Sunday, May 31, 2009

Challenge: Find American flags on the ODE website

Yakima school program helps Mexican students learn
At first glimpse, Room 10A at Davis High School seems like any other classroom.

But a closer look reveals something else. Walls are draped with Mexican maps and tapestries.

Standing before about two dozen students, teacher Jorge Herrera jots algebraic equations on a large wall monitor as he gives instruction in Spanish.

Welcome to the school's CONEVyT portal, an online program developed by the Mexican government, adopted by the Yakima School District three years ago and now gaining converts across the state.

It's not clear just how many students are here illegally, and school districts are not legally required to ask, he said.

I have blogged about the Oregon version of this where they have goals for our illegal students such as:

Improving their self-esteem, and pride for the Mexican culture

How wonderful that it has crept up to Washington. But why are we hanging foreign flags in our government buildings? (schools) It's because illegal aliens have no desire to be Americans, they are simply here for money and taxpayer funded freebies such as these education programs.

Their loyalty is not to this great country but to Mexico, which is strange because they clearly have voted with their feet as to which is the better of the two.


Anonymous said...

Irony - The Mexican government helped develop the online...

The same Government where most of the population hasn't been past the 6th grade. And you have to pay to go to H.S.

The same government who encourages their people to FLEE for a better life.

Why do American schools think we can learn anything from Mexico?

And IF they really came here for a better life, why in the hell would WE be promoting the ways of their past, that they fled on thier own?

And why are We paying for all this?

Anonymous said...

If we really want them to be comfortable and help them hold on to their "Culture", the schools should have no busses, heat or a/c and all dirt floors with no windows, with all the Babies in the same room as the 13yr. old moms. And to get a good grade you must bribe your teacher.

That would help them really understand why we do not want the invasion and their culture to continue to permeate america.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, why is this country great?

Anonymous said...

I read this morning that the man accused of murdering the doctor has a criminal record and a background of posting anti-abortion rhetoric on sympathetic web sites.

Who do you think first jumped into my mind?

Anthony DeLucca said...

If an immigrant truly wishes to be successful in this country, then that immigrant MUST learn to speak, read, and write fluently in english.

Immigrants who hold allegiance to their country of origin rather than to the United States, will certainly fail. We can see examples of this in the "gehttos" comprised primarily of illegal immigrants, some of which have been in this country for a better part of a decade, yet still cannot speak english. These people for the most part, hold menial jobs, earning far less than LEGAL immigrants who have taken the time to learn english.

Case in point: The landscape company which provides services to my office building and complex has supervisors who are bi-lingual. The bottom tier workers cannot (or will not) speak english. The supervisor gets paid significantly more, and has been selected as a supervisor due to his ability to speak english.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 6:49. Looks like we've got a Miglavian, Kansas branch.

Bobkatt said...

anon 6:49, I don't know what jumped into your mind but I'm pretty certain that whatever it was, it was pretty lonely.

Anonymous said...

School Board member told me last night of how "immigrants" when testifying, talk of living here for a long time, begging for more School $$$, with a taxpayer funded Translator.

They know of how our government wastes our money especially for immigrants, legal or not, and have no reason to learn English as they would then not need government help and would be on their own instead.

This is a prime example again of why they are costing us not making us any money and should go home!

Bobkatt said...

To soldiers shot in Little Rock by Muslim convert with "religious and political" motives.
Anything pop into your head anon 6:49?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 6:49 AM, the first thing that jumped into my mind was he should have been aborted.

Anonymous said...


You ought to sue those fucking bastards who botched YOUR abortion. By sucking out only your brain they left you to face the world sans gray matter.

What a pity.