Wednesday, February 03, 2010

They hate it so much they want to come here

M.E.Ch.A rallies for immigration reform
Earlier this month, the Portland State M.E.Ch.A chapter rallied outside U.S. Rep. David Wu’s office in an effort to garner support for both immigration reform and the DREAM Act. Marching alongside M.E.Ch.A were members of CAUSA, Oregon’s grassroots immigrant rights coalition.

“We believe that there needs to be a just and humane comprehensive immigration reform. The current laws that are in effect are tearing families apart and children are often caught in the middle,” said Orlando Lopez, Western Oregon University’s M.E.Ch.A liaison.

“M.E.Ch.A is more than a name—it is a spirit of unity, of sisterhood and brotherhood, and a resolve to undertake a struggle for liberation in a society where justice is but a word,” Lopez said.

You want amnesty for people in a country that you obviously despise. If "justice is but a word" in the United States what would you say that it is in Latin America?

M.E.Ch.A currently has 15 active members, although several other students are on its mailing list. The organization, according to Perez, urges all PSU students who are passionate about issues throughout the community to get involved.

The Portland State Tan Klan has 15 members. I guess the return of the Southwest to Mexico (where presumably justice is more than a word) isn't a very popular idea.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising that some of them "despise" the United States ... they did used to live here, after all. Before we decided that a big chunk of their homeland was part of the "land of the free" (for us) and that they needed to keep out.

Kaelri said...

No comment on the previous Obama "lie" you posted about? On its being redacted by Reuters due to factual error? No reexamination of your judgments? I can respect the beliefs of those who disagree with me, but not when they are held dogmatically and without self-scrutiny.

LW said...

Kaelri, I suppose you feel you're doing your duty in calling Daniel out, but you've been here long enough to know that Miglavians do not admit error or dishonesty (or some weird hybrid of the two) when confronted with facts. They march on, merrily spreading bullshit, which is actually fine with me, because it diminishes their credibility even more. You're wasting your time.

DAVE01 said...

hey kaelri, how man lies has the messiah told versus the truth. I can only find one time he has upheld his promise and told the truth. That was when he took his wife to NY for dinner after the election. Can you let me know about any other ones? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave, settle down ... Obama hasn't lied any more or less than Bush (or Clinton, or the other Bush, or Reagan, etc.) But if you must have one: He pledged to expand the war in Afghanistan. He has. I don't agree with it, but he has. And your own reluctance, lack of interest, whatever, in seeing Miglavs' retract a demonstrably false statement speaks volumes about your alleged dedication to truth. Insofar as that's concerned, you lie, so get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how all you right-wingers like to sarcastically call Obama the "Messiah," when in fact, it was your own guy, George W., who actually said he was doing God's bidding, that God "told" him to do things, etc. Seems that if anyone was seeking Messiah status ...

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

849, get a job. You are always welcome to call up a Latino family and give them your home. I live here now, we won. They can suck it up and get the hell over it.

What their country is a complete
%^$% whole and now you think we should have guilt over it?

The USA is a free country. If anyone wants to improve their life they can. If they dont, blaming others because of history 100+ years ago is a cop out.


DAVE01 said...

Anon 11:49 AM,

I wanted to know if there were any other truths that he told. You are correct, that is two truths that he has told that I can count.

I really like the lies about there would be no room for lobbyists in his administration. He will not sign bills with earmarks. Gtmo will be closed by January. These three lies make me laugh every time I think about them. While the messiah and the RATS are collapsing our economy, at least I can have a good laugh once in a while.

Why do you not agree with expanding the war in Afghanistan to kill the taliban and al queda? They did start a war against us. Do you not remember 911? Are you ready to sell the three thousand dead people down the river so soon?

Americans have the shortest memory on the planet. If we don't fight them over there, we will be fighting them here. That's right, we already are. I'm sure you forgot the panty bomber.

Can anyone find more truths that he has told? We are up to two out of the hundreds or thousands of promises he made.

Anonymous said...

I just gave a yearly donation to MeCha. I am glad they are doing good work in Oregon. Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

Americans have the shortest memory on the planet...

And I note that you STILL express absolutely NO interest at all of having Daniel retract the error for the record, to acknowledge he got it wrong, or that he's repeating an inaccuracy. NONE. So I stand by my assertion that insofar as your interest in the truth is concerned, you're an unprincipled, hypocritical boob.

I agree, and you're living proof of it. Otherwise, you would know why "they" attacked us, and would therefore have some idea about how to "win" without sending American troops into the meat-grinder of Af-Pak. And if you have to ask what that is, once again: Americans like you have the shortest memory on the planet.

And Pinkie, your "let them live with you" argument makes about as much sense as arguing that if you support freedom of speech, then you're obligated to yell "fuck" every time you're in public. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

If they are the "tan klan" what is Ofir? The "white klan"?

Anonymous said...

I think Dave and Daniel are a lost cause in terms of acknowledging the Reuters error, but it occurs to me that they live in Miglavia and therefore it might not even fall within their field of vision. It's sort of like with high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear, but humans can't. In Miglavia, facts are like those high-pitched sounds ... Miglavians are literally are unaware of them. They're incapable of being aware of them. They really are an interesting species, these Miglavians.

Anonymous said...


I did not say, let them live with you. I said GIVE THEM WHAT YOU HAVE. Get it right, if the idiot 849 wants to support their cause to take the western half of the USA, and make it theirs. Then give them what YOU have, you may not take mine, and neither do those Mecha jerks. Why dont they put this much energy into making Mexico something other then the ^%$*%#hole it is?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes ... you're right about phrasing, I stand corrected. Let me try again:

And Pinkie, your "give them your home" argument makes about as much sense as arguing that if you support freedom of speech, then you're obligated to yell "fuck" every time you're in public. Idiot.

No, that's not quite right ...

Fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...


Why is it that liberals are always so willing to give what is not theirs away?

Why is it that liberals are always so willing to take what is not theirs?

If Mecha would again, put half as much energy into taking something that is not theirs...and use that energy to make Mexico less of a %$#*hole...

However, why should they try to improve what they already have when some idiot liberal will just give them something better with very little effort?

Mecha is a racist organization. Do you even know you are supporting the KKK or Nazi's of the bronze color? Because that is what you are doing.

So much for change the liberals are still noticing skin color, rather then content of character. Typical.


Anonymous said...

I know that they're a racist organization, which is why I'm glad that they're about as representative of the average Mexican as Daniel Miglavs is of the average American. And FYI, I'm an American, and I'm not giving what isn't "mine" by simply saying: If you want to live and work here, feel free; you shouldn't have to get "permission" from a government, any government, to do so.

That's the neighborly position to take. And, ironically, it also happens to be the conservative position to take.

LW said...

A couple days after this post went up ... I rest my case. No interest whatsoever by the Miglavians, any of them, in even acknowledging the error. Which I have no doubt they'll be repeating at some point. Kaelri, do you get it now? You're dealing with fools who have a powerful aversion to facts.

Kaelri said...

I know them well, LW. I've been lurking around here since '04. My expectations are not high. But I've found that about 3% of the time, I'm able to squeeze out a grudging acknowledgment of some contentious facet of reality, or at least, a genuine debate. I even got a beer summit! As for the other 97%, frankly, I'm just entertaining myself. So I ain't going anywhere.

LW said...

A seasoned Miglavialogist! I salute you, sir. I suppose someone has to do it.

Anonymous said...

Easily I acquiesce in but I contemplate the post should prepare more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

Kaelri and LW,

Looks like the oops is on you.

Seriously, this is the best you can do? Trying to play "gotcha" with conservatives on whether or not Obama will raise taxes on the middle-class? When even Obama (supposedly) doesn't know, despite his campaign promise?

A refresher on the etymology of the word "agnostic":
- Greek: "Without knowledge"
- Latin translation: "Ignoramus"

Remember, according to the linked article, that's the word Obama chose to use regarding his "stance" on this particular issue.

In your own words, Kaelri:

No reexamination of your judgments? I can respect the beliefs of those who disagree with me, but not when they are held dogmatically and without self-scrutiny.

Until you and your fellow leftist travelers are willing to live by your words, you're in no position to be demanding a mea culpa from anybody.