Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chaos chaos chaos

Oregon Democrat Hass derails tax-increase bill
Plans to raise taxes on Oregon corporations and upper-income earners, which seemed to have all the momentum of a moving freight train, crashed in dramatic fashion late Wednesday when Senate Democrats failed to muster enough votes from their own caucus.

The derailment tore a $733 million hole in a tenuously balanced state budget and sent legislative leaders scrambling to find a compromise that would let them adjourn as planned by the end of the month.

"I implore you," Bates repeated three times, looking directly at his longtime colleague. "The state will go into chaos without these bills."

That's $733 million that private citizens get to spend as they see fit. It's a good day for Oregonians. The sick thing about politicians is that some truly believe that without them and their precious programs the state would really go into chaos when in fact most of us just want to provide for our families and don't enjoy the limited interaction with government that we are forced to have.

Imagine a world without public art, needle exchange programs and diversity administrators.


Anonymous said...

Mark Hass is a snake, beware of the snake.

Scottiebill said...

Finally!!!! A Democrat politician that did something right for the people instead of doing it to increase unnecessary government spending. Maybe he should be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

Anon 457: It takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

Sb, I'll accept your apology when the tax bill comes back up and Hass votes AYE.

BTW, Hass ONLY voted Nay 'cause there was no "Sunset" clause in the bill. That's called political cover!

Convince me I'm a snake for being TOTALLY against these tax increases with NO exceptions, NO games, NO bullshit!

Anonymous said...

a Dozen people a day DIE from a Drunk driver Illegal Alien and now we have people DYING from the Mexican Flu, NOW a worldwide pandemic and all the Democrats want to do is give Amnesty and raise OUR taxes to pay for all this mess caused by Open borders!!!!!

Los Angeles Times
Mexican Flu: WHO declares Phase 6 pandemic
The World Health Organization this morning acknowledged what many health experts have been saying for weeks: The outbreak of novel H1N1 virus is now a pandemic. -- In a letter sent to its member countries, the WHO said it is officially raising its infectious diseases alert to Phase 6, its highest level... [Interactive flu map]

Meanwhile the FEDS (OUR Tax money) give a W. Salem clinic for the "poor" (article only talks about Hispanics, of course) gets another $400,000.00 of our money., as the Editorial Editor-Dick Hughes-writes about the "Mexican" Mafia in his drive thru LA.

AND we now have almost 1,200 Illegal aliens (mostly from Mexico) in OUR state prisons, a 30%increase in just two years, costing us a min. of $37 Million/yr. and also now 3 times as many Illegals in Marion co. Jail as their overall population numbers.

Why do you Far Left Democrats think that we can't see the Horrific Crimes and wasted money on having an Open border with Mexico has got to STOP?!

The only true CHAOS we have is not respecting the rule of law and Democrats are doing nothing about it, except to Free Criminals and make it worse.

Anonymous said...

2009 Legislative session is almost over, did the Democrats in charge pass a law to...

Rapid repat, Feds pay for and more quickly remove Illegals from our Jails? Passed? NO!

E-Verify mandatory, To prevent ID theft/fraud and to free us jobs that Americans/legal immigrants will do? passed? NO!

Proof of Citizenship to Vote, even with proof that Dead people are getting Ballots and with proof that Thousand's who did not qualify to vote in federal elections but were allowed to vote in Oregon, because of non ID? passed? NO!

Proof of Citizenship to get any state Benefits, a simple requirement to show valid ID that everyone has including the Old and the homeless? passed? NO!

Other States have passed these laws and are not having the Economic and Criminal problems we are having.

If Democrats really wanted to reduce Unemployment and Benefit Fraud(wasted tax dollars that could go to Schools instead), they could have, but instead all they know how to do is to rasie Taxes.

This info will be used in the next Elections in 2010 and the Democrats will pay the price!
I can't wait for 2010 :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Scottibill, aka Ned Naive

This is Anon 4:57 & 10:43

I am patiently waiting for your apology where you likened me to a lowly animal, Mark Hass.

Anonymous said...

Too late, it passed. Ha ha.