Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If it was so popular it would have already happened

Obama Moves to Push Immigration Reform Back into the Spotlight
President Obama is trying to put immigration reform back on the front burner as he plans a meeting with advocacy groups and key lawmakers this month and pledges his commitment to a fair and practical solution.

A key argument for Republicans to get on board with immigration reform is the Hispanic vote. Former President George Bush was competitive with John Kerry in 2004, but Latino voters supported Barack Obama by a wide margin over John McCain in 2008.

Remember when the key argument was "is this the right thing for America?" Now it's "can this demographic keep me in power?"

Poll question: Do you want something done about the 12 million (ha!) illegal aliens in this country?

If you said yes they probably put you in the "support amnesty" results.

But logic says that if amnesty really was supported by a majority of Americans we would already have seen it pass since the politicians all want it. The only thing that holds them back is fear of the voters. We stopped it before and we will stop it again.


Anonymous said...

But logic says that if amnesty really was supported by a majority of Americans we would already have seen it pass ...

Politically speaking, you're not very astute. A majority of Americans (and physicians) also support single-payer health care (or some variation of it) but can't even get the supposedly "liberal" media to report on that, much less politicians to actually enact it.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty is NOT supported or when the Democrats controlled both Houses the first two times they voted on it, as now, it would have passed as Bush wanted it too also.

ALL Politicians understand that if they pass this, especially with record high unemployment, they will be thrown out of office next year. As they should be!

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:02. Daniel is more astute than you are. The majority of American DO NOT SUPPORT AMNESTY FOR THE CRIMINAL ALIENS. The majority of businesses who want slave labor and politicians and racist groups like La Raza support amnesty.

Now to your second lie. If the majority of Americans support a single-payer health care, they do not understand simple economics. That would be a monopoly. When you have two or more systems, you get competition. With competition, you get a better service or product for a cheaper price. This is why this country has built so much wealth. COMPETITION! I would be willing to bet you are a liberal and possibly a union (communist) member. Tell me what is so great about communism. They have a single-payer system. Canada has a single-payer system. Have you not seen and heard Canadians on TV saying they had to come to the US to save their lives. In Canada they would have to wait almost a year to get LIFE-SAVING treatments. If you lived in Canada and you had to have life saving treatment in Canada to save a family member, would stand on your principles and let a family member die or would you go to American to save their life? You are a fool and need to move to another country.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:02

proves. Liberals are dumb and do not get economics.

Oh, and when you rely on polls like NBC did.

1000 people
56% want public health care
49% voted for BHO
25% voted for McCain

mmmm....libs think that means the majority of Americans want their crapcare.

Really??? You polled yourselves.

Frankly I could poll a ham sandwich and get the results I want, but to be so blantant.

American dont want criminal illegals to get anything but the deportation they deserve.

Americans dont want OBAMAcrapCare. We have great doctors stop slamming them libs.

Anonymous said...

Soon, very soon you will wake up one morning to hear the news that reform for Immigration will have passed.

Anonymous said...

Wake up one morning?

'cause the only way it will pass IS in the middle of the night when us American Workers are sleeping in prep of going to work.

If you trust The Hill or Post in DC, Amnesty ain't happening this year. All "leaders" except Reid said so.

Anonymous said...

No worries. It will pass. The Republicans know what is good for them. They are like puddy in the President's hands. They know well if they oppose immigration or healthcare reform or Sotomayor, they are toast in 2010 election. The last thing the GOP needs is a further decline in their already sunk reputation.

On another note, 2012 is looking very bad for Republicans anyways as all their front runners are going down for having extramarital affairs. The mandate and political for Obama is looking very good.