Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Is smoking in bars popular?

Popular Sauvie Island event site could be in jeopardy
In recent years, Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island has hosted many popular cyclocross and mountain bike events.

But now those events are in jeopardy as Kruger’s Farm faces a permitting hurdle with Multnomah County’s land use planning department. The County is making Kruger apply for a new permit (that would allow the events) after a complaint was filed by one of Kruger’s neighbors.

In the meantime, the County has forced him to suspend all public events (they call it a “voluntary compliance agreement”, but Kruger pointed out that it wasn’t voluntary at all).

He estimates that one-third of his net income is on the line. Kruger says the loss would mean he couldn’t “continue to make the farm a public gathering place.” “That’s the irony,” he added, “I’m doing what people want, but the codes sometimes just don’t keep up with it.”

I hunt Sauvie Island and there sure were a lot of "Yes on 49" signs up there. I'm going to have to assume that Mr. Kruger supports a bar owners right to allow customers to smoke, that he supports his neighbors right to build houses and supports a landowners right to harvest their timber.

If that's not the case then what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I personally think that the county and Kruger's neighbor have no business telling him that he can't have people riding bikes on his property. But it's disturbing to me that until it comes down the the PC crowd complaining our "land use" policy is treated like it was written on stone tablets.


MAX Redline said...

Actually, Oregon land-use laws were written in stone tablets. Today, we refer to them as "the legislature".

Bobkatt said...

Maybe if Mr. Kruger were promoting lawbreaking idiots the county would build a monument to him.
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