Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture of the day


Robin said...

doesn't sound to me like that threat is politically correct

Anonymous said...

Maybe this should be your picture of the day?

Survivor: I pretended to be dead

Minuteman linked to another murder

Did Anti-Immigration "Extremists" Leave Long Trail Of Victims?

Anonymous said...

I googled this guy and all those quotes, and they're all basically clustered at white supremacist web sites. Is that where you get your "information" from, Miglavs?

The Cheezer said...

I like how Daniel is being attacked but not the threat to America.
We have a known threat and war has been declared against America by Mexico. Time to shut them down

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! One Mexican nationalist pops off with some idiotic statements in the heady days of his youth FORTY YEARS ago, no less, and from that the Miglavian wing of the GOP concludes that "war has been declared against America by Mexico." Actually, he's a U.S. citizen, he was BORN IN TEXAS you moron.
Thanks, Miglavia, for doing everything humanly possible to ensure that the majority of your fellow Americans never take you seriously.