Saturday, May 23, 2009

Human interest series from the coast

Hispanic residents tell their stories
In this occasional series starting today, The Daily Astorian examines the North Coast's growing Hispanic population and its presence in local communities.

At 18, Mari Valencia left her job at a chocolate factory near Mexico City and came to Astoria to finish her education, improve her job prospects and become more independent.

"People come to the U.S. if they're having a hard time making a living in Mexico," she said, through an interpreter.

Norma Hernandez, director of the Lower Columbia Hispanic Council, said most Hispanic people came to the North Coast for financial reasons.

Their biggest problem is the inability to go back and forth to Mexico. They miss family back home.

"Going back is easy. Getting back in to the U.S. is not," the interpreter conveyed.

"Why is it hard to get back in" asked the reporter... oh wait, nevermind.

Fidel Hernandez and his wife came to Astoria from Puebla, Mexico, 15 years ago. Speaking through an interpreter, Hernandez said he's stayed in Astoria the entire time because he likes living here.

He's been here 15 years and doesn't speak English. But he does love America right?

And when asked what keeps him here, the reserved man said, "I have a lot of dreams. But mostly, money."

Nope, just greedy.

Some said they see the election of President Barack Obama as a sign that the political climate has changed, and there is hope for immigration reform.

I can't believe this puff piece. A bunch of illegal aliens get portrayed as representative of the Hispanic people and pretty much all confirm that they are here because they are greedy. The Daily Astorian doesn't have any follow up questions regarding being here illegaly or ask any Astorian who is unemployed what they think about Mexicans taking their jobs.

That the paper tries to portray a man who left his wife and three children abandoned in another country as somehow a good guy demonstrates how sick these liberals are.


BEAR said...

Mr. Daniel, the lefty, anti-Americans are gloating over the court decision to overturn the will of the people in Columbia County re the continued employment/enablement/coddling of illegal aliens. Criminals have been painted as victims in Oregon for decades. That the media leads the crusade to destroy our Country is no surprise.

The newest editor of the st. helens chronicle was transferred from the astoria paper owned by the same group. When I asked her what the current unemployment rate for Columbia County was, she didn't have a clue, and was COMPLETELY disinterested in finding out. So much for "journalism" in the people's republic of oregon.

Anonymous said...

what's really interesting about the article... is how many people are willing to come forward to the press and talk about the fact that they broke our immigration laws.

Apparently, when ICS was INS, the illegal aliens were more concerned about it.

Now, it just seems like our concern about illegal immigration is just a joke to them.

And like Daniel said, if Hernandez has been in the United States for 15 years, and can't speak English, that would be an insult to the US. Of course, he did not say that he was a patriot, he said, "I have a lot of dreams. But mostly money."

in the meantime, especially in this recession, Americans, desperate for any type of work can't find any and we can't do what the illegals do, and that is find employers that are willing to pay under the table.

oh wait, isn't that illegal?

Nobody seems to care if the illegal aliens do it.

so why should the same laws also apply to us?

Anonymous said...

Obama and his far-left pals put Americans last. Everyone else is more important to them.

No illegal alien should be working if an American isn't.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the article is yet another story link, it feautres this guy,

A perfect example why we can NEVER have another Amnesty> He still Doesn't know English, has SIX Kids and as a low paid Gas pumper with a large Family, he qualifies for every TAX payer handout there is! Those kids alone are costing YOU & I over $60,000/yr in Schooling.
This NOT good for OUR economy...

Ramon Alcantar is 49, and he and his wife have six children. The family lives in Astoria. All of the children were born in the United States, five in Los Angeles and one in Astoria.

Alcantar has lived on the North Coast 13 years. He has worked at the Costco gas station for almost 12 years. He said through an interpreter that he is studying for his citizenship test, and during the Ronald Reagan administration he was able to take advantage of the Amnesty Legislation of 1986 (which granted legal status to illegal immigrants

Anonymous said...

WTF? I read a while ago that the Gov. Ted STOPPED these ID for Illegals with OUR Government in tow "Carousels" to give away OUR tax payer stuff? WTF?!

...,in April reporters interviewed people attending a mobile Mexican consulate event at the Warrenton Community Center. Working with several state agencies, the consulate offers a program that takes services to Mexican nationals living in rural Oregon. The consulate issues identification cards and provides Mexican nationals with information on jobs, paying taxes or starting small businesses.

Daniel said...

We did stop the carousels, the mobile Mexican consulate is acting on it's own without state agencies.

Anonymous said...

This is a great story. It shows that the few fools like yourselves have absolutely no impact no matter how much you complain. Ever get the sense that most Americans like myself are proud that these people call Oregon home. Ever get the sense that those jobs are done by these immigrants because the "citizens" either don't want to do the jobs, have ones of their own or are just too lazy?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 926: You're an anti-American, pro-illegal alien, criminal-loving, frigging idiot. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Scottiebill said...

BTW, Anon 926: Your positing makes me wonder about your status here. Legal or illegal???

Anonymous said...

anon-ever get the sense that you're a turd in the punchbowl? That you are the only one that religiously comes here to defend the undefendable, bash the patriots and mock Americans by pretending to be one.

Robin said...

anon 9:26
When you can't find a job because of the flood of illegals, and you don't speak the popular language of the time, don't come running and complaining about it. I am already seeing this happen, where I am fully qualified for a job EXCEPT I don't speak SPANISH! BS!

These people that come through the side door in to this country are showing us no respect, not for us or our laws or for the immigrants who take the time and money to be an American.

Anonymous said...

I am fully qualified for a job EXCEPT I don't speak SPANISH!Well Robin, you can certainly learn. Where I work being bilingual is a job requirement. My employer pays for people to take language classes. Like any job skill requirment, an employer has the right to request that a person have that skill.

Maybe you, just like alot of your lazy friends on here, just need to get out of your own rut and learn something and you will be able to get a job. Complaining and whinning isn't the way to get ahead. And scapegoating people for your own lack of skills and possibly intelligence isn't either.

Robin said...

"you can certainly learn. Where I work being bilingual is a job requirement. "You just made my point.

This is my country, here we speak English as the main language.

If I was to move to another country, to function and for respect of that country, I would learn their language.

I would in no way EXPECT them to learn mine because I was too LAZY to do so.

And as far as being lazy. I just invested $5000 out of pocket for retraining in a new field of work because the job market is so tight here.

And as far as learning Spanish. IF I decide to learn another language, it would be a language that I WANTED to learn, not FORCED to learn to just accommodate the greed of business that hire and cater to a bunch of people that should no be here in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Article says SEVERAL State agencies in tow! WTF?!

anon-who works where you have to know Spanish, YOU are a weak & pathetic sheeple and La Raza is glad you have been Brainwashed.

Yesterday while waiting to see a Movie in the Theater, these Dumbasses had a commercial on the big screen in SPANISH. Yes to see an american movie, which IS all in English, they wasted thier money to have an ad in a foreign language.

I suppose just like in Woodburn, Cornelius and Independence, the big metal bars over the windows with a 100 Mexican flags is next.

Yes far left suporters of Ilegal aliens, WE will become the Turd World they fled soon, as you wish, just like L.A.

Bobkatt said...

anon 10:54-Being bilingual is great but intelligent Americans realize that the only reason that Americans are being made to learn Spanish is to cater to illegals, illegals that are too lazy or unintelligent (your words) to learn the language of the country they invaded.

Most Americans don't want to work with you at McDonalds.

We also expect immigrants to come here legally, assimilate with our culture, and cut their ties with their home country and become Americans which involves having a basic command of the English language. (They way it's always been, and hopefully always will be.)

Anonymous said...

Daniel's daily blog belch of anger and indignation basically stems from one fact for which I am grateful: Ultimately, at the end of the day, he's politically irrelevant. He doesn't matter. He's in a tiny minority of a party that is ITSELF in the minority. Hell, I guess I'd be pissed off, too. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The Oman has his hands full with Iran and North Korea at the moment. His challenge to pillow fight the two isn't working.

My guess the Illegals had best leave now while leaving is easy.

Anonymous said...

Robin, Anon11:22 and Bobratt, You three pseudonyms are free to emigrate somewhere else. We here in the US of A don't need your hatred or your kind of ilk. In fact, the whole country would be better off with out you. Take the rest of your racist cesspool trash with you.

Frank said...

Anon 10:17

If you think that we are going to give up our country to a bunch of invaders, you have another thing coming.

Bobkatt said...

anon 10:17- Thanks for your concern but I think I'll stay right here and continue to speak out against the racist invasion and those such as yourself that insist on trashing America. You keep flippin' those burgers and believing you're important. OK?

Julie said...

I want special privileges too!! Maybe I will go to a movie I have been wanting to see, but instead of going in the front door and paying like everyone else, how about I sneak in the back door? Sounds fair dont you think? I dont want to wait in line and pay like everyone else. Then if I get caught by the theatre staff who ask for my ticket stub, that is when I will say I am being discriminated against and demand free popcorn! The illegals get away with this attitude all the time, yet illegal immigrant advocates want to exuse their behavior and show them how to steal from our country. Ass backwards!!

Scottiebill said...

Anon 10:17: I cannot speak for the rest of the bloggers here, but I was born in this country, in Seattle, and was raised in Montana. I have no intention of following your advice and leaving my sountry, just because you and the other dip-shits like yourself don't like our attitude toward the coddling of the illegals that have all but invaded our country, unbidden, unasked, and damn sure unwelcome.

Which leads me to the obvious question: Are you legally here or did you sneak across the border with your buddies that you are so fond of?

Bobkatt said...

Scottiebill- I don't know if anon 10:17 is an illegal but it is obvious that he (she) is a product of modern education. For decades the public schools have taught the children to despise the greatness of this country and our most successful citizens. Penalize the successful, exalt those of lesser ability. They believe the equal playing field is wrong, we must have equal results.
While they bandy about charges of racism and hatred they only succeed in exposing their hatred for mankind. Rather than face reality, that we can't provide for everyone in the world, nor are we obligated to, his only solution is for us to leave. Everyone must be made to suffer for the sins of others. Marxism, which has failed in every country that has attempted it, is now seen as this countries salvation. And so it goes.
How else can you explain the desire to substitute a great, generous, and the closest there is to free culture for one of obvious abject despair?