Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I'm not worried

[Video removed since it plays on open]

This is video from CAUSA's Saturday "immigrant action day." All I have to say is this: you know that you will be a political force to be reckoned with when your meetings are held in Spanish... (queue up the "rolling his eyes smily face")

The first segment of this video shows a whopping 3 views! But wait you say, they managed to "fill a room" with political activists didn't they? Sure, either that or they drove a truck past a day labor pick up and these guys just hopped in.


Allen said...

What, did the Nursery Growers sponsor the Free Food magnet?

Anonymous said...

I actually went to this out of curosity to see what lies they were spewing this month.

NO ONE listened to any of the speakers. They mostly ate more free food and then left. Thier Kids seem to be very obese mostly, How are they going to do those jobs we won't do?

And our Politicians hide under their desk from these people?

Being a white guy I sure got a lot of stares with grimaces. Must be telling them in spanish that us whiteys, who pay for their education, medication and incarceration, are the bad guys.

They are brainwashed that those government dollars we provide for them to steal away just grow on trees here in america. Signs all over reminding them of their "Rights" to steal my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

I know what you're saying, Miglavs. It's basically the same reason I don't worry about the Miglavian wing of the Republican Party having too much influence, because every time you post pictures from one of your work site protests, all I see are four or five fat guys waving signs about "illegals." Of course, one of those fat knuckle-draggers got sent off to prison, didn't he? What was his name, again? Bruce something . . . ?

Anyway. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

It must irk the miglavians that they held that meeting in spanish and you can't understand what they are saying.

By the looks of it, sure appears alot better attended than the anti-immigrant rallies where only 3 old white obese racists males turn out , aint it?

Lew said...

Lets put it this way Anon8:13, politicians from the Dems and Rep camp would rather speak spanish and be seen with Mexican Immigrants at immigrant action fay than be seen with a bunch of racists at an ofir rally.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:28 AM
Which part of the republican party is the Miglavian wing? I have seen the racist wing of the democrats party. Don't forget that reverand white who was obama's pastor for many years. Of course obama didn't hear anything racist. I'm sure you believed his lies. Don't worry, if there is an amnesty for the criminal aliens, it won't take long for the USA to look like mexico. I'm sure you will be real proud then. If you have young daughters or grand daughters, you will have to keep them inside or they will be raped. Hey, maybe their trophies can be hung on a mexican rape tree. I'm sure that will make you real proud.

I can't figure out why people like you hate the USA. Maybe your mother turned you down when you propositioned her for sex. You are just trying to drag down the rest of the country to your scummy level.

Anonymous said...

exactly where was this meeting? if it was held in a public building on public property and they wanted to have the meeting in spanish, THEY must provide an interpreter by LAW.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Dave, the reason you can't figure out why we "hate" the USA is because we don't hate the USA. That's a Miglavian-style fantasy that you've come up with in your own mind so that you're excused from actually thinking. Fuck that argument, fuck you, and fuck any other loser who makes it: Just because someone has a different opinion on a matter of public policy than you do does NOT mean we are unpatriotic or that we "hate" our own country.

Anonymous said...

God, this one's too easy:

In Miglavia, if you criticize a sitting Republican president during war, you are unpatriotic, disloyal, you are providing aid and comfort to "the enemy," and you "hate" America.

However, also in Miglavia, if you criticize a sitting Democratic president during war, you're a patriotic, tea-bagging, liberty-lovin' average Joe who loves America and are simply exercising your right (duty, even!) to be skeptical of the Guv'mint.

Welome to Miglavia, where finding hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

wow anon 8:48 such a large vocabulary 4 letter words are almost to large for you . Grow up

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:48 PM
Yes, you do hate the USA. Your words prove it. I'm sure your actions do to. I have a liberal friend of mine tell me several years ago that the US doesn't do any good. Of course being a liberal, he's not the sharpest stick in the bunch.

With a statement like that does not even need to be answered. The reason there are hundreds of millions of free people on this planet is because of American blood and treasure. People are alive all over the planet because of our generosity. We actually feed, clothe, heat and medically treat our enemies. Just like the Jews treat their enemies. Can you imagine trusting yourself as an American or Jew to Al Queda for medical treatment? Yet Al Queda detainees in Gtmo are probably treated better than any other prisoner on the planet.

You hate America because you would change what has made us the wealthiest and most powerful country this planet has ever seen. Don't forget, Rome fell too. We won't last as long as they did because of people like you.

You probably have seem deep psychological problems. You want everyone else to be miserable like you. I recommend you get help or get the fuck out of my country. I recommend mexico, they would love people like you.