Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"immigrant r not illegal" and much more

Seeing Representative Dave Hunt spouting one-liners and waiting for the Spanish translation just makes me laugh. And there is a "pathway to citizenship" for law abiding immigrants... just not criminal aliens.


Anonymous said...

Cool Video! Great that you are giving it a showing. I see you fell right into the trap.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you took names, these are the people that are selling out our country. I am surprised that all the speakers were not speaking the new language of the US, Spanish.

Did you notice that the crowd was cheering when Hunt said, "... a path for LAW BIDING immigrants.."

he did NOT say a path for ILLEGAL immigrants.

Anonymous said...

This piece of Shit was supposedly elected by and represents US Citizens. He is not.

He is a greedy corrupt pig that should be replaced next year, unless enough Illegal aliens do actually vote for him. Something he is planning on.

Hey Dave Cunt! over 12% UNemployment and you have done what for us? (ignored E-Veriiy bills) over 1,100 Illegal Aliens in our Prisons for MURDER, Rape, Child Molestation, and you have done what for us?

Who does this asshole really work for? It ain't us.

Hey Stupid Illegal alien Sheeple, if you took the time to learn English gee you would know what is really going on BUT Dave and the other leaders like Ramon Ramirez-King of the Mexican Mafia of OR., do NOT want you to really understand and your self imposed Stupidity is allowing YOU to be taken advantage of, Dummies.

Saving a copy of this Speech for TV ads for next years election, he WILL be fired!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon8:01am, looks like you were the one Dave Hunt was speaking of. Thanks for proving his point.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 5:12 AM
In their minds, they are abiding by their laws. Not ours. The mexicans are taught that we stole their land. I think it is time to finish the mexian-American war. We need to take another 55% of their land.

Anonymous said...

Saving a copy of this Speech for TV ads for next years election, he WILL be fired!Coming from someone who belongs to a tiny group in the population with absolutely no power, your statement is laughable. Dave Hunt will be in Oregon Legislature long after CIR is passed. Time to get real with your foolish position and failed agenda.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Daniel's blog has really slipped. So few comments in the past months. Yaaaaaawwwn.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are fewer comments cause the anti-immigrant clowns have come to terms with their defeat. Americans have rejected them en masse. The few left that still bash immigrants here are holding on because their lives are so pathetic that they have nothing else but to blame their failed lives on someone else.

Julie said...

I could not watch the whole video, as my dinner was creeping back up toward my mouth. Was this our capital? Sorry, I just dont recognize that as our state capital. This is so bizzare! What would happen if we were to go to another country, lets say Mexico and do that? Wouldn't fly would it? This is offensive! What a douchebag!! You would think if he really cared about the illegal immigrants he would at least put forth the effort to learn spanish. You know why? He does not give a flying rats ass!! All about votes sheeple!