Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Homeless support illegal workers?

Street Roots is Portland's official newspaper of the homeless. No really. But how do the homeless produce a newspaper you ask? Their financial report reveals much about their budget:

Advertising & Subscriptions: 3.6%
(The government also advertises in the rag but I won't nitpick)

Government support: 17%

The rest is from foundations and individual donors. It's like PBS for bums.

But I'm very excited about the May issue because it's almost entirely about illegal alien job thieves. I know what you are thinking: "surely the homeless were enthused at the prospect of work at Fresh Del Monte once the illegal aliens were gone?" Sorry fellow Oregon taxpayers, they apparently would prefer to panhandle while you continue to subsidize their newspaper.

I could quote the articles at length here but it really is worth a read yourself. The one paragraph I will quote:

During the presidential campaign, Latinos declared, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote,” says Francisco Lopez, Director of Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition CAUSA. “We voted. We are sending him [Obama] the invoice.” Last November, two-thirds of the record-setting 10 million voting Latinos cast a ballot for Barack Obama, who committed to pass comprehensive immigration if elected.

Oh and if you are homeless, Street Roots does provide this:

If you need help with any of the following:
Food Resources
Health Care
Public Agencies
Legal Services
Employment Resources
Counseling/Support Groups
Housing/Emergency Shelter
And Much More!

From your cell phone: 503-222-5555

You know that America is a prosperous country when our homeless use their cell phones to call for food and housing resources!


Anonymous said...

Great Article! Good to see the homeless support the cause of immigrants in Oregon, too. Looks like they aren't the only ones apparently.The third post in a week about causa. They must really have you bozos behind the eight ball.

Bobkatt said...

Join NAPA (The National Association of Pandering A-holes. You gotta wonder why these idiots need cue cards to repeat the same talking points they've used for 5 years. Even the non-English speakers ought to know them by now.

Rick Hickey said...

Well I'm not surprised that they mis-quoted me as usual.

I thought a Homeless newspaper staff would have more spare time to insure accuracy. Not having a house to keep clean and all.

See if I give them a quote again darnit. Those 6 people that read that paper will be misinformed.

Anonymous said...

But I'm very excited ... A frightening image. What does this involve, dare I ask? Firing semi-automatic weapons into the air? Dancing? Both?

Bobkatt said...

Anon 8:37- I think you might be confusing Daniel's exuberance with this video.

Anonymous said...

Bobkatt --

I must say that in my observations, I have never seen a "non-English speaking" panhandler. All of them look to me like they speak English just fine.

I'm just sayin...

Bobkatt said...

I thought it was self-explanatory that I was referring to use of cue cards by the speakers to utter the tired platitudes that we have heard over and over.
As far a never seeing a non-English speaking panhandler. What do YOU call people that ask or demand something they legally are not entitled to?