Friday, February 26, 2010

What's in a name

Say it with me now: killer whale. Killer...... whale. One more time for those of you not paying attention. KILLER... whale.

It's actually called a KILLER whale. And people swim with them. And they kill. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the show in Cala. it's a great show . But no matter what you do there are risks involved. You get in the water with a killer whale , I think there is a risk of becoming dinner . The trainers know and except the risk , because they love what they do. I say keep up the good work and let the show begian!

Anonymous said...

The question is what do you do with that whale now? Only a fool would continue the show with it. Too expensive to just keep and feed if you can't get a return on investment. Cant't let it loose, probably wont survive in the wild.

Anonymous said...

The eskimos love whale blubber, why not ship some more of it up there!
This whale ( if I heard correctly , has been involved in other problems,)

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:07, I agree with you. Let the Eskimo's have this whale. At least they can have a few free meals from it and use whatever other parts as they want to.

MAX Redline said...


Having already killed a "trainer" in Canada, the whale was sold to Sea World at below-market price, with the understanding that he was to be used for breeding purposes only. And he did sire several calves (I believe 7).

Yet for some reason, Sea World opted to move him back into a limited performance lineup. It was a stupid move on the part of management. But I repeat myself.

inurtrash said...

Anyone who "swims with sharks" or killer whales assumes a personal risk of injury or death. She gambled with her life and lost. It's a shame, but anytime wild animals are involved in trick shows, the risk of death is present.

I hope Sea World continues their new policy of not allowing trainers to swim with killer whales. It was very risky and foolish of them to have allowed that in the first place.

Anonymous said...

If you actually knew anything about KILLER whales, you'd know that they in fact rarely kill people ... not nearly so often as dogs kill people, which, as far as I know, do not have the word "KILLER" in front of them. But it's nice to see you don't miss an opportunity for "humor" at someone else's expense ... particularly when they've just been killed in a horrifying accident. Classy Miglavs! Classy!

Anonymous said...

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