Monday, February 15, 2010

Portland just got smellier

Tre Arrow is back
On June 8th, Tre was joyously greeted by friends in the Portland International Airport. For the first time in nearly seven years, he shared food, embraced, danced, laughed and sang with people outside of jail. An entourage of bicycles brought him out into the sunlight and traversed the 2.5 miles to the Oregon Halfway House. This was Tre's first bike ride since before incarceration in 2004. He entered the halfway house with fresh spring water, bare feet, a healthy tan and the love of his friends and family all around him.

The only stylish way to walk into a halfway house is barefoot. The rock star status that this guy has still amazes me.


Anonymous said...

One of these days that guy is going to kill someone or several. He is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

That's funny ... I've always thought that about Daniel Miglavs.

So Daniel, elaborate: Please explain why the presence of some friends and family of this guy upon release from prison means that he has "rock star status"? What's the problem? Jealous? Did you feel that you didn't have "rock star status" after you put your, um, legal problems behind you?

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW,a few loggers that would love to vist him?

Anonymous said...

That is just a real inspiring story. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Portland just got smellier"

... and Miglavia just got even more immature, surprising many who thought it not possible.

Bullshit Police said...


"HisPANIC: The Myth of Immigrant Crime." It calls you punk-ass fascists out and reveals your "illegal alien crime wave" for the steaming pile of rancid bullshit that it is.

The extensively researched and documented article concludes that your "argument may have considerable emotional appeal, but there is very little hard evidence behind it."

Oh, you want to know where to find the article?

Let's see ... oh, here's a link:

It's the cover story in latest issue of "American Conservative," which was founded by that flaming liberal, Patrick Buchanan.

Read it and weep, Miglavians. Read it and weep.