotation/Developmental)

The Cultural Competence and Diversity Program at Oregon State Hospital is a critical management and quality-of-care initiative.

The purpose of the Cultural Competency & Diversity Program Manager is to develop systems to create and implement a hospital-wide, comprehensive program that promotes, fosters and maintains systemic and sustained change related to cultural competence and diversity within the organization that are consistent with DHS and State of Oregon polices and procedures.

The people who want to control your health care think that a "critical" part of your hospital is their cultural competence program. But wait you say, I don't have insurance, does the state think that it is critical to get me covered?

It's easy, it's fair - Get on the List!
Two drawings happening in May. The Oregon Department of Human Services will randomly select 30,000 names from the OHP Standard reservation list in May. Will your name be one?

Getting your coverage through a random drawing ensures that this system can be described as a "death lottery" rather than a "death panel." You can cross your finders and trust in the state or you can take responsibility for your own health insurance and go get some yourself. That would seem more "fair" to me.


Anonymous said...

"Cultural Competency & Diversity Program Manager" aka "Another worthless, made up job for a dark skinned individual at the taxpayer's expense."

Caucasians need not apply.

Racism at its worst.

DAVE01 said...

Gotta love liberalism. I don't know how all the earlier immigrants became successful in this country without one of the people on the job. Maybe they just sucked it up and learned English and became Americans.

We will soon have to have one of these for English speaking Americans. We will have to have interpreters to help us communicate with private and government organizations and conduct everyday business. Soon, spanish will be foisted upon us like TARP, stimulus's, health care, immigration reform and cap and trade. That will make American the greatest country on the earth according to the liberal/commies in this country. Of course, that has worked out real well for the rest of the planet. Hell, who doesn't want to be like Greece?

Anonymous said...

I called the governor's office in California and I had to push 1 to continue in English. Now we have to push 1 or you are going to get Spanish.