Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worst idea ever

Annual sessions measure advances
Since statehood, Oregon’s legislators have journeyed on an every-other-year schedule to the Capitol to write laws and approve budgets.

Senate President Peter Courtney, the Legislature’s biggest cheerleader for annual sessions, said he thinks the need for lawmakers to come to Salem every year has reached critical mass.

“The affairs of state have become too complex for the Legislature to address by meeting for a few months every other year,” the Salem Democrat told the Senate Rules Committee before it voted on the constitutional amendment.

While state agencies, lobbyists and ballot-measure campaigns have acquired more clout in influencing public policy, the Legislature has not, Coutney said, adding that the Legislature “is no longer a co-equal branch of government.”

Courtney's claim that "affairs of state have become too complex" to meet every other year is like telling your boss that you bought a new car and now need a raise to pay for it. Oregonians aren't asking you to create hundreds of new laws, beauracracies, agencies, commissions and the like. Keep it simple stupid.

His second argument is even funnier than the first. The "state agencies" (read Unions) and lobbyists have too much clout... with the legislative body that Courtney is a part of. They are lobbying YOU Peter. The only thing he really meant to complain about is the ballot-measure campaigns which is the will of Oregonians.


Anonymous said...

Oregonians aren't asking you to create hundreds of new laws, beauracracies, agencies, commissions and the like. Keep it simple stupid.

No, they didn't sign a petition asking "Please create hundreds of new laws, etc." but over the last century, and in recent decades, while you were sucking your thumb, dealing meth, becoming a Latino-fearing bigot, etc., citizens were, individually, in groups, through lobbyists, asking the state for laws, services, etc. Have you ever been to the Legislature, Daniel? Why were you there? Were you asking them to do something? Did they? Well guess what? There are thousands and thousands of people like you who, during the course of the 20th century, also asked their lawmaker to "do something" about something. So why don't you pull your head out of your ass, start thinking, and come up with something more intelligent to say than lame bitching about annual sessions?

OregonGuy said...

"Help me. I can't be trusted to make reasonable decisions about my life. Please, pass laws that remove my perception that I face risk."

"Thanks. You guys are great. But why are prices so high? Can't you pass some laws that mandate lower prices?"

"Thanks. But why are businesses moving out of the state? Can't you pass some laws that mandate that companies can't leave?"

Anonymous said...

"The affairs of state have become too complex..."

Of course, making the affairs of state less complex is never an option with these people.

There will come a point when government will collapse under its own bloated weight.

Anonymous said...

Force annual sessions and I bet they ask for a pay raise. Just what we need.

As for demand for new laws and services. My five year old child "demands" and "wants" all kinds of things but that doesn't mean he is going to get them.

Anonymous said...

The real worst idea ever: President Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Liberals must need a lot of help living their own lives, thus their need to have a law to manage everything. Right down to the amount of water allowed to flush and how much toilet paper they are allowed to use ( suggestion cheryl crow) everything must me managed in the liberals life. God forbid they make a decision without the help of the state.

Robin said...

"too complex" gads!

I guess it is a lot of work to focus on everything else that doesn't help the economy, jobs and essential services.

it's all about priorities and that is what's too complex for them to understand and why we are in the situation we are in now.

Robin said...
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Robin said...
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Anonymous said...

10:07, please join the rest of us in the Reality-based World: The single largest lobbies in the Legislature (and for that matter, Congress) are not "liberals" who "need a lot of help living their own lives." The biggest lobbies, by far, are BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY, not exactly a bastion of liberalism. Business and industry, asking for more laws to grease the skids so they can make more money.

Please consider joining us in the Reality-based world. I think you'll find things look different here.

... On Second thought, stay where you are, here in Miglavia. I don't think I'd like you very much ... and I'm a Republican.

Anonymous said...

7:04 your world must be so nice and warm. Now take your bankie and go to beddy now, the grown up are talking.

Anonymous said...


Can you please list liberals that have made payroll with their own money.

Anonymous said...

7:56: WTF are you talking about?

7:54: Suggestion: Why don't you try dealing with the substance of what I actually said? Are you able to do this? Because believe it or not, I actually offered a point of view, grounded in reality. Do you actually dispute my contention that the biggest lobbies that influence lawmakers are business and industry? If so, give me some evidence. Because I think you know full well that if you and I head over to the federal (or state) campaign finance web site, we'll find that the biggest bucks come from business and industry-affiliated lobbyists. Am I denying that groups like unions and trial attorneys also contribute a lot? No. Of course they do. The question is: Who give the most? (And who do they give it to?)

Adults deal with facts and talk substance. They don't respond to serious (and factual) statements with inane, half-baked insults like yours.

Prove to me that you're an adult, and not a child with his head up his ass. Come back when you have some facts, to back up whatever your opinion is, because right now you've offered neither.

Anonymous said...

so it is the fault of the lobbist... wow, again liberals except NO personal responsibility for their actions!

OH, and I am still waiting for that list of liberal business owners that have made payroll with their own money.

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers don't operate in a vacuum, they carry water for those who LOBBY them. Sure, some come up with their own ideas, and of course some enact legislation requested by agencies, but the fact of the matter is that the agenda of any legislative body, local, state or national, is driven by what BUSINESS wants them to do.

As for your payroll question, I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck you mean. You want me to name business owners who are liberals who pay employees with their "own" money, as opposed to what? Money they robbed from a bank? Money they got from a loan? Business owners acquire loans all the time, it doesn't matter what their politics are. Do I know some business owners who are Democrats? I sure as hell do, I actually know quite a few. In fact, I WORK for one. Am I going to name them are? Why do you want to know? Planning to pay them a visit?

Elaborate please. Your challenge so far is incoherent as far as I can understand it, not to mention irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

making payroll with your own money.

translation for the impared.

you dont have tax payer $$'s involved. the liberal must risk their own capital or money in the business venture.

the problem with the liberals in salem and dc is NON of them have ever created a JOB with their own money. They only know how to use other peoples money for that.


NOW please list those liberals that have created a job with their own money.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you're starting to make sense. In your own way, I guess. Let's explore the evolution of your irrelevent question:

First you asked:

Can you please list liberals that have made payroll with their own money.

But what you meant was:

... the problem with the liberals in salem and dc is NON of them have ever created a JOB with their own money.

Not exactly the same thing, is it, moron?

Newsflash for you: I'm not personally acquainted with the liberals or conservatives in Salem or DC, nor have I committed their resumes to memory, so I can't sit here and rattle off the names of liberals (and by that, I gather, you mean your definition of a liberal, which may or may not necessarily be mine) who, at some point in their lives, started a successful business (yes, with their own money) thereby creating jobs (with their own money) and paid them ... with their own money. A lot of people with business experience go into politics at all levels of government. Some of them are Democrats. Some are Republicans. Some were good at it, some weren't.

Wait a second, it just hit me, here's one for you: Kurt Schrader, former Oregon legislator, now in Congress. Democrat. He was a businessman, a veterinarian. I assume he had a staff working for him.

I don't know who's deranged and inaccurate talking points you're pulling out of your right-wing ass today, but even though I can't give you some exhaustive list, I can absolutely assure you: There are, in fact, liberals at every level of government who once ran a business, and were probably a hell of a lot better at it than you'd be, if that's what you do. Private sector entrepenuership and successful business are not, contrary to your FOXNews-drenched, Larson-ified brain, somehow the exclusive province of political conservatives. Give me a fucking break and pull your head out already.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Upon further consideration, upon realizing all over again that I am, in fact, talking to a Miglavian, I realize that I should clarify the above answer to indicate what I am NOT saying:

I am NOT saying that ALL liberals have run businesses.

I am NOT saying that any liberal who runs a business is good at it.

I am NOT saying that a liberal (or a conservative) who hasn't run a business is somehow incapable of producing good public policy ... although, by your own "logic," a conservative who has never personally created jobs with his or her own money is just as inept and morally bankrupt and out of touch with voters as a liberal ... and I know you don't believe that.

Also, just FYI:

I am NOT a Democrat.

I did NOT vote for Obama.

I did NOT vote for Gore.

I did NOT vote for Clinton.

I did NOT vote for Kulongoski.

I do NOT listen to left-wing radio .. I don't even know what station or show I'd have to tune into to hear it.

So, just to clarify, I AM saying that:

You are an idiot.

Bullshit Police said...


"HisPANIC: The Myth of Immigrant Crime." It calls you punk-ass fascists out and reveals your "illegal alien crime wave" for the steaming pile of rancid bullshit that it is.

The extensively researched and documented article concludes that your "argument may have considerable emotional appeal, but there is very little hard evidence behind it."

Oh, you want to know where to find the article?

Let's see ... oh, here's a link:


It's the cover story in latest issue of "American Conservative," which was founded by that flaming liberal, Patrick Buchanan.

Read it and weep, Miglavians. Read it and weep.

Anonymous said...

But who will tell Anthony "FBI/INS Statistical Report" DeLuca? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

so. the liberal admits it.



Anonymous said...


you do realize...with a job comes payroll?

I would not throw around words like..idiot, if I were you.

Anonymous said...


Notice how the Miglavian method works:

The Miglavian Anon challenged me to identify a liberal who's had his own business and paid employees, believing, incredibly, that there aren't any "in the history of time" who have.

To humor him, I named one: Kurt Schrader, former Oregon legislator, member of Congress, Clackamas County. Veterinarian/small businessman.

The Miglavian response: I "admitted" that he was right, and that therefore:


Wow! Did you follow the Miglavian's "logic"? I gotta admit, I'm impressed. Even by Miglavian standards, that's one of the most amazing exercises in self-delusion and the construction of one's own private reality that I've ever seen. The guy will not let facts or reality intrude; he lives in a hermetically-sealed fantasy universe.

Dude, I gotta ask: What color is the sky in your private world? Does gravity function there the same as it does here? Do you breath oxygen? Wait a minute, maybe I should back up: Are you a even a carbon-based life-form? Do you talk with your mouth, or do you use your asshole?

These Miglavians ... amazing creatures. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

8;52 okay, I guess a Vet can qualify. And the list begins ... where: YOU have one?

get a job!

Anonymous said...

Jesus, what is this obsession of yours with liberals and business? I can't believe that an adult (are you an adult?) who is able to use words to communicate (well, sort of) would actually claim something as extraordinarily fucking STUPID and plainly wrong that politicians with a "D" in front of their name have somehow "never" (your word, not mine)-- in the history of time, no less! -- had experience in the private sector as business owners. What the fuck is the matter with you? I might as well cite the pathetic case of Bill Sizemore (who Daniel wants to see as governor) a Republican who's basically failed at every business venture he's ever started, and from that argue that ALL Republicans (in the history of time! In the history of the universe!) are failed businessmen. Are you on crack? Are you insane? I ask again: Do you actually believe your own shit?

God, I guess I don't really need to ask, do I? Obviously, you do believe it. I swear to you, I am in awe. Truly. I have been visiting this blog on and off for years, and I can see how reasonable people can disagree about immigration, taxes, even climate change, but I have NEVER (in the history of time!) seen a Miglavian argue something as totally fucking insane and stupid and ridiculous and over-the-top batshit crazy as you are.

Congratulations. You are the new Miglavian champ. Daniel, sorry, you'll have to step down and pass the crown to this nutty Anon.

A final observation: No, I don't have a "list," and I sure as hell am not going to waste my time Googling every Democratic member of Congress to find all the guys who used to own a business (I'd bet it's somewhere between a third and half, though) no more than I have a list of failed Republican businessmen. If you're so damned interested, look it up yourself -- oh wait, I guess you don't need to; you've already decided that there aren't any, so why bother looking for factual information? But I would say that's a minor failing compared to someone like you who apparently has no factual information in his head whatsoever, a total inability to think rationally about anything and a complete disconnect from the reality that the rest of us inhabit.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, what is this obsession of yours with liberals and business?

Well perhaps if a liberal owned a business, I know I am dreaming however, if they actually had to make their own money, not rely on the public teet as a public employee to pay for everything. Then perhaps they could tell the other lemming liberals that it is not easy. Perhaps one day one of them would realize that old tired one trick pony of tax everything has got to go. perhaps one day.

That will never happen though, because liberals dont know how to create jobs. only to punish those that do.

mark my words on this one...the liberals are going to have taxed everything so much. sooner or later they are going to try to tax breast milk. oh, yes. they will.

Anonymous said...

945 you need to go to a doc and get some xanax.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is generally regarded as a Democrat, gives a lot to the party. That's nearly 90,000 jobs worldwide right there.

Trader Joe's founder Joe Coulombe is politically liberal, big on all the causes you guys hate -- environmentalism, etc. One of the most successful supermarket chains in the country.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a big Democratic Party contributor, probably a Dem.

Anon 9:16, on our planet, some business owners are Republican, some are Democrat, some are Libertarians, etc. It's a mix.

What planet do you live on?

Anonymous said...

Point made.

YOU could not name one person currently in the Legislature here in Oregon. NOPE, not one of those lazy, daft, dipsh&ts in Salem have ever made a payroll with their own money. NOPE.