Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is the "emergency session"

Bill targets emissions from cars
A bill to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars was hailed as a good first step during a public hearing in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee Tuesday.

House Bill 1059 would require Oregon Department of Transportation to develop a statewide strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to cars and to work with state agencies, transportation districts and cities to develop a practical guide to reduce emissions through land-use and transportation planning.

From the Oregon constitution:

Section 10
Regular sessions of the Legislative Assembly.
The sessions of the Legislative Assembly shall be held biennially at the Capitol of the State commencing on the second Monday of September, in the year eighteen hundred and fifty eight, and on the same day of every second year thereafter, unless a different day shall have been appointed by law.

The "emergency" has been used to get around this but what we clearly have is a violation of the principle. We do not have an emergency that requires our elites in Salem to dictate that land use (density) and transportation (don't build roads, build WES) force us out of our vehicles.

This session is unconstitutional and people should be yelling it from the rooftops.


Anonymous said...

Miglavs, if you didn't figure out what "unconstitutional" is after eight years of Bush/Cheney shitting and pissing all over the Constitution, then you will never know, and you sure as hell don't know now, but the spectacle of your faux indignation as if you do is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah ...Bush and Cheney are bad. blah blah blah.

I see old Barrack Obama has changed nothing with regard to the Patriot act...mmm..

I guess Barrack is bad too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's right. YES! YES! YES! He is. He totally is. He's awful. How difficult is it for you fucking Miglavian morons to apply political principles consistently? You can't do it, because you're hypocrites. Yes, Bush/Cheney was awful. So is Obama. For the same reasons. How hard is that? If you've got half a brain and some political integrity, it's absolutely no problem to criticize politicians from both parties so long as you are applying principles CONSISTENTLY, but I swear to God, Cheney could have walked into the middle of Times Square on live television and shot a 5-year-old in the head with a semi-automatic and if he'd gone on Faux News and calmly explained to Glenn fucking Beck that it was for the sake of national security, you fascist asswipes would have rolled with it. But if Obama so much as walks down the street, you start yammering about how it's unconstitutional or "illegal," or a waste of tax dollars, or whatever. Hypocrisy knows no bounds with you idiots. There's nothing so totally pathetic in this country as some pissed-off moron like Daniel Miglavs indignantly denouncing something as "unconstitutional" simply because he doesn't like it. Grow up for chrissakes. And start applying your supposed "principles" consistently, because until you start doing that, you really don't have any.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for a Miglavian, any Miglavian, to explain to me how providing light rail as an option for commuters "forces" motorists out of their cars. Can any Miglavian explain this? Have any Miglavians ever been pulled over by a cop and "forced" out of their vehicle and "ordered" to board MAX or hop on a bike?

Still waiting for an explanation from the Miglavians on that one. Make that a reasonable explanation.

Anonymous said...

8:26, you need some xanax.

LW said...

Daniel isn't going to be happy until every Portland area Obama-loving, gun-hating, granola-eating liberal who uses a bike, MAX or the bus climbs into a car (where they, like Miglavs, can revel in their divine "independence") and join Miglavs on the road, effectively making his own commute and other trips longer and more congested than they already are. This will piss Miglavs off even more, but he's so fucking stupid, he won't connect the dots and realize that the added congestion is because he forced people into cars.

Miglavs: You obviously love your car. And all cars, I guess. So I have a suggestion: Move to Los Angeles. Now there's a city that's figured out how to make it work with the happy motoring, gas-guzzling lifestyle. Sure, they do have buses and a few commuter trains, but the beauty of LA is that you can drive around for hours and never even see one. You'll be so happy there, Miglavs. You can spend all day in your car ... even if you didn't really intend to.

Take the plunge, Miglavs. Let us know how that goes. The only real downside is that you'll probably see a lot more Mexicans ... whoops, I mean, "illegal aliens" down there. ;-)

P.S. Great question, 9:24. But don't hold your breath waiting for the "reasonable" part.

Anonymous said...

Car emissions?

Plastic bags at the grocery store?

Emergencies? NOT!

With the Democrats in charge of our Legislator and Governor's office for many many years, we have record numbers on Food Stamps, OHP and UNemployment.

We need JOBS! Not more Socialist, expensive, never really help anyone, Big Brother "programs".

Not ONE DEMOCRAT has included E-Verify in any Bills in this "emergency" session.
E-Verify would free up over 200,000 Jobs stolen by Illegal aliens/S.S.# thieves. Seriously REDUCING the numbers on Unemployment, food stamps and OHP and BALANCE our budget, with a surplus/kicker for all of us next year (If Ted K. doesn't take that away also).

Or are those corrupt Employers really admitting that "No Americans/legal immigrants will work for me". Is it that crappy of a place to work at that only Bosses taking advantage of desperate illegals admit therefore they are abusing these people?

Anonymous said...

I predict that in about 10 or 15 years, when gas is $20 or so a gallon, Miglavs is going to be demanding that a MAX line and a bike path be built right up to his front door.

Robin said...

"The two dominant areas of focus of this special session are one: jobs, and two: helping families that have been hit by this economic crisis,” said House Speaker Dave Hunt, D-Gladstone. "link

Well so much for that priority of the special session.

Anonymous said...

I am offened we pay these assholes a dime. They should be jail for being this stupid, or in the least the child snatchers should take their children away. They are brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50, They, the Democrats, know exactly what they are doing, making everyone dependent on Big Brother.

They prove it with every new law/program they set up for us tax paying Americans to pay for.

And the Republicans, under Bush, thought they would give bigger brother a try and now have, and rightfully so, NO power to change it. Until this November that is.

Bob said...

If you built it, they won't come.

Anonymous said...

no Bob, if you build it they will tax the hell out of it until they kill it and then blame you for %$&^ing it up.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you knucklehead Miglavians ever actually rode on MAX during rush hour?

Sorry ... I guess "Knucklehead Miglavians" is redundant.

MAX Redline said...

Anon 529:

West-side light rail opened in 1998, and I have ridden on it - as well as on buses. On a bus, you have to show proof of payment, which is a good thing. On light rail, I have never seen anybody asked for proof of payment.

Light rail is really expensive to build and operate, and it's inflexible. You may have heard that light rail was shut down for four hours just a couple of days ago, due to failure at two power substations. TriMet used buses to move people around the problem area.

You see, unlike light rail, buses are inexpensive and flexible. They're fairly reliable. They just aren't as expensive and sexy as shiny trains. So what does TriMet do when a new light rail line is built? They scale back bus service.

At present, the market share for TriMet is identical to its market share in 1988 - before they went on their rail-building binge. Despite the best efforts of "planners" and politicians to push development along light rail lines through tax subsidies and other forms of blackmail, the system transports no more people today than it did nearly a quarter of a century ago.

They've spent billions of taxpayer dollars to build light rail, they've spent millions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies, and they have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Do you not think that there may be better uses for tax dollars?

psychobob said...


Yay! I can say it a whole bunch too! Look how erudite and sophisticated I look!

LW said...

Still waiting for Miglavs to talk about the virtues of Carland (Los Angeles) USA. Nothing yet, will check again later in the week ...

Bullshit Police said...


"HisPANIC: The Myth of Immigrant Crime." It calls you punk-ass fascists out and reveals your "illegal alien crime wave" for the steaming pile of rancid bullshit that it is.

The extensively researched and documented article concludes that your "argument may have considerable emotional appeal, but there is very little hard evidence behind it."

Oh, you want to know where to find the article?

Let's see ... oh, here's a link:

It's the cover story in latest issue of "American Conservative," which was founded by that flaming liberal, Patrick Buchanan.

Read it and weep, Miglavians. Read it and weep.