Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'd like to report agressive panhandlers

City of Portland Citizen Reports is a new way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publically maintained infrastructure. The application is compatible with any model of iPhone running iPhone OS 3.1.2 or higher and may be downloaded for free from iTunes here. Note: The link will only work on computers that have a current version of Apple’s iTunes software installed.

Let's all report the hippies!


Anonymous said...

Why is this of interest to you, Miglavs? Don't you live out in Washington County? How often do you actually get into Portland? How often do you actually encounter "aggressive" panhandlers? Do they bother you because they've actually bothered you, or do they bother you because Lars Larson (who also does not live in Portland) likes to bitch about them?

a friendly anon said...

Hey Daniel, you mentioned a while back you were reading "Atlas Shrugged," I was just wondering if you finished, what you thought. A friend and I watched "The Fountainhead" last weekend, it rocks. If you like Rand, you should watch it if you can.

Scottiebill said...

While I don't know about Daniel's forays into downtown Portland, I know that My wife and I will NEVER again go into the downtown area, primarily because of the overly aggressive panhandlers, the overly-aggressive bike riders who would, for the most part, rather ride on the sidewalks rather than in the streets and/or bike lanes, overly-inflated parking rates both in the parking garages and on the curb side meters, and on the off-chance that we might run into Anon 9:53 while he is out campaigning for the panhandlers and bums and bike riders and anarchists, etc. That in itself is scary enough. One could know who the Anon 9:53 is because he is very likely running around with a sandwich board proclaiming his overt hatred for Daniel and his beliefs.

Daniel said...

I did finish Atlas. While it wasn't a page turner like a John Grisham I did very much enjoy the book and would recommend it to those who don't mind something that is wordy.

When you consider when the book was written and look at the parallels of today it is eery.

As for my trips to Portland, I remember vividly the last time I tried to take my children to Powells books. Never again.

Camel said...

Egads ... I would have thought that Daniel's aversion to book stores was rooted in his fear of ideas, facts, and diversity of information ... I never would have dreamed it was because he's such a pussy that he can't even stand up to a panhandler outside the door.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, corporations should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want, with absolutely no restrictions or prohibitions by the government, lest they interfere with the free market.

Individuals, on the other hand, are not allowed to stand on the street and ask for a quarter.

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that Daniel's aversion to book stores ...

It probably is, Camel, he's probably just using panhandlers as an excuse to keep his kids away from those big, bad books.

Craig said...

So let me get this straight:

Miglavs wants to close all the libraries (yes, he's said that before, more than once) because they infringe upon the free market. But he pledges to "never" again visit Powell's bookstore -- one of the largest and most successful examples of the free market at work in the American book industry -- because he had (presumably) a run-in with a bum there once.

My single biggest frustration from visiting this blog is that Miglavs has absolutely no clue, none at all, as to how totally ridiculous he is.

Please excuse me now while I go LOL.

psychobob said...

"My single biggest frustration from visiting this blog is that Miglavs has absolutely no clue, none at all, as to how totally ridiculous he is."

Then by all means, for your own sanity, quit reading it! Craig, your comment shows you have absolutely no clue how the free market works. If Daniel doesn't want to go to Powell's, that has no bearing on his thoughts on libraries. That's a non sequitur.

I love how all you catch-phrase users seem to be unable to put forward a more complex argument than "Daniel's a pussy." Classy. You are questioning his courage because he would rather not be accosted by panhandlers? If you all want to be masochists you are free to do so, but you should not criticize someone for not wanting to be.

Bullshit Police said...


"HisPANIC: The Myth of Immigrant Crime." It calls you punk-ass fascists out and reveals your "illegal alien crime wave" for the steaming pile of rancid bullshit that it is.

The extensively researched and documented article concludes that your "argument may have considerable emotional appeal, but there is very little hard evidence behind it."

Oh, you want to know where to find the article?

Let's see ... oh, here's a link:

It's the cover story in latest issue of "American Conservative," which was founded by that flaming liberal, Patrick Buchanan.

Read it and weep, Miglavians. Read it and weep.