Saturday, January 24, 2009

Victory doesn't involve having working plumbing

Hamas Declares Victory, Control Over Gaza Strip
"We are in control and we are the winner," Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri declared this week, after attending the funeral of four Hamas gunmen.

For now, most Gazans seem to rally behind Hamas, united in their anger at Israel, though there are some murmurs of discontent.

"Hamas fought the Israelis. No one else did," said Samir Summad, 66, whose four-story house was damaged during an air strike last week that killed Said Siam, a top Hamas leader.

Summad would not say whether he resented Siam for putting the neighborhood at risk. Siam was visiting a brother at the time of the strike. "If I had known he was there, I would have run away," said Summad, adding that five of his family members were wounded in the attack.

You don't resent the terrorists fighting from civilian population centers? You support Hamas? Then I don't feel bad for you when you have no running water, no food and your house gets destroyed. You want to wait for the government to hand out your cooking oil?

Hamad Abu Shamla, 24, waited for seven hours, only to leave empty-handed. The unemployed carpenter — he lost his job to the blockade — said he last had cooking gas five months ago, and that he, his wife and four children have mostly been living on canned food and bread since then.

If that's victory I'd hate to see what failure looks like.


Anonymous said...

Mohammad invented Islam as a tool to busy the Arabs with 5 prayers a day in hopes that would deny them time to kill their neighbors.

But now with modern conveniences they have more time to spend killing again.

What they need are 7 or 8 calls to prayer each day.

Someone needs to discover another chapter.

DAVE01 said...

That is funny anon 12:13pm.
Mohammad. We just need to drill our huge reserves that we have in our country. Then, sell everyone in the mid-east guns.