Monday, June 01, 2009

We'll just sell to ourselves!!!

This morning I heard a news anchor question whether or not people will buy Obama designed cars. My first thought: Multnomah county will. So will the state of Oregon. Add Portland and Salem to the list.

Government doesn't care if their fleet is overpriced, they will spend our money to buy vehicles that were produced with our money and all in the name of public service!


DAVE01 said...

I was getting ready in a year or two to buy a new truck. I was going to buy a Dodge. Not fucking now. I buy a toyota.

Bobkatt said...

Dave- as far as I know the Ford F-series is the number one selling vehicle in the U.S. and Ford has neither asked for nor excepted any bailout money.

DAVE01 said...

Bobkatt, I bought a ford ranger 4x4 in 2001, two days before the 911 attacks. I have had several problems with it. The transmission needed a major overhaul right after the warranty ran out. It was after 40k miles if I remember correctly. The transmission should just be getting broke in about that time. It was something about a poorly designed part or something. I forget the exact details.

I bought a chevy s-10 in 93. I just sold the chevy a few months ago. The fuel pump failed.

I have put less money in maintenance into the chevy than the ford. I had over 300k miles on the chevy and I have about 122k miles on the ford right now.

I was very happy that ford did not take a bailout. However, I have had to spend too much money on the ford in maintenance. I bought both of these trucks brand new. Last summer the 4x4 computer in the ford failed. It just has had too many problems. I like to support Americans, but not with my grand children's future.

The problem is that Obama will soon ban large vehicles and we will be forced to buy some piece of crap made by chrysler or gm or some chinese company. They will try to drive ford into the ground so they can take them over too.

We are doomed as long as Americans keep voting for style over substance. Obama the rock star that destroyed America.

Bobkatt said...

Dave-sorry to hear about your luck with Fords. I wasn't vouching for their reliability. Heck I have never owned a new vehicle and the Ford truck I have is a 1970. But there must be some reason that they outsell even Hondas.
Anyway buy what ever you want. After all this is still America. At least for a little while longer.
Maybe since we own 75% of GM maybe Obama will just give us a company car.

Robin said...

I have to agree with Dave
I have a Datsun Pickup 1970, it has over 420000 miles on it and is still going strong.

I also own a chevy car built in the mid 80's. I like the car, but the head liner which is common with that era is falling off and the dash liner came loose as well.

The only new vehicle that I have seen that I would buy is Toyota or Dodge for several reasons.

1. quality
2. ease of repair and maintenance.
3. I like the looks.

Robin said...

oh, do we get a company discount now that we are part owners now?

Anonymous said...

I owned a 2001 ford Expadition, had over 150k on when we sold it. other than oil changes never did anything to it .I had a 1984 honda crx for about 5 months (was used with 25k ) had it into the shop 17 times.
It just depends on weather the person had a hangeover or not that was putting it together ! btw my wife owned two hondas and loved them both!

DAVE01 said...

I'm in the industrial electronics repair business. I see new stuff fail all the time. Sometimes you get something that just fail. I remember about two years ago replacing a small transistor in a customer's equipment, it fail a day later. It was brand new. Oh well.

I like the idea about a company discount now that we are all owners. Can we fly in company jet too? I want to reserve New Years for a big party.